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Thread: Ballyglunin/Castletown

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    It is proposed to build a model of the famous Ballyglunin/Castletown station from the film, The Quiet Man
    It will be built by members of the MRSI in their Dorset St clubrooms
    We then propose to donate it to the committee of the Ballyglunin Railway Restoration Project to be displayed at their fund raising events etc
    So I am on the scrounge!
    Already a good friend from this parish has offered to donate all the transfers we need and indeed any other small bits that may be required. Thank you Des!
    Has anyone made or converted a D17 loco #59?
    This will be our toughest item to acquire and we would really appreciate any help in sourcing one
    If anyone feels that they would like to be associated with this project through donating items that may be of interest or indeed dirty wads of cash please drop me a PM and I will be delighted to talk to you about the project

    Some more pics here:
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    Excellent project.
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    Stone is "16" coursed, close jointed random rubble stone, with a dash of the wrong shade of green. :P

    IRM will be assisting on this very worthy project, so I'd encourage anyone who has a passion for active preservation for both the rolling stock and architecture efforts to do as live aid 1984 said - give what you can.

    (Now, Geldof is a gob*****, but the lads in Ballyglunin need a hand, we can ape the things the RPSI were doing in 1964..., hon lads, get movin.....)
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    This could be made into a fair representation of the Montbretia.
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    I am looking of a pic of the footbridge in Ballinasloe station, it was the original one from Ballyglunin

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    If that is the classic standard footbridge (al la Mallow etc.), Alan Gibson does a superb brass version that could be used.

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    The bridge is a solid sided one, if that makes sense

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    The footbridge at Moate station is a similar solid version to that at Ballinasloe, both are still in situ and in good condition. There's a bit of history behind Ballinasloe's/Ballyglunin's, as I believe it originally was first sited at Oughterard station on the Clifden line, so it has served three stations.
    PR Moate Station by rafferty930@btinternet.com4, on Flickr
    Ballinasloe Station:

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    Vaguely reminiscent of the Ratio and Hornby Dublo concrete foot bridges
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