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Morning peps,

Happy New Year!


Would anyone know where one could find a photo of an O&K Sugarbeat locomotive with the number on the bufferbeam?

As far as i'm aware, the Irish O&K Sugarbeat locomotives carried three plus liveries....

Large painted side tank number with yellow lining


O&K No.3 with this livery at DCDR on its first day back in pass. service. Dec.2018

Small brass side tank number with yellow lining


O&K No. 1 with this livery at DCDR. Aug.2018

Painted bufferbeam number, possibly with yellow lining?

no photo

As to this, would anyone know of any other liveries the O&K carried?

- Me & a mate sat up past 4am last night discussing this via text 😅


Thx in advance!

Also, thanks for the help on the "Chips" subject :)

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They didn't have numbers on buffer beams, I believe.

In use, any with painted numbers weren't quite as large as DCDR have now. 

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FYI, I was cautioned by the spelling stassi here last year for accidentally using ‘beat’ instead of ’beet’. And me a lexdysic drummer. :) I understood what was meant. 

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