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Thread: Collection stolen in England.

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    Collection stolen in England.

    See link.

    If you seen any came in Ireland, Just contact me to pass on to ocram63_uk.
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    Sad news, I'd like to wish that lad all the best for getting his collection back, in his description of what he said they did, it seems to me someone knew what boxes to take & what boxes to leave, " They checked al the boxes in the place and just took the trains, " time will tell.....hopefully he gets it back.

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    Ghastly. Poor fella.

    He needs to analyse very carefully who could have known what's there! It's certainly someone "in the know".

    Years ago, something of mine (not that valuable) was pinched by a colleague in one of the preservation bodies. I know who took it, and while it was only worth about €15, I was surprised in the extreme that someone I thought could be 100% trusted turned out not to be.
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