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JM Design Tin Vans

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I am planning a limited release of the kits in May-June 2019.

I am looking at a minimum run of 4 of each type in order to re-release the kits. Cost likely to be $150NZ per van + $30 shipping.

Kits are etched brass, with whitemetal, brass or resin castings, designed for OO or 21mm gauge.

 OO Gauge NMRA110 wheels included 

I will consider a supplementary fret to cover some of the detail variations between vans including blanked out windows, recessed doors on heating and luggage vans.

Please advise me if you are interested. 

1. 931470347_Heatingvan.png.478f74448eedc8a5bb439649620050c0.png




                                                                                                                                       Tin Van Wallpaper 


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