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Thread: Foolish drivers

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    Re. bridges; there's a simple solution. Build those extremely rigid steel bars across the road either side of them. Thus: driver wrecks his vehicle on contact, but railway unscathed*.

    With automatic half barriers, replace with those retractable bollards, which up-end anyone trying to dodge them. All will take money and time, but if done, offers a permanent solution.

    (* ...unless it's the Nenagh branch, in which case IE will rub their hands in glee at another excuse to close it for six months "just in case"....)
    Yep - big stout steel frame either side of a bridge at the level of the bridge would do it. I like your idea for the retractable bollards for LCs, only this would be very very expensive & time consuming to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broithe View Post
    Kiltartan crossing destroyed by a van.
    It boggles the mind how the driver did not see the triangle of three flashing red lights on both sides of the road. The cyclist had the advantage of hearing if a train was coming which would have been unlikely within mere seconds of the barrier coming down. I understand there is a fail safe system that alerts trains if the barriers are damaged or not down properly. Must cause a great time inconvenience to passengers while the scene is cleared for the train to continue on its journey of at all.


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