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  1. GNRi1959

    Hattons nightmare

    Jonathan, Believe me the best mail order company I find are 'Track Shack' based in the Isle of Man. My orders arrive within 48hours at minimum cost. This includes lengths of flexi- track which they send out in sturdy cardboard tubing packed with foam. Postage usually £3 - £4. They carry a fantastic stock and they really care about their customers.
  2. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Since the arrival of the UG and U Class locos at Omagh I have felt quite disheartened with my efforts to give them the opportunity to travel distance. Shunting is tedious and set my mind thinking of calling a halt to what I'm doing and possibly expand to allow movement around the entire shed. Would be nice to see these beauties travel. Hence, time for a rethink.......
  3. GNRi1959

    Gort Station

    Noel, its a promising looking arrangement and you have captured the design well. You may have to start soon though because the Irish winter is here!
  4. GNRi1959


    IrishSwissErnie, this really looks great - I over the colours you achieved on the Wills Scenic sheet. Never easy but you cracked it.
  5. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Good idea, must try that!
  6. GNRi1959


  7. GNRi1959


    Free to a good home - free post S4 Society - 21mm track gauge S4 Society - 21mm punched sleepers (50) S4 Society - Set Brass 21mm W Irons PM - first come gets it
  8. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Not at all pleased with the shade of red brickwork card - any ideas?
  9. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Heres a view of bread containers entering the Goods Store.
  10. GNRi1959

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Have been absolutely blown away by the detail and quality of the buildings that Warb has done on his layout using Wills Scenic Sheets. So much so that my feeble efforts using Metcalfe printed card look so amateurish. Will be rethinking the use of Wills sheets as a more suitable material.
  11. GNRi1959

    Wills Red Brick Arches

    PM received, thank you Noel
  12. GNRi1959

    Wills Red Brick Arches

    I need two red brick arches from their pack to finish the wall I am modelling. They are 20mm between the inside of the arch openings. Can you help? PM
  13. GNRi1959

    Modelling Stone Wall

    David, I really do like the look at feel of the Metcalfe papers and card. I think they could have put a bit more thought into the design of the corner quoins. When my sections are glued together I don't think they will be as obvious and if I have to I can 'tone down' the white paper seam that is always a give away. As I said in an earlier post, the parts are sitting loosely. When the Goods Yard is populated with wagons, people and all the other things that bring a Goods Yard alive, I won't be worried too much about the actual building. Thanks for your comments.
  14. GNRi1959

    Modelling Stone Wall

    Adding Wills Scenic red brick detailing to the Goods Store arches
  15. GNRi1959

    Modelling Stone Wall

    John, I actually used the Metcalfe Semi-cut stone sheets on the Goods Yard store and I am really impressed with it. I applied it with 1-1 diluted woodworking glue and turned the sheets inwards around the arch openings. I then applied stonework to the rear sides also that are open and visible. I thought it saved all the hassle. I just need to find a similar product for the corrugated roof and roof lights - may need to kit bash to get it right. Heres an example of the progress so far, now these sections are free standing, nothing is fixed together yet.

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