Bit of a Mixed Bag. Recently I have been catching up trying to finish a number of half started loco and rolling stock projects. To complicate matters a little in three different gauges and scales:).   About five years ago I decided to sample some of the locally manufactured kits of NZR locos and stock.       Model Locomotive Company 9mm Scale NZR F & S Scale NZR open wagons Runs on O Gauge track the kit is a mixture of whitemetal and brass stampings and a hell of a lot of lost wax castings. Most of the assembly work is complete just a uestion of adding the details.   The wagons are a mixture of whitemetal, resin and plasticard parts.       Whistle and Safety Valves       Westinghouse Pump, Headlamp and Turbo Generator blutacked in place   Because of the size most of these sub-assemblies will be pre-painted and pinned in place.       A bit closer to home TMD (SSM) MGWR E Class GSR/CIE J26   The main sub assemblies ready to go! The first etch brass Irish loco kit designed 1981 & the first brass kit I attempted which is still going strong.       Georgian Windows and Doors!   I am planning to use thses in a terrace of low relief houses on my Liffey Branch test track.   John