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  2. Airfixman, You won't be seeing a Vol 2, I'm afraid, as this was pretty well the lot. As GMore says, he probably took several views of the same thing. Certainly Henry Casserley did, which explains why he took over 500 photos in the same week. However, patience, patience - you never know what will turn up .......
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  4. Thank you all this has been quite informative. Summing up so far:- live frogs are not necessary and using insulated frogs simplifies matters although there may be some risk (perhaps minimal) with short wheelbase locos. Thank you for the explanation of a "BUS", but from the depths of my memory I recollect something about care being required with the wire gauge, what should that be? Also appreciate the advise that reverse loops still need to be isolated, but to clarify does this mean a section of track within the loop (presumably sufficient to accommodate a full train?. The advise on the isol
  5. It is definitely a short. Instructions from your type of model controller OPERATION: Each output on your GAUGEMASTER controller is fitted with a vari-colour LED. At zero output the LED will glow red, and dependant upon the control level selected, will change colour through the range of red to orange and then green. Should the LED remain red, or change immediately from any other colour to red, then an overload condition has occurred and the unit has ‘tripped’. Having investigated and rectified the overload condition the unit should be reset in accordance with the instructi
  6. I think that gypsum flows didn't cease until 2001, so that was a newly repainted wagon without yellow hand wheels intended to go back into traffic? Not for PWD with gypsum one the side.
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  8. Only a matter of time now until the layout is populated with CIÉ locos and is renamed 'Charlestown into the 80's', @Si2020...
  9. I suppose what I more so meant is for more modern era as pretty much any video I've seen taken of them over the past few years has been 12 to a rake and as I'm probably amongst the youngest of this community modelling interest is from around 2005 onwards with an emphasis around the last 5 years where 12 seems to be the standard
  10. Superb looking layout (even if it is "narra gauge"!)
  11. Oh, now, that's really unfair. Should be at least two months, even for a first offence.
  12. We are waiting for them to arrive!!
  13. I'm looking at 2022/2023 before everyone - especially those supposedly governing us - calms down
  14. Ah man, not sams trains!!! Nearly want to ban you for a month for posting that
  15. This may be related to the US TV phenomenon called ‘jumping the shark’.......
  16. Jesus! Hasn’t he heard that DCC will do the same thing more easily and a lot more safely? I’m not a fan of this guy‘s channel at the best of times but he’s hit a new low with this crap....
  17. Today I started a small Facebook group which will include some articles, photos and videos of my model layout and also real railways past and present if anyone is interested here’s the link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/473839153545688/?ref=share
  18. HI all, So I thought I couldn't keep posting up layout photos all the time so I've started a workbench thread so you can see what I'm up to, (fingers crossed its in the right place being mostly UK stuff) The aim of this first post is to provice a contents list incase you want to refer back to any of my drivell or what to look at photos. Cheers Simon
  19. photo taken in 2000 in greystones P way working
  20. Hi all, Will just drop this here for you
  21. As promised here is the point motors we use on the layout. Not the greatest photo as the layout is in its storage place at the moment and due to some domestic jobs not easy to get at. The frog on the point is switched using the internal switching on the point motor with just the wiring from the switch and the DCC wires added to the terminal strips.
  22. While you're at it Darragh - ask Kennedy when he's going to return my Londonderry & Lough Swilly pressure gauge which he has fitted on Nancy.
  23. Hold on ....just want to go and get some popcorn .................
  24. It's well worth having a look yourself. The 071 body is held on by 4 screws.Turn the loco upsidedown and locate the holes around the bogie area.The screws are recessed far in.When you get the screws out the centre part of the body lifts of.As you said some heat came from the top of the body,check the 21pin blanking plate and have a good look around with a bright light.Check with the loco on the track and see if there is a problem somewhere. If the blanking plate is the problem,you should be able to get one somewhere.
  25. Perhaps Darragh Connolly could explain where he got his information about the Irish Narrow Gauge Trust? There's a large amount of narrow gauge equipment at Dromod which belongs to the Irish Narrow Gauge Trust i.e Parks and Kennedy NOT the Cavan & Leitrim Railway.
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