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  2. Very nice Noel, must give you a look at the PCA wagons we did for Realtrack Models in N, they turned out lovely and the STS Grey and Rugby Cement would be perfect for your era... https://realtrackmodels.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=73_89
  3. Back to business at Ashburton grove....the class 50 has settled in and can be seen working a MK1 set while the freight depot is busy on a daily basis....a few photos of recent operations....
  4. Mine arrived a few days ago.....one is currently en route to its new location....see Tara junction thread for updates on its progress....😋
  5. Still waiting for mine to arrive. Ordered a week ago. Think it's cause they were shipped from the UK. The Royal Mail to An Post handover is very slow. If I'd knew they were coming from the UK I'd have used my Belfast PM address to be here quicker. Can't wait for them to finally have some proper buffer stops.
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  7. A consignment of RAWIE buffer stops arrived at the Tara junction permanent way depot from China via the UK courtesy of IRM and Accurascale here are a few photos of their arrival and one being unloaded and placed on the MPV for onward placement to a location on the main layout....
  8. We have selected a gritty industrial back-scene for the O gauge UK TMD:
  9. NO I am showing that when the loco is running in with ploughs and ballasts in tow the red lights will show to the rear amd the plough behind the loco will not be showing any I thought the video would explain?
  10. Is this not a question as to what lights should be on & what lights should be off......& what light if any should be on when coupled to a loco...
  11. Hi Everyone, Just a quick fert update. The wagons are due to be finished Christmas week in China, so with Christmas upheaval, holidays etc they will be in your paws in early January 2020. We're at 15% sold already, so dont miss out, as they will go fast, just like the liners! Order now: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cie-bogie-fertiliser-wagon Cheers! Fran
  12. Anyone installed one on their layout yet? Looking for some social media material! 😉
  13. Have you been sipping on the Blue Nun again BTB?
  14. Looks great, and a fantastic line up of motive power also.
  15. Nice work Noel. Looks straight forward enough to install, and seems to run at a nice speed. I noticed the Shamen playing there in the background, very oldskool
  16. Just a short video:
  17. You may get answers here as some guys who were in the trade follow it and stick up photos. Worth a browse through the photos for inspiration. https://www.facebook.com/groups/186452771925056/
  18. Thanks for that DiveController , love the little video. Unfortunatelly I'm old enough to have driven one, for profit.
  19. Code 75 track and the low viewing angle really pays off in these photos. Well ballasted and weathered track certainly adds to the realism too. Nice one.
  20. Only one C&MLR loco survived for reuse elsewhere, on the Schull & Skibbereen (ex No 6/6K "The Muskerry", renumbered 6S), another (sister loco 5/5K "Donoughmore") was supposed to go to the T&DLR section as 9T but that never happened in the end. Some goods wagons ended up on the Cavan & Leitrim, coupled together in rakes as the "hook and eye" couplings weren't compatable with "chopper" couplings, coaches were probably sold off locally and/or scrapped. Not aware any were transferred elsewhere. Edit: two open wagons went to the C&L section as their 210L, 211L in 1936 and used with ex Passage stock. Eight more C&M opens with two Clogher Valley opens arrived from the WCR section in 1957, used once for ballast work and dumped at Ballinamore until final disposal. Were to be renumbered 231L-240L in the C&L series but never carried them. A very small number of coaches survive, to this day, if you know where to look. I'm aware of a wagon somewhere else in a derelict state.
  21. No Listen to the post I was complimenting them because of the way the lights worked in different directions
  22. Not sure how prevalent Bedford S types actually were (wasn't around) but this preserved one still bore Wexford plates in 2016
  23. There are some in this album which I'm sure you've seen. It might be worthwhile to search other light rail systems to which the CMLR locos were subsequently transferred such as the Schull & Skibbereen. I have the same book but don't recall what happened to the coaching stock, in there somewhere I'm sure. https://transportsofdelight.smugmug.com/RAILWAYS/IRISH-RAILWAYS/NARROW-GAUGE-LOCOMOTIVES/i-rWDjGjR
  24. That's the way to do it (.....if you're actually interested in building a railway infrastructure). Just look at the freight traffic running at night at up to 100mph.
  25. Yesterday
  26. A few questions! in the 1950/60's were the local fuel distributors owned by the multi national companys or by by local companys running in the majors colours?. Would a tanker operating in County Cork say in Esso colours be registered in Cork or Dublin? Are transfers available to do either option? And were S type Bedfords as popular in Ireland as in GB in that time frame? Over here everybody used them but would they have been used for hauling oil products in Ireland?
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