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  2. Oh I know, you're right, the costsa aren't that different just musing, really! Going to need(need... or want....?!) a grey one and a mixed IE/IR pair.....! Cheers for now! Richard.
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  4. Clogher Valley, 1936/7. David Holman & Fintonagh might like this one! On the CVR at that time, as you can see, almost the whole service was operated by the one railcar, which (for modellers’ sake) was mid brown with a white roof. Occasionally the diesel “Unit” deputised, hauling one coach and a four wheeled brake van. With the steep (albeit short) gradients, it couldn’t really haul more. The one daily train above which isn’t marked as being railcar, was the solitary daily steam train by that time. It carried all the goods and ran as a mixed train.
  5. Try Ratio or Knightwing, most big model shops should stock them.
  6. Not to derail the thread but when NIR first got their 201s they used buckeye couplings with their Mk2 sets, this made shunt releasing at Connolly a bit more involved as the pilot loco required the buckeye dropped then raised again for the NIR 201. IE only used/use buckeye drophead coupling when the 201s were on Mk3 pushpull sets and for the CAF Mk4s. Another bit of trivia, the Irish Mk1 GSV buffers are not retractable (no need to be with suspension gangways fitted).
  7. Thank you, that information is very helpful and your photograph would indicate there are other issues as well. again many thanks Tom
  8. StevieB

    Class 121

    They all work in slightly different ways but, as long as you get what you’re after, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Stephen
  9. Got a reply from Marks after successfully filling out the Notification option on their site - they will be in touch with pricing etc when they know themselves. At least my name is in the pot now!
  10. I see that the Forum has twins born on this day, although the labour does seem to have been a bit protracted...
  11. Courtney & Stephens (Courtney, Stephens & Bailey) made signals, interlocking frames and cabins on their own account, probably the only Irish contractor to do so. They seem to have later become agents for the Gloucester Wagon Co. (who expanded into signalling to supplement rolling stock construction income) in Ireland. The Railway Signal Co. was a later creation of George Edwards who left the GWCo., along with his patents, and set up on his own account, leading RSCo. material and GWCo. material to have a similar appearance.
  12. The GNR(I) converted all distants to yellow on a line by line basis (in the early 1940's if memory serves), including those south of the border. CIE repainted some back to red! NCC and BCDR also used yellow distants.
  13. Edo

    Class 121

    You might be aswell to give them a call - in Greenoge on 01-4124829 - they've opened a "buke" for the 121 orders - they'll take ur name and number and what ur after and will get back to you when they have more details.
  14. I had a look at Marks Models site, but I don't seem to be able to add to cart, it just gives the option to be notified or to contact them. I filled in my contact details, but haven't heard anything back from them yet. EDIT: I filled in the contact section again, as I just remembered that yesterday when I tried, my work pc was giving trouble with the 'captcha' bit, and I couldn't submit the request - it worked fine for me today, so I'll wait to hear back from them now.
  15. StevieB

    Class 121

    Marks Models in Ireland, plus Hattons and Rails of Sheffield in UK. Stephen
  16. The second Kingscourt signal is a rare bird now, manufactured by Courtney and Stephens iirc, likely made under licence from the Railway Signal Co. and missing its spiky ball final, similar examples were to be seen on former GSWR, CBSCR and Macroom lines up to the Fifties.
  17. Yellow armed distant on former GN turf, 1964.
  18. Who/where (in Ireland) is taking preorders?
  19. As far as I know CIE & the GNR (I) never used yellow semaphore arms. Distant signal arms were originally red throughout the UK, yellow may have been introduced on the British mainland at some stage after the the 1923 grouping. CIE introduced a day-glo red during the 60s which tended to bleach out to orange. Some relics from the Kingscourt branch
  20. Sails

    Class 121

    I've started to put my pre-orders in, 124 & 129 pre-orders placed with Hattons, they are quoting £129 initially but if near €200 mark is reached that will be bumped up a few quid. Another pre-order next pay month (The A class pre-order is going to be culled back a bit for now). Mark
  21. Very interesting thread indeed. Thanks @heirflick. So regarding the color of the signal themselves does this sound correct? Initially home signals were Red-White Red (RWR) (from post outwards). Distants were chevroned Yellow-Black-Yellow (YBY). When paint was replaced by reflective surfaces, was this a paint or plastic and was the red replaced by Orange at that point (OWO) or did it remain RWR? Was the Orange a replacement color or did the original red paint or reflective material fade (sorry to revive memories of debates on shades of orange and weathering again) ? At what point did the signal become 'tipped' in Red (OWR) Apologies in advance for the alphabet soup
  22. Such an oddity so different from the standard BR version in all these respects would surely be an essential component for anyone modeling 60s and 70s era especially if there an array of appropriate traction about to be released ....😁
  23. Not ideal as you'd have to add the solid portions by hand but just in case you don't find an alternative? Bachmann 44-562 - 5 x Model Plastic Metal Fencing Grey 00 Gauge
  24. Yesterday
  25. Hi. Any suggestions of where l could source decent Fencing for OO gauge railway yard along the lines of that at Heuston attached? Something that doesn't require to be painted preferably !! Cheers.
  26. I don't 'need' them (but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be buying one of each especially BnT 😉)
  27. Actually I need the bonnet end for the shed so if you need the cab that'll work out ...🙄 The grey livery frequently ran singly but in later years with more need for faster acceleration and train speeds or on freight they paired to each other or the 141s which always looked odd because of the height mismatch (love it!)...... and I'lll still be getting both of course 🥰
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