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Omagh Railway Tragedy

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I just met an old friend Leo Flanagan who in 1950 at 9 months old, lost his father when 5 permanent way men were killed. All five stepped into the path of the oncoming Derry train. It was a foggy morning and visibility was poor. The men were told to clean the line because 'someone important' was expected in the station that morning. He said his father jumped from the line in an attempt to clear the train but was dragged under. His mother visited him in hospital but he died the next day. What a sad day in the history of the railway in Omagh.

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I remember Senior171 telling me about that. It happened right in the station.


I'm not sure what the train was, but you'd think that whoever told the men to go down onto the track would have been aware of the timetable!


There's bound to be more to the story - I'd be interested to see the report.

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