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Found 1 result

  1. MikeO

    GSR Pullman Coaches

    I have 2 N gauge Pullman coaches made by Graham Farish (before take over by Bachmann) I had used the photo in Desmond Coakham's book as reference for livery etc. I recently came across this link to an earlier post about Pullman coaches. The thread was started some years before I joined the forum. There are a couple of issues not covered in the thread which would help make my models abit more accurate. The first is the roof colour, the current colour is a sort of grey/green that a number of British outline models seem to come with. Was the roof repainted to a black or dark grey colour? What is the difference between the GSR Cream and Brown livery and the British livery? On my coaches the brown is Umber and the cream is similar to butter milk. Desmond Coackham refers to the colour as Umber and Cream and states the photo is of the coach in its original livery and that they remained in that livery from the time of purchase until painted green by CIE Were there matching boards ( if that is the right term)below the waist on the Irish version? Was the word Pullman only used on the coaches from the time they were bought by the GSR until repainted? The photo in Desmond Coakham's book shows just Pullman yet he states the photo was taken in Kingsbridge (No date given) but in the text he refers to possible touching up and obliterating of the old name and armorial devices either side of it. Any help would be appreciated

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