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Class 800 Drawings

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Posted (edited)

Looking at the locomotive drawings etc in Resources prompted me to dig out the drawings I developed for the Class 800 from the original.  These were done the old way of pen and ink on the drawing board, as CAD was in it's infancy and cost more that a small house to buy, never mind the computer cost.  

I worked from the original drawing I requested from IE many moons ago.  The drawing was taped to the board, and A1 negatives created from it - there is a huge amount of information on that old drawing, so I took the layers off and made multiple drawings to clarify the detail.

I don't have access to the resources section, but perhaps it's a little early yet as I need to get these scanned / digitised with the  intention of bringing them into CAD. 


Once they are scanned, perhaps they can be added to the resources section and will be available if anyone wants a copy.


When brought into CAD, we will have more definitive drawings to work with.


** Edit


Should have added this one as well.  It is incomplete but when put with the drawing on the smokebox it provides the detail of the inside motion and fire tubes back to the boiler.







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Excellent Ken

Nice bit of drawing work, I've just done the same on the 800 valve gear I'm building for a chaps 'Macha' in Gauge O. The chaps on here were very helpful in sourcing drawings...

Your full drawings of the loco will be a very helpful resource on here


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Thanks for that - as mentioned, I want to get these scanned so they are flat and in proper digital format.  Once they are in digital format, they are available to anyone who wants a copy as they should be dimensionally correct.

Hopefully, I can then import them to CAD and draw them up when I have time.  


On the issue of sourcing drawing, I am looking for a few as I would like to build some ex DSER / GSR locomotives:

Class 423: 2-4-0T

Class 434:  2-4-2T

Class 850: 2-6-2T


Does anyone have a copy, or know who I can get in touch with to source a copy?


All assistance gratefully accepted. 

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Hi Ken

Yes I'd love a digital copy of the scans when your done

I'll forward your enquiry on to an IRRS man and see if any drawings are available


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That looks excellent. Anything that makes Irish loco drawings more accessible has to be welcomed.

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