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8 Ton Coal Wagon Drawings

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A further visit to Cultra over Easter provided me with the opportunity to take a few more snaps. Anyone want to build a coal wagon?  Unfortunately no measurements included with th drawing. 






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The missing brake gear half is a bit of a nuisance all right, but you could easily scale the drawings. Thanks for posting, love the old planked stock. 

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Beautiful drawing very old with handbrake on one side only and wooden centered wheels.  The requirement for a handbrake on either side most likely came in after 1900.

The East Downshire Steam Shipping Company operated out of Dundrum (Co Down!) and had a fleet of private owner wagons that operated on the County Down. The wagons apparently ended their days in internal use at Dundalk Port after the County Down Main line closed.

Provincial Wagons once produced an East Downshire coal wagon http://www.provincialwagons.com/3.html

I have a large scale drawing of the Irish "standard" wooden bodied open wagon used by the Great Northern & the Southern Companies from about 1916 onwards, if I find it I will scan it!!

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