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  2. Sounds like operation is more your thing than buildings and scenery at the moment. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but as jhb says, realism means observing the prototype and trying to emulate it as closely as you can. About 60 years ago, the then editor of Railway Modeller, Cyril Freezer, wrote about scenery and buildings being much less important to those wanting to run an intensive service. 10 x 10 is a great space to do that in 00.
  3. Operating to the suburban rail timetable of 1995/1996 we see 121 class locomotives working Mk3 push pull trains and the Arrow railcar 2601+2602 working a Kildare local service IR 130 arrives at Tara junction with a six piece Mk3 push pull set with control car 6101 at the rear. IE 129 propels another push pull set away from the platform with control car 6104 leading.
  4. That really is a mighty fine world for N gauge!
  5. The Class 50 prepares to be coupled to the inspection saloon having previously worked a freight train to the factory sidings. Meanwhile-2x20s have charge of a summer Sunday special to the seaside.
  6. HI, I will see what I can do as the only flat cars I have are in 1/35th scale
  7. I note you’re keeping your Irish 00 stuff. Given the amount of money you’ve invested in both the stock and the track, if it was me I would try to use that. Maybe a branch-line type of 00 set up? You’ve more than enough space. Sometimes in terms of realism less is more - much more! No prototype in real life in Ireland has quadruple-track flyovers every quarter mile….
  8. Tutorial would be nice so the rest of us can see how you achieved such a great look!
  9. Just an update folks, again thanks for all the replies. Im going to do this layout in modular sections as i think blowing money into track with no plan would be costly. My shed as is has a basic square boards and it will be hard to rip up the boards and shelfing above it but it will have to be done. Im going to make the layout a mix of everything like my old 00 gauge layout, bit of europe, america and england. Im going to use the kato unitack and i will start with my marshall yard with a double track passenger mainline above it. Second board is going to be my station, still thi
  10. Morning all, So keeping on with the american stuff (In the British section of the forum ) Here is a flat car that i weathered up
  11. They are pure class. Not the most detailed - ie less to break off ! But solid metal with well engineered mechanics. Will pull heavy trains reliably and are full of character. I’ve had a few before moving to O gauge.
  12. Hello, So its been a while since I last posted. Not much has happened to be honest as with having all the show bookings cancelled/postponed there hasn't been a reason to set the layout up. So here are a couple of photos taken at the 2016 Derby show, I think I am working my way though the pile of stock kits for the layout as old converted RTR stock is phased out. I will post up some photos of the kits as im building them if people are intrested?
  13. By the way, union Mills, in Isle of man do some amazing locos, I bought three.
  14. Check out https://www.traintrax.co.uk This is Kato’s UK supplier. Great track packs etc with pre-wired points. Many modellers have successfully disguised the track bed with scenery. It’s a very reliable system and the motors are superb performers.
  15. I moved from 00 to N scale last year, here are my thoughts..... Difficult to handle small stock - difficult to connect fishplates - expense is same as 00 - great for limited space - looks great - locomotives are well detailed.
  16. American outline is probably a better option than British if you start modelling in N very large range of relatively inexpensive locos, stock and buildings from a large number of manufacturers including Atlas, Kato, Walthers, Intermountain and Micro trains, most DC locos are supplied DCC ready if you want to convert to DCC at a later stage. The scale gauge ratio is correct and perhaps most importantly the majority of American N Gauge locos and stock are fitted with knuckle couplers suitable for magnetic uncoupling. I found that I could get an American layout up and running very quickly, b
  17. Yesterday
  18. Two grey for me; one with snail, one with roundel.
  19. My Bachmann MK2A FK has 14 roof vents and looking at any pictures of MK2B FK's they also have 14 roof vents so pretty much the same .
  20. Actually that's the best idea to use the Bachmann as a template as even if it's slightly wrong it'll be left as is and it's really more important that the Lima conversions match up rather than anything else.
  21. MOGUL

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    Nope, not customs.. If anything the opposite to what Mayner is saying applies in Dublin port.. Customs have large yards and plenty of staff but probably far more than is needed.. any time I’ve been there there seems to be customs staff waiting around for something to do.. And containers to and from the U.K. is a tiny market, in fact you can nearly look at a container heading to a port in Ireland and say it’s going to anywhere but the UK
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