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Leyland Comet Tipper Body Assembly Instructions

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The fret


The parts are designed to fold to shape with the engraved fold lines on the inside of the bend.





The tipper sub frames fold up into a U shape its best to clamp the section to be folded in a vice.













Modifications to Base Toys Leyland Comet Chassis.


The overhang at the rear of the flat bed chassis needs to be reduced for a tipper.


Cut back with a junior hacksaw or a razor saw and tidy up the cut edge with a needle file.



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Body sides and overlays & tailboard fold from two pieces of brass.






Support the fret on a solid surface while bending up the sides. Check that the sides are bent to 90° with an engineers square before bending up the head board.


The overlays are fixed in place with superglue. I used a cocktail stick to place a thin layer of glue on the overlays before folding down into position on the sides and tail board.




Fix the subframe to the body using the slots in the floor for alignment




The body can be bolted to the chassis with the bolts used to attach the flatbed body.




All ready to deliver a load of agricultural lime to a farm or a load of sugar beet to the railhead.

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