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Computer Simulation Of Dublin to Belfast Route =|=|= WANTED

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Good Morning, Good Evening & Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen, 

I write this post this morning to ask if anyone has a copy of the route add on by Making Tracks for Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) of the Belfast to Dublin line (& Navan, Alexzander Road lines) called Irish Enterprise South (part 2 of the two part add on) & if by any chance if they also have the expansion pack for this route, 'Irish Enterprise Expasion' & if so, would anyone be willing to sell or lend me a copy please?  

I did have the two, but I seemed to have missed placed them & can not find them after alot of hunting, though, i do still have the part 1 of the route. :D

Thank you in advance.

The image is the cover of the Irish Enterprise Expasion.


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7 hours ago, skinner75 said:

I may do - I'll have a root round this evening when I get home from work

Thank you Mr / Ms Skinner :)

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