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Anybody remember DC model aero engines

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Anybody remember Davis Charlton Diesel model aero engines made in IOM with their compression screws, and quick start spring. Oh many memories of hurt fingers!!! :) Pocket money and bob-a-job money saved for many months if not years to be able to buy one of these and put it on a control line model, or 'free flight' with burning timer fuse - remember those? :) The noise from these DC engines was astronomical 






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Try starting this with your finger Noel;-


I kept all the engines I bought from the time of about 9 years old, I still have some of the tools from back then- used to work on trains now, sadly never kept some of the earlier planes, still have a few Spitfires, a Tucan and a Bobcat, which this engine is from. The plane has hung from the ceiling of the workshop for the last 20 years!!


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