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Better safe than sorry

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My layout is loft based and has been in situ in it's present incarnation for 20 years. Over that time some memorable incidents have occurred. This is one such incident.

I came rushing down from the attic (well as fast as the STIRA ladder would allow) and came into the sitting room. I immediately told the wife and two daughters that they had to get out of the houseĀ  and stand in the middle of the back yard. So out we all rushed.

"What's the emergency?" asked the wife.

I explained that I had been involved in a shunting operation and that one of the wagons had derailed. As it contained hazardous waste material I thought it better that the house should be evacuated.

No point in going any further, you can guess the rest. Oh, it was raining heavily at the time. Maybe that had something to do with the reaction.

Ever since then when heading up to the attic my wife will pop the question

"Will you be shifting hazardous waste today?"

I suppose she just wants to be ready.....just in case.

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'Tis amazing the crap we pull on our loved ones.....I remember sending my wife down to the hardware store to get an air bubble for a spirit level - I suffered for years for that little stunt!


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