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Irish Shunting layout Modernish

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Hi guys. It's been a fair while since I posted on here. (I have been lurking in the background). A combination of a very busy time and feeling very tired because of a painful shoulder (which isn't quite right yet). Anyway . Enough excuses! I've had an idea in my mind for a small (4'x2' ) shunting layout for a while. Basically I was tired of the dull and dark attic  and needed a small self contained unit that I could set away when not in use. It will feature an imaginary cement depot with three sidings and a single line to the rear (Not connected on the baseboard) there will be a simple cassete based fiddle section that detaches (keeping the size to 4x2).

Here is the main unit. I have wheels on the side so I can move it about with ease.

The beading will hold mdf cover that will slide in. 

I have already mocked up the track plan. I'll do it again and take a pic later. I also plan to recycle some of my buildings from upstairs attic layout, which is handy because it lets me get a good idea if what it will look like without having to fork out too much. I also recycled the boards, the other side is fairly grubby but that won't matter. 

Stock wise - probably 80s stuff . The lovely cement bubbles of course. Gonna need a bit of advice on liveries . Have a good range of eras 141 and 071s etc so I might be able to go fairly wide era. Not sure!15364400106152064584446.thumb.jpg.614b20407e8bad98c34a81c8c9739daf.jpg

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Progress at this stage is slow but thorough. Track underlay is down. Testing the track now with different rolling stock. Trusty power cab for dcc control. Next I suppose wiring droppers, fixing the track down and point motors. 


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