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Simple 21mm stock conversions



Modified RTR Dapol/Mainline Tank Wagon


Probably the crudest conversion I wanted a couple of traditional Private Owner tank wagons the only problem was the need to cut the chassis in two!




Crude as ! runs fine not sure what i will do with this one.


Parkside wagon Conversions


SSM & the S4 Society introduced W irron assemblies suitable for 21mm gauge in the mid 1990s together with frets for the traditional Irish single shoe wagon brake.



Cattle wagon chassiss with SSM W Irons & MJT axleboxes and springs.


These wagons are permanently coupled in pairs with automatic couplers at the ends, due to their short length these wagons have a tendency to accidentally uncouple when propelled over an uncoupling magnet, coupling these wagons together in pair with 3 link couplers basically eliminates the problem.



Ian Suter MGWR Open


Ex GNR Bagged Cement Wagon all went to CIE the main difference between the British and irish vans was the absence of end ventilators on the Irish wagons and different brake gear, the Irish wagons were unfitted with independent either side brakes.



The Pallet Wagon CIE last new traditional wagon design used for sundries traffic, a lot of detail difference between batches in door and end design



GSR/CIE 10T Open

Scratchbuilt in plasticard with etched brass and whitemetal strappings and angle iron details. Built around 93-4 the body is basically an open topped plasticard box, with the planking scribed using an Offra cutter, after nearly 20 years there is no sign of the plasticard warping or twisting, but the superglue bond between the brass and plasticard parts are breaking down.



Hornby bogie with plasticard bolster

Probably the simplest and most effective flexible bogie. The bogie performs in a similar manner to the BR Loadmaster and American 3 Piece bogie in that the bolster takes up the movement between the side frames.


The plasticard bolster has stood up to about 15 years use, I have also converted Lima MK3s to 21mm using KS Metal brass strip as a bolster.


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Some good ideas there, John.

Who is it who makes the BR Palvan, please.

I thought Bachmann, but Hatton's don't have it, so I thought I'd check before searching further affield.



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Parkside Dundas http://www.parksidedundas.co.uk/acatalog/copy_of_BRITISH_RAILWAYS.html do both the Palvan and BR Ply sided vans.


The kits were originally were fairly basic and inexpensive, the Palvan is one of the more recent kits more detailed and expensive.


While its fairly straightforward to convert a kit to 21mm by moving out the solebars, modifying a rtr model either involvesrhaving to totally replace or slice the chassis or bogies down the middle like the Dapol tank wagon

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That's great work John. I shall be picking your brains as I progrees with my own work, well done=D.



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