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The Secret Life of "Snails"

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Following a couple of conversations I had, it was suggested to me that I delve into the Catacombs to list colours of "flying snails" here and there.

So here goes.


Railway wagons, PW equipment. Note to modellers: weather instantly! One trip in use made them off white very rapidly - same with white anything on a railway. Pristine A4 paper white will always look unrealistic on a layout for that reason. Never any locos.


New 121 class locos and grey / yellow buses. Never locos.


Pre-1955-ish - some wagons, often horse boxes, cattle trucks and old vans. Not more modern goods stock - these were white. After 1955, while wagons are gaining white snails, once the lighter green carriage livery came in, unlined eau-de-nil (and even lighter green) appears on carriage sides. In addition, older lined ones are used - see next:


Carriages in 1945-55 darker ("bus / loco") green. After the lighter green appeared in 1955, some older stock like six-wheelers had the lighter green, but lined snails. All buses carried this lined light green version 1945* to 1962, as did any steam loco tenders which carried a snail at all, which was most of them. A right-handed version was available too, which was applied to the offside of buses (i.e. driver's side) and tenders, only. This lined version was also on road freight vehicles. They never carried the unlined ones, so beloved of model lorry and bus manufacturers - nor did buses!

All steam locos, whether lined green, normal grey, or black. Tank engines never had logos - they were only applied to tenders, and even at that, quite a few tenders didn't have them.


That's all I can think of for now - I hope it's of interest!

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