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  2. Slow and steady it has to be without a banking engine
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  4. There has not been much progress on the layout over the summer months but the wagon works has seen some activity. This GSR goods van was built on a Dapol meat van underframe. The doors are extras which came with the Parkside 12 ton van kit and the buffers are surplus from Leslie's Bulleid open kits on which I fitted heavier ones similar to many of the prototypes. Decals are still required. Here is a link to the photo which inspired the model. https://flickr.com/photos/holycorner/6934140866/in/photostream/ I have more underframes and doors on hand and may attempt a couple more which hopefully I can improve on, but this time in gray with the flying snail emblem.
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  6. Thanks Eoin - I’d forgotten about that! My dad was a friend of Drew and I saw the layout in operation c1977. But at the age of six I didn’t have the wit to spot a small tank! What I do remember is the noise of clockwork at speed. I also remember that the layout dominated the house. We are talking holes in the wall ....!
  7. @Peter I did get prints back on Friday but it's not looking good for the show- still having problems with colour. The top print is what came on Friday but the orange/tan is way to light and some of the detail is missing, the print under I received back in July- the orange/tan is great but detail was missing, adjustments have been made and its back with the printers.... Eoin
  8. Some BR pre 60's stuff may bring you just deserts lads, Just hinting that's all and don't want to be all Grampus about it.
  9. Galteemore I did a search on the Guild Forum and came up with this;- '' Mr Donaldson's locomotives are covered in Slide programme number 57 'Ralph and Drew' with a commentary by Mr Bill Scott'' You could order the slide disk for the cost of copying & postage and check out if he built it- that's if its on this? You could also post the question on the Guild Forum- this is the thread;- The O gauge railways of Ronald Shephard and Drew Donaldson Eoin
  10. There was an article in Model Railway Journal, by John Birkett-Smith last year, where the back scenes were in layers - a profiled piece of MDF fixed direct to the baseboard, then a separate skyboard, set a few mm out, behind it. The effect looked really good. On both Arigna and Fintonagh, I use quick mounting plates to hang pelmets, fascias etc and they work very well.
  11. VIDEO. 5.10.19. GM 216 hauls the Belmond Grand Hibernian Train past Memorial Road Dublin heading to Heuston Station Dublin from Roscommon.
  12. Not just any old crossing vee! Lovely touch and authentic details like this really bring a model to life.
  13. Fingers crossed the printers can do it for you and you have something to show at Blackrock. Bring on Irish n gauge.
  14. Cheers popeye, personally gutted, but upwards and onwards.
  15. Agree. Results may be swayed by advertising spend with the mag rather than exclusively merit.
  16. As a member of the Gauge O Guild, I can rootle around the electronic archives of their publication. In the early 70s the late Drew Donaldson, whom I can just about remember, wrote some articles in his inimitable style regarding his clockwork empire. In one piece he refers to his plan to build an SLNC small tank. Given that Drew’s interests tended to lie in the southern direction, this was a new one on me. Does anyone know if he actually built it? thanks, David
  17. Bad luck lads, your better than all of them.
  18. Hi Eoin I have made up a number of scrappers to help clean up brass and plastic kits over the years from old hacksaw blades they last for ages. Colin R
  19. That’s very kind, thank you LC! Please say hello on the day! Thanks Debra! Am an admirer of your artwork so please do say hello on the day!
  20. 'What to do with broken or worn files & hacksaw blades' I don't break many files but when it happens I throw them into the scrap box- for the future! - and the future is now...... When setting up the cnc machine I had a few messy starts working out the system, ending up with a few sheets of metal not fully cut or the machine stopped half way through, lost it's settings and could not pick-up where it left off so a new sheet had to be done. I tried to cut the parts out with a scalpel and a Stanley knife but tough going!! What's needed is some small chisels, so into the scrap box and out with a broken file (it's hardened steel so as long as its not overheated while grinding it will keep its hardness) two chisels were made from the one file- a big and a little;- The set-up for grinding, it's what I use for sharpening the lathe & drill tools, a standard grey fine wheel is mounted with the Veritas table and its sliding fitting for sharpening screwdrivers and chisels. Chisels made and honed time to test, done on a lump of lead from the fishing days- the lead gives support to the parts and allows the chisels through with minimum distortion to the parts. As you can see in the shot above the parts are not fully cut out, it worked a breeze, just had to chisel around the parts and through the tabs. Below is a photo of the Walker coupler rod after been cut out without any distortion. While you have your bench grinder out a broken hacksaw blade is ground into a 'Scrawker' a grove cutting tool for brass n styrene. A wooden handle will be fitted somewhere along the way but works great as is, I use a glove though. Very useful tools..... Eoin
  21. A busy Sunday at the Castle... 088 is ready with a push-pull set and 077 is waiting for a path for the Cravens set. A bit more wall to do, but autumn us not really peak modelling season. In fact, this is the first time I've been in the shed for a month or so.
  22. All I can say is let me at them with a scaple, saw and file, up until now all we have had is either the Hornby Clerestory or the Ratio LMS coaches to butcher, these will add something else to the mix and I am sure some one will come up with a model which will impress and get that feel we are looking for. Just got to wait for 2021 for them to come out. Colin
  23. Ken, Thanks for your comment. The crossing vee was actually removed from the junction of the Bundoran line when it was closed in 1957. It actually was left in storage outside the South Cabin but I thought it would add to the scene in the Goods Yard.
  24. I find saying nothing at all and a parcelmotel account to be most effective...... "Where did that come from" "Shure i've had that for years.....must have been underneath those boxes over there ...shure ye keep tellin me my den is a kip"....etc etc and so on...... she'll totally guilt you in some extravagance for her in the end....they always do 😄
  25. Very nice details there, Tony. This layout has really matured into a show piece. I really like the small details such as the spare crossing vee in the yard, etc. Well done. Ken
  26. I have developed a serum Antidote to protect against voodoo dolls invoked by the Female Women (of the Opposite Sex) who comment on our purse-strings. I am happy to share details about which pubs do a good pint of it for, say, €50 a time. (I’ve got to save for As and 121s SOMEHOW!)
  27. "Well what do you want the money for?" "It is for a rescue fund. IRM Headquarters has been taken over by terrorists and the lads inside are been held to ransome. So I am ordering some locos as a contribution to the ransome being demanded by the terrorists. Look it is on the news." "That looks like Bruce Willis in a dirty white vest". "No it doesn't. It is an undercover Garda in rescue mode..." Damn, wives are sharp......
  28. Great work Tony. Impressive work in bringing it all together. Modelling a real place brings certain challenges but you’ve really captured the look of Omagh ( I speak as one who spent much of his childhood poring over my dad’s 1960s Derry road photos and his collection of Irish railway books...
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