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Worsley Works: NCC/UTA "WT" 2-6-4T kit

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I've just had a message from Allen Doherty at Worsley Works. The body kit for the long awaited "WT" class 2-6-4T is virtually ready, and can apparently be adapted to fit the Hornby Fowler 2-6-4T chassis.

The chassis etch designed for 21mm gauge will follow afterwards. I've waited many years for this!!!

Contact Allen to ask for prices and hopefully order yours! http://www.worsleywo...uk/WW/Email.htm


Update: Body £50, Chassis fret £25

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I have managed to track down some Derby drawing numbers for the "WT" at the National Railway Museum's "Search Engine", and it might be possible to order copies (though bear in mind that each copy costs a lot of money!)::

16824 - Arrangement of G8AS boiler (modified)

16825 - Arrangement of firebox (modified)

16864 - Arrangement of frame

16865 - Arrangement of cab, tanks and bunker

16868 - Bunker and rear tanks

16869 - Ashpan

16870 - Pipe and rod arrangement

16871 - Pipe and rod - end views

16872 - Arrangement of brake shafts and carriers

16877 - Regulator

16881 - Fabricated bogie

16882 - Bogie general arrangement

16909 - Brake pull rods

16914 - Leading pony truck arrangement

16938 - Smokebox

16942 - Smokebox saddle

16962 - Boiler clothing

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