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  1. Brendan,Irish layout

    I agree with all the above. Great scenery,plenty of action and all in a small space.Well done!
  2. Galgorm Hall

    A great piece of top class workmanship Paul-well done
  3. Tara Junction.

    Excellent layout Noel-full of interest.
  4. Good start seanrail-look forward to seeing progress on this layout
  5. Galgorm Hall

    Sorry Paul I should obviously have said Signal Cabin.Very embarrassed -please excuse my massive error. My previous comments still stand-replace engine shed with Signal Cabin-it is a lovely model-well done!! Once again a big sorry Happy New Year Paul
  6. Galgorm Hall

    Superb modelling Paul-the engine shed looks superb-very atmospheric. Patrick-really impressed with your signal box.
  7. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Thanks Noel.Its nice to know it resembles in some ways an Irish prototype.
  8. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Thanks very much JHB - sorry I could not help more re the Gaelic script.
  9. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    I have just had a look at the site but cannot remember how I transferred the Font to Excel-sorry Have you tried the Fontspace site?- It looked a bit easier
  10. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Many thanks for kind comments every one. JHB-I found the Gaelic script by searching Google and found a site for Microsoft with a script called Bunchlo GC . Purely by guesswork I selected this as it looked correct for Bantry-it then appeared in my Excel spreadsheet list of fonts-how I achieved this I do not know as I am not that clever with modern technology! Have attached a couple more pics as I have now weathered the snack bar.hope I have not overdone it.
  11. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Snack Bar for Bantry After building the Victory Snack Bar I have built another more appropriate for Bantry Adverts were sourced from the Web with much help regarding better Irish themed subjects received from IRM members Thanks once again.
  12. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    First pics of new Engine Shed for Bantry-we have one already but this new build has open doors to enable locos to run in.Should have thought of this before! Still some way to go but the pics give some idea of progress.
  13. Happy Christmas to all IRM.comers

    Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to everyone from all at Bantry Two new roof boards for new snack bar.
  14. Galgorm Hall

    That's a great tip for the lead flashing Paul Will try that on the next building (probably Bantry engine shed)
  15. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Re Bandon Tank Here is a pic taken at last years Sleaford exhibition Mick's Bandon tank outside the original Bantry shed model

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