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Partial collection for sale - PM only please - Please read entire add before responding

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Partial collection for sale - PM only please - Please read entire add before responding

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Hi all,

The pics are indicative only! There are some items on the list that are not pictured. The items have not been run on a layout but may have been test run, hence the "used" description but in reality they are in as-new condition unless otherwise stated. If there is serious interest in a particular item I can request close ups before any purchase is made  

The current items for sale are listed below!🙂

Please don't ask is x in the pics really not for sale because it has already been sold if it isn't in the list below 😉

A friend of mine here in Germany is parting with much of his collection of 00 gauge Irish models. I am doing him a favour and trying to pair his rolling stock with nice new homes. Please note I am not in a position to negotiate prices as none of these items belong to me, and I am not going to start relaying offers and counter offers. I'm sure you can all understand that. I will not make any money on these transactions. Anything you pay will be what the seller receives. Post & Packing at your cost obviously. Ideally we would be able to arrange collection in west Dublin at the end of August.

As it's not a straightforward item this or that, please use the PM function to let me know what you may be interested in and I will see if it is still available. No bidding wars. First come first served at the price listed, but I reserve the right to give preference to people who take multiple items as it means less work for me and I'm not making anything out of this. The seller and I just want the items to go to collectors/modellers and not resellers in the first instance. If you intend buying to resell, please don't make an offer for the moment. 

Available items (subject to change-no guarantee of availability implied). Items that are struck through are categorically no longer available. Remaining items are marked in bold:

Irish Railway Models IRM 1103-A46 green DC new                                  181€

Murphy Models Cl121 MM0135 CIE grey, one vakuumpipe 
broken,  otherwise new, DC                                                                       145€

Murphy Models Cl181 MM0183 factory weathered, orange/black
DCC ESU LokSound fitted, original soundfile, very good condition          239€

Murphy Models Cl141 MM0141 black B141 DCC Decoder inside,
very good condition                                                                                   138€

Railcar fictitious Cl2300 CIE orange/black, made from Airfix/Dapol AEC
Railbus, all wheel drive with Faulhaber motor, drive professional build by sb.modellbau, runs very smooth, lightning with led red/white changing, 
with DCC Decoder, self made box                                                             135€

Murphy Models 32-2252 Class Y Tank steam loco NCC No.19, with
driver figure, DCC Dec inside, ldt.edition, very good condition                 149€

CIE steam tender loco fictitious class 230, made from chassis 
Bachmann 3F, body Hornby, altered similar to J15, grey livery, 
runs very well, top condition, with DCC Decoder inside, with a light 
faded but intact Hornby box                                                                      155€

Murphy Models Bachmann K1 Woolwich Mogul lined green, No.301,
figures on footplate, with DCC Decoder, runs very good,
including 3 coaches CIE green No. 2097, 1033 and 1096,
splitted from train set, all in original foam inserts, very good condition     260€

OOworks U Class GNR 205 „Down“ lined blue, full brass handmade,  
ltd edition, coreless motor, runs superb, DC only                                      469€ 

Silverfox UTA DMU three parts with intermediate coach, blue/creme, 
Hornby drive, DCC decoder inside, runs very good                                  359€

Silverfox IR generating van 3192 orange/black, like new                           99€

Murphy Models MkII EGV MM5605, supertrain livery, like new                65€

Murphy Models MkII 1st MM5102,  supertrain livery, like new                  65€

Muphy Models MkII Std MM5202  supertrain livery, like new                    65€

Murphy Models Craven MM1508 snack, orange/black, like new             129€

Murphy Models Craven MM1521 Std, orange/black, like new                 119€

Murphy Models Craven MM1523 Std, orange/black, like new                 119€

Murphy Models RPSI Coaches MM1701, 1702 and 1703, only 
complete as set, lined green, like new                                                     129€

IRM CIE/IR ballast hopper set IRM1002, bauxite, like new                     119€

IRM CIE/IR bulk cement wagon set IRM1019, grey, like new                  119€

Studio Scale Models brake van 20t GN grey, No 90, hand build from 
brass kit, compensated chassis, with handmade box                                 65€

Provincial Wagons GNRI conflat 1997 with container No.1                        20€

Provincial Wagons GNRI conflat 4287 with container No.4                        20€

Provincial Wagons GNRI open 4 plank grey No.5558                                 17€

Provincial Wagons PO East Downshire Steamship Dundrum No.2  grey  18€

Provincial Wagons GNRI bagged cement van No.21 grey                         19€

Provincial Wagons GNRI bagged cement van No.2229 grey                     19€

Provincial Wagons UTA 12t van No.2478 bauxite                                       19€

Dapol CIE flying snail 5 plank open No.412 weathered with coal load        17€

Dapol CIE covered van No.2001, heavy factory weathered, bauxite          20€

Hornby PO Kilkenny Coal Company 7 plank open light weathered,
yellow red letters, with coal load, in clear plastic box and foam bed          17€

Hornby CIE covered VEA Van No. 2004, brown, light weathered, 
in clear plastic box and foam bed                                                               19€

Bachmann 33-804 new decorated 20t brake van, CIE, No.23663, bauxite
with additional lamps and yellow/black warning panels on duckets            16€

Dapol CIE Flying Snail cattle van, No. 510, grey, heavy weathered           17€

Dapol CIE Flying Snail cattle van, No. 601, grey                                         18€

All items including original boxes and, if applicable, instructions, unless otherwise stated.

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No prices for the provincial wagons?



Hi Mogul,

Those are sold already. Sorry.

If the item isn't on the list it's either not for sale or sold already.

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Hi there Murphalph. Is the UTA DMU 3 car unit @ €359 still available? If yes, can you reserve it for me and I'll PM you separately! Thanks. Sean H



Hi Sean,

yes still available at the listed price

All the best,


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Very lucky to have been able to pick up a few bits from this lot, and have already received them via special delivery!

A rarity for me to receve anything in less than a month or two.


Some lucky sod got the gorgeous Silver Fox UTA DMU before I got the finger out, though.

And A46 is still available!

People are kicking lumps out of each other on eBay to get one of those and nobody has picked it up for a bargain price, here.



Lol it was my pleasure to hand deliver to a little bit of paradise. Returned yesterday to a "chilly" 25 degrees in Berlin ☺️.

Yep someone did indeed take the lovely railcar but as you say A46 has commanded significantly more on eBay than the asking price here, which I believe is less than the new price because German VAT was temporarily reduced to 16% at the time of purchase and my friend is only asking for the origin purchase price, which is very decent. 

The plan is to let this ad expire and then at some stage in the autumn create individual ads for the handful of remaining items so check the list carefully in case there's anything you might have missed before it does expire.

It has been my pleasure to facilitate the rehousing of most of this collection and all to forum members, avoiding online auctions. Thanks so far to everyone who has bought something. Feel free to leave a comment here, positive or negative! So far I think everyone has been happy but you never know 🙂

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