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Lima/Bachmann Irish Rail Class 201

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Good Evening to all

I recently bought a couple of these models and I was given a shell of these models as well. I am wondering whether anybody can tell me if there is a suitable chassis with motor that I could buy so that I can use this locomotive , preferably without modification

A search of Yahoo/Google seems to indicate that a Hornby Class 66 chassis would fit but I cannot be definite.

Any help would be much appreciated

Kind regards to all


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Well I was wondering about remotoring a lima 201 and bought a hornby 59 -latest version , it was an EWS one for £40.

The bogies  and sideframes less steps match and even the chassis weight holder unit is identical - the 59 does have a pcb for DCC use It is almost right length being just a few mm to long.  The problem is the 59 tanks and side of the mainframes differ from the 201 and the 66 differs again and is longer . I am sure if you have the lima 201 then you could cut and copy bits to match.  - 

I am going to   cut out parts of a the lima 59 to swap for the hornby 59 and if I get a working camera or friend to take some pics I will up load on the forum.


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