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  2. Yes, I have that kind of feeling to. When looking for photos on line of 85 I found a lot of H&W restoration photos to..... Eoin
  3. Brilliant Eoin. Reminds me of when 85 was being rebuilt at Harland and Wolff 40 years ago….at least the Belpaire firebox allows a little more room than the original round top!!
  4. After a lot of fettling and trial fitting on the firebox cab end, then the boiler, smokebox and firebox were ready to be soldered together;- First soldered in was the front plate to the fire box, soldered on the inside and then the construction piece at the base was removed. The smokebox was fitted to the running plate with a 10ba screw then the boiler fitted by tabs into the back of the firebox, and then the firebox & cab. The whole assembly was then clamped from back to front and adjusted to get it all to line up square- some paper shims were used between the firebox and cab join on the right side to aid alignment. The join at boiler and firebox has to be soldered on the outside, tack soldered first and then soldered throughout. The other end is soldered through the smokebox- soldering the tabs on the inside. After the soldering was complete its now time to check fit the parts to the chassis and over the motor!! - after removing the fret in the middle of the running plate. The running plate rear nut fixing is a good 1.5mm out of line with the captive screw in the chassis! So the plate does not sit down properly at the rear- this will need a bit of attention!! The firebox slides over the motor OK but a bit of jiggery-poke is required to thread it over the flywheel as the firebox front plate is a tight squeeze on the weight- though it fits. The boiler assembly needs a bit of a clean up and then the body detailing bits start. Very satisfying to see it at this stage....... Eoin
  5. GO have a pint and watch the offspring run the rails
  6. This is the world as it is now, empowerment of the gombeen without culpability or recourse. Revolutions have occurred for less
  7. Photo of MGWR Butter wagon on page 131 of your new book JHB
  8. Pity they did not keep the Guinness railway in Dublin running! Happy memories. Would have been great for tourist...and that smell!!
  9. Amazing shots. They really are magazine quality. The setting is also familiar looking which is what makes it stand out. Rich,
  10. Yep pretty common. There is one in East Berlin (Wuhlheide Parkeisenbahn) and an extensive one in Budapest, both of which I've had the pleasure of going on.
  11. I think some of the old Eastern Bloc countries (maybe Hungary or Bulgaria) had certain railway lines operated by mostly children/teens so that they could gain experience for careers on the railway.
  12. Big GM 084 departs with the fertiliser working which will soon be in the hands of the A class!!
  13. Children’s railway under construction in Mongolia | News | Railway Gazette International
  14. murphaph

    Customs & VAT

    I'm not defending the delays but the €3.50 charge is very much on the low side compared to other countries. It's €6 here and much much more in some places like Denmark. From reading some Amazon (UK) seller forums it seems there's a lot of room for error when creating the shipping entities in the Royal Mail system. It can appear that everything is correct but the data has not been transmitted electronically to An Post (etc.) so the parcel gets stopped for customs.
  15. irishmail

    Customs & VAT

    A week after paying the customs charges still no parcel! An post are just using Brexit as an excuse to make money charging €3.50 for every parcel. Would not be surprised if there profits increase this year. An post customer service is a complete waste of time they just fob you off with some feeble excuse. Fourth parcel that has had this problem, Will have to investigate taking this further. Just not good enough, they are quick to take your money but not honouring their delivery agreement.
  16. " Pelletstown Station opens on September 26th The 145th station on our network will open to the communities of Ashington and Royal Canal Park in Dublin on Sunday 26th September. Pelletstown Station funded by the National Transport Authority is situated between Ashtown and Broombridge Stations on the Dublin / Maynooth/M3 Parkway line. The Station will comprise of two platforms, a footbridge and accessible ramp access between platforms and to the railway, as well as a second footbridge and accessible ramp over the canal. It will promote greater public transport options for residents in the area, reducing reliance on the private car and giving a more sustainable commuting option for the community. The Pelletstown footbridges provide a new pedestrian and cycle access to the Canal Greenway, promoting multi modal transport. Both bridges will also include ramps for the mobility impaired and those travelling with small children and heavy luggage. Bicycle parking will be provided, as well as dedicated accessible car park spaces, adjacent to Ashington Park. The opening of Pelletstown Station brings timetable amendments for Intercity services operating on the Dublin / Sligo route as well as the Dublin / Longford / Maynooth & M3 Parkway Commuter services. Regular commuters on this route should check if their departure times will change with the introduction of the new timetable. You can get more information on Pelletstown or view the timetables coming into effect from the 26th of September at: https://www.irishrail.ie/en-ie/station/pelletstown?mkt_tok=MDc3LUxFQy05MDMAAAF_kizD8NHii9KnVNeVgf6TTa2fgPn39hX_8yme7e9KgOOBQEvErNpuEh7hzd_hPVxuohBaRbxny0NqE7qgLobqmDvpi64IWvsxsVwdVXQ
  17. Here is another said to be at Limerick Whitsun 1960 although if it was Whitsun then Spring was incredibly late that year as other photos so annotated show trees etc completely devoid of any leaves. I think the bogie coach number is 962 possibly ex WL&W can anyone identify it. Also what does the M stand for
  18. I'm working through a bunch of newly acquired negs; can anyone identify this location taken ca 1957-60
  19. A view of Limerick on 14 May 1988 with in the distance 184 on a Special. There are close up views of the loco also added to Flickr today.
  20. Its possible there is an IOSS logo on all Royal Mail international postal labels regardless of destination. It looks like the Royal Mail is treating IOSS as an opportunity to make money as opposed to a problem. https://www.royalmail.com/business/international/guide/delivered-duties-paid-ioss
  21. Yesterday
  22. Tis indeed an ancient "butter wagon" - but actually it's GSWR! It does resemble the Midland ones, though.
  23. Why would a parcel destined for somewhere not in the EU have an IOSS logo on it I wonder?
  24. Very smart locos. The Irish 4-4-0 was such a varied phenomenon - and the early 50s was arguably the Indian summer of it all - everything from ancient, spidery GSW types as in Ernie’s lower photo, to the gleaming blue bulk of the GN VS, not to mention the 3’ tanks hammering across south Leitrim……
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