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Provincial Wagons is back on line

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It's only taken me a month (I was in Switzerland leading a tour for two weeks, mind you) but my website seems to be up again. It's still a work in progress, as I get the hang of a different website builder.

To make it worth your while looking, there's a new offering to ogle at (although if you model Irish Railways AFTER 1965, it's honestly of no interest!).

When 00 Works announced their J15 last year, I suggested to My Man (Michael!) that we might do a CIE brake van to complete a branch goods train  such as would have been pulled by these little engines - we have already offered the corrugated open and the H van, of course.

As two other manufacturers offer the CIE steel 20 ton brake, there was no sense in replicating that, so we looked a bit further. Then I visited a model railway show here on John Bull's Island and there was our old friend Andy Cundick showing off Valencia Harbour. For that layout, he had scratch built a GSWR 10 ton brake. 

I duly photographed it and sent the photo to Michael, who was seduced by its venerable appearance. Michael will admit to being a brake van fan, so we were on the way.

I must also thank Genderg, another brake van freak (or should I say geek, these days?), who produced a pile of useful data and photos.

Six months on, the van exists and I hope to be selling it at Raheny.

When I showed the van to Andy he complained that everyone would think that HIS was actually our kit, but it isn't - his is all his own (very, very skilled) work!


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