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  2. May be corrected on this one as i think the max weight for any container is approx 20 ton no matter what size ie 20 ft of 40 ft unit at that time ie 40ft converted coal containers. I'm sure somebody will know warb
  3. The containers were specially constructed for beet traffic, iirc, in 2003, and were due to be rolled out properly for the subsequent beet season. There was no next beet season, so containers were scrapped. I have an odd note from the time suggesting they were converted coal containers, which could be just another tale from a "Heuston Driver".. Richie
  4. You could always do the 071 tour to Sligo on Friday 10th May-with a stopover at Dromod of approximately 90 minutes to visit the Cavan & Leitrim railway on the way down and a fast spin back to Dublin...
  5. Thanks Dave for your continuing and informative updates
  6. Thanks Rich. Its much appreciated. I am in the fortunate position to have an insight into the workings of the real railway and try to mirror them in the miniature world of Tara junction.
  7. Thanks for that I wasn't 100% certain if it was 133. Rich,
  8. Not 133. 123 and 131 were the pair other than 124 and 134 to get refurbished. 131 was the first and differed in some details from the others. A fire put paid to 131 and 123 seems to have had electrical issues and ended up as the inchicore Works Pilot for a long while.
  9. Just get a developer or builder to bribe him. Problem solved.
  10. If you mean the bogies with the red containers, these were standard container flats (with open topped contaners, of course!). I think there was only the one rake.
  11. I have used https://www.elriwa.de/ Also https://www.aandhmodels.co.uk/ and https://www.scograil.co.uk/
  12. Could anyone help me identify these wagons that were used on the beet trains towards the end of the sugar production in Ireland? The videos I have seen always show them running in rakes of 13. Then can be seen towards the end this video on youtube.
  13. 129 as wel in IE excellent. I'll be able to keep 124 and 134 permanently double headed then. I think 133 had the two cab window's at the bonnet side blanked out also in IE livery. Rich,
  14. Took a step back today and primed the entire build with Halfords grey primer. The enamels were not taking to the plasticard very well.
  15. CIE original Grey livery. MM0121 MM0135 CIE Black, white stripe. MM0125 MM0131 CIE Supertrain MM0126 MM0132 IR MM0127 MM0130 MM0133 IE MM0124 MM0129 MM0134
  16. Great that's the photo which clinches it. I have taken the slide out of its mount as (as usual) some of the interesting bits are hidden, although nothing to help us there. Check out the stonework patterns on the bridge parapet and the wall along the road. A perfect match! Ernie
  17. What I love about TJ is the way Noel gives us all the info on the trains and their duties. It's operated on prototype practices from a railway man himself I can imagine the drivers coming in at the start of a weeks shifts and checking the roster. If anyone wants or needs any prototype info then Noel is the man to ask. Love it Noel Rich,
  18. What ever the price is I don't really care. The wait is nearly over and I am looking forward to these models I love the prototype. The enjoyment of having these fantastic models is priceless in itself. As for bashing the man about time constraints on here and other forums there has been one man at the forefront of it,and we all know who it is so enough said. Can't wait to double head with a 141-181. With IRM A class MM121 more wagons it's going to be a smashing year folks. Rich,
  19. Why would anyone bad mouth Paddy? Things may take longer to come to fruition than we would like but when the product lands it is always worth the wait. My only gripe is that the wife only has two kidneys that I can put on Ebay. I could put the whole lot of her up but people ALWAYS want photos and well, err, there's the rub. I could learn how to do Photoshop but then buyers are fussy when the item does not look remotely like the description photos. So Paddy if you are reading this, if you think you have problems dealing with your supplier in China... Anyway how do we go about getting Leo to have a referendum for a "St Paddy Murphy day"?
  20. BSGSV

    Class 121

    B121 looks like Athenry with an Up train at the Down platform, given the red disc signal between the tracks. No pipe on the bridge at that time. See O'Dea's photos: http://catalogue.nli.ie/Collection/vtls000148612/Home?lookfor=athenry (hopefully will work).
  21. B130 is at Attymon,; found a photo to check it out. Don't think its Athenry for B121 though the houses in the distance are bungalows on Google Earth and most photos show a pipe running just above the bridge arch.
  22. https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/products/de-havilland-dh84-dragon-ei-abi-iolar-72dg003
  23. BSGSV

    Class 121

    Looks like 121 to me. The vertical part of the last digit is parallel to the first "1" and not parallel to the middle part of the "2".
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