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  2. I expect to release the grain wagons with 4 livery variations at the same time based on a minimum production run of 1500 wagons, although I have an additional 4 livery variations including Ranks in GSR dark grey & CIE in red oxide with broken wheel emblem including including up my sleeve if there is sufficient demand. 16404 GSR grey as introduced. 16404 CIE with GS grinning through & GSR running numbers. The wagon bodies were fabricated from a rust resistant steel and they wagons may only have received a single coat of paint or the GSR initials may have only been blanked out with the GS initials grinning through in photos of several wagons. The Ranks Ireland Wagons wagons were originally introduced in GSR grey, repainted bright read by CIE in the late 40s, finally re-painted in CIE wagon grey from the mid 1960s. The red wheels, and shading are just to provide some contrast with the 50 shades of grey in the CAD work! Wheels are planned to be the standard coated RP 25 wheels used by IRM and other manufacturers, solebars will be the main body colour except for the red wagons which appear to be black! The estimated price range is based on current costings for a minimum production run of 1500 of each type of wagon with the livery variations in my original posting. We will proceed with the project if there are indicators of sufficient demand including expressions of interest at this stage and sufficient commitments to purchase at pre-tooling stage. My current thinking is that the grain wagons may sell singly or in sets of two with different running numbers, open wagons in 2-3 wagon sets with different numbers especially for modelling beet, gypsum, sand and coal trains.
  3. Hello, Can the A class & 121 be ordered together? thanks
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  5. OMG! This is fantastic. The grain wagons would be my top choice, all liveries. Very PC there, John @Mayner, with the 'winged wheel'. What's the time frame for the broken wheel grains? Did they retain red wheels or just the CAD 10567 is a little beauty. I would need a rake of these. Will there be more running numbers and is the cost per wagon or a set/pair? Don't worry, I'll do the survey. Great initiative. I hope earlier modelers support this like the original ballasts!
  6. Hi all, I'm interested to know if there are any photographs of an S class in action on the Ballymena, Cushendall and Red Bay line anywhere other than departing Ballymena in a Northerly Direction? I've never seen one but I know this doesn't mean none exist Regards Gavin
  7. Probably has them delivered in a gigantic Russian aircraft, which would be pretty sore on fuel. That would go someway to explaining the high cost.
  8. Looking good George, wish your Da a happy birthday from me..... I hope your going boating and have the bottle of Guinn!! ....Murphys for the launch. Eoin
  9. I'll need a vaccination now 😱
  10. Think I’ll pick up the Seacow from him Thank you for the links
  11. A lad in the North is selling off a few different bits of rolling stock including Bachmann/Murphys mogul and North Counties version of the Bachmann jinty 0-6-0: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/RARE-CIE-2-6-0-Irish-Green-N-Class-Loco-Tender-Murphy-Models-Bachmann/333607996528 https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Murphy-Models-NCC-0-6-0-Class-Y-Tank-Loco-No-19-Northern-Counties-RARE/333607159802
  12. Slowly Slowly does it, Weathering complete. faded the hull so looks kind of used and perhaps more pity and love will be shone upon here in the Pond, The ol fella is 75 tomorrow but still need the final bits to come through so not complete for his Birthday, the rocket pack never came through and the back up plan of a Balsa wood Comper Swift and free flight glider also do not materialise so it is going to be 2 packet os Bassets allsorts for now Few Piccies for now.
  13. Hard Graft in a Shop, Looks at Marks, Nearly Every weekend the lads are out and about in shows etc , tough ol station and hard to claw a few quid in against the online offerings these days. I do like shops though, Internet is cold.
  14. Hi All, Good progress this week so far on the layout. Loco shed floor painted and roller doors in place, interior almost ready for fitting out with LED lighting, lockers, shelving, bench, drill press, lathe, and associated equipment etc, also power cable trunking/ isolation box detail and signage. TDR
  15. Corr Noel will be jumping in here for thee biggo, The Grain certainly will add a bit of colour!
  16. Adam at Electra Graphics is to produce overlays and templates to convert MK3s to a suitable base for overlays to go with the Lads Class 89 project with Rails of Sheffield. I have asked if IR versions possible.. time will tell. https://www.facebook.com/Electra-Rail-108205092546125/ Robert
  17. A few more, the second showing the new goods bank without wagons blocking the view. The first shows an extension to the siding serving the gantry crane and tar depot. The field which was in this area was too small to look convincing, at least to my eye and the gantry was too close to the main line.
  18. Sounds intresting. Will there be a kit as well as a Rtr?
  19. Sure are. Deco samples on the way
  20. Thank you Fran, interesting the most modern are the popular ones! In which case, I’ll place my order promptly NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class
  21. Anyone who has attempted to lay out a station platform with a bay on a curve will appreciate my relief on getting the job done. Much cutting and adjusting was done to make a template from craft paper for the platform surface to get the clearances right before it was cut from a sheet of 1mm back card. This was then supported on a base made from blue Styrofoam insulation sheet brought up to the height of Peco platform edging using more card. The wall behind the passenger side of the platform is a mock up to evaluate appearance, I may go with a fence here. The surface is not yet glued in place to facilitate blending in the platform edging on the goods side with the goods store which will be faced with the same embossed styrene brick sheet.
  22. Thats a fair price - I would say the RRP will probably be that or close. As much as I would like to order from your good selves - I've pre-ordered from another Irish outfit last year and I'll stick with them to share the business around when I can. BTW - I assume the A's are proceeding as scheduled?
  23. Hi there, Not really as we do not know how many will be produced. However, I can tell you that so far 124 and 134 are the most popular two ordered from us by far, so far. Cheers! Fran
  24. Based on average sales so far, would it be possible to estimate a time slot when each of the following are expected to run out (so I know how long I have to order)? The three items of interest; 124 134 the 645 decoder Many thanks
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