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Video clip - 1960-1974 nostalgia

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Brilliant! The backing music is like one of those youtube vids of the real thing!


Thought it might be right up your street Jonathan :) Glad you enjoyed. Yes the piano bar music was deliberately meant to be like the old cine film videos.


Noel, I loved it. Thank you for letting me sample some fantastic stock, layout and nostalgia.


Glad you enjoyed it Tony. I've since weather the locos and more of the stock.


Not my preferred era but another great video Noel.Love the Bell's in the last shot :tumbsup:


Cheers Jason. Yes I have in a moment of weakness I allowed some 20ft containers on the layout - I just really like the livery of the short BELLs on two axle wagons which I remember as a youngster at the end of the B&T era. Now I need to run a double header train with a B&T 141 and an Super Train 141 in consist to capture mid to late 70s.

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