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  2. The ESSO Teo Bitumen tank wagons appear to have been re-gauged from ESSO 22T Bitumen wagons built in the late 1950s rather than the 45GLW type like the Bachmann model which would have been too heavy to run in Ireland There is a good selection of photos on ESSO 22T Bitumen Tank Wagons in their original condition in https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/essobitumenvb. Many of the UK tanks were re-built with revised running gear and tank mounting. Railborne bitumen traffic to Cold Chon Sligo was a short lived 90s revival, IE discontinued bitumen traffic by individual wagon load
  3. Westcorkrailway, it is indeed greatly inspiring to see folks your age getting involved. You are absolutely right in all the points you make. When I was your age, dangerously close to fifty years ago, steam was only just gone (in the north, anyway; a little longer on CIE), but I was personally interested in stuff that would have been operating in the period just before I was born, and when I was too young to remember. I retain that interest today. My father, born in 1918, was fascinated with the railways of the 1900-25 period, and recalled the first time he saw carriages painted in the "ne
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  5. If it is a wagon plate it is most likely from a 12 Ton Open wagon, built in 1904 by Grand Canal St. Works. Ken
  6. Indeed. Point timbers could be 12 inches wide, whereas plain track usually had nine inch timbers.
  7. Much as I'd kill for a few Mk3 push-pull sets, I suspect that Mk4's might be a better bet, as they've been on the go a while, and probably have a good few years left in them. Same here, a bit freight-heavy, and hungry for IR / IE passenger stock. Yeah, and in ten or twenty years time, what is currently on the rails may actually be legacy stock, the grey 071's being the stuff of legend that people can barely remember. I guess if you were to run a shorter train, not prototypical length, that would solve that problem! Because of the length of the coaches, less units are ne
  8. I can report 18 Digital Cobalts Arrived from Rails with no hassles
  9. I think what we are seeing here is a wider sleeper used under the points. If you look at the mainlines to the background of the picture you will see that the sleepers on those lines appear narrower and at a different spacing. Here is another picture from Little Siddington which you can find on its layout thread.
  10. Great changes and I guess the selection buttons can easily be resised to take Railcars ? ... thanks and I guess a lot of back room geeky stuff we can only imagine about but worthy of a suitable after hours beverage..
  11. Wagon plate, still bearing GSR paint. Unfortunately, full records of the DSER wagon stock have not survived, so it may not be possibly to discern what sort of wagon it came off. Don't repaint it - things like this hold their value a GREAT deal better if they have original paint on them. The only other possibility might be a bridge plate but I doubt that. Just curiosity - in your researches, did you come across any DSER locos which were painted green after 1946? Black livery didn't appear until the mid-50s, so anything in 1948 would indeed have been grey.
  12. Hi The sleepering looks to be ever so slighty wider on the mainlines at the back which is what you have picked upon. For me the neat baseboard join is very well executed, it does not shout "fault line." So well done to the builders.
  13. Lots of small little changes
  14. Looks really awesome, and I never noticed the category tiles on the home page before. They are also excellent!
  15. Updated now - https://irishrailwaymodels.com/
  16. Or just buy from the several MM stockists in Ireland??
  17. Hi guys, & thanks, now I’ve been looking at these sets of tracks again, ! & im convinced that the sleepers on the track on the other side of those two “ lads “ is different than the sleepers on the nearest set.! So what’s your opinion on this, TIA BTB
  18. Two that come to mind are Kieskemper and Modelbahnshop-lippe. Excellent service from both and the latter has good shipping rates to Ireland €3.90 UPS my last few orders. It would be great if MM appointed a stockist in Germany.
  19. Quite! Ala the Limerick Junction Shuffle
  20. Talcum powder used in 3mm for loose platform surfaces so would have thought it would do for Gort. - and possibly make it smell nice !! Chinchila dust in 2mm makes for a fine ballast finish. Also Das modelling clay laid into a pva coat can work for a natural surface with just a little texture to suggest it is not tarmac. Coming on well and thanks for the update. Robert
  21. The Bachmann DMU set set from a few years ago would have been a good example of that, but im unsure if we will very see an irish train set for a long while. Its very hard to get into the hobby with the prices and a train set...well it would have to be 150-180 euro to get people my age into it. Even so i don't see too many 20 year old getting into modeling, 40 seems to be when people start when theh get nastalgic about the trains they used to take. Our generation can barely remember when the odd train was orange! Granted while i love my old stuff, 201 with maybe 2 mark fours and a
  22. Have just bought some bits on Ebay.UK I will fill you in when they land ( As the Bishop said.......
  23. According to Journall 11 DNGR Locos 2,3,4 and 6 were moved from Dundalk to Sutton on April 13 1952. As No 1 had went to Adelaide and No 5 was scrapped already then they are all accounted for.
  24. "Item Location" may not always be trustworthy on eBay, either. I recently bought a couple of Dremel chucks that they wouldn't send to anywhere outside GB and, being under house arrest 4.9km from Ballybrophy*, I got the seller to send them to a friend on the Big Island, as I'm in no real rush. I'll admit that I was suspicious that the stated location being Manchester just might have been untrue, but at that time, the £15 allowance still applied, so, even if my suspicions were correct, my agent would not be hit for an extra payment. When they arrived, they most certainly hadn't been po
  25. A lot of sensible comment in the last few posts. Good to see our young man from CBSCR territory saying he'd not mind the older stock, but George's comment is the one to home in on - it's we old men, with big houses/lofts (or garden sheds?) who have the space for a longer train - and believe me, I can run a GNR 4-4-0 round with eleven bogies on - but we're a minority (?). The great thing about the late 1950s/1960s was that on secondary lines (not many of us have room for a main line run) the trains were 2/3 coaches, often a mix of Ancient and Modern with a tin van and hauled by a J15, or a
  26. Modellbahn Union in Dortmund sells GB outline stuff. I hope someday they will stock Irish stuff too.
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