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  2. He comes from a pack of five, sold by Woodlands Scenics. Ready painted, 7mm scale figures are usually £5 or more each, but I only paid this for the whole pack. Bought them at the same time as the family group you can see on the platform at Fintonagh, though they needed altering as their dress was too modern for that 1930s scene. Belmullet will depict two periods, early 1900s and mid 1950s (avoiding the battleship grey years). Fashions changed quite a bit in that time, which is why the cluster of passengers will be partially out of sight and other figures are a minimum of railway staff. How much monk's habits changed, I have no idea, but when I researched nuns' habits to paint those figures, the internet search took me to some very interesting and unusual places.
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  5. Worth talking to the Historical Model Railway Society. They have a very helpful Irish adviser, Dr Alan O’Rourke.https://hmrs.org.uk/msc
  6. Ye Ernie Shepards book has loco drawings of a L class whitch I may build.Is there drawings for a C or A class.
  7. Thanks - as I say these are early efforts and I can spot the flaws! The Open wagon is an easy start - drawings are in Ernie Shepherd’s MGWR book.
  8. Class! Love the midland break van and open wagon.I will have to make a rake of those wagons for Moate (if it ever happens)
  9. He doesn’t make many MGWR wagons - just a card kit of a van or two. They are about £3 but that just gives you a basic body - no wheels etc. My first two attempts at building wagons were MGWR - scratchbuilt from drawings. If I can do it anyone can!
  10. yeah I ment 5ft 3in guge in O what MGWR wagons are there and prices?
  11. Not sure what you mean, MM- is that what you want to try building? 32mm is standard O gauge and that you can buy off the shelf. It represents standard UK gauge of 4’8.5” and many Irish modellers use it for convenience. Now you can go the whole hog and build your stuff to 36.75mm gauge - which is of course scale 5’3”. Perfectly doable but you will have to make your own track. Points can be supplied by Marcway in Sheffield. Saying that, the 2-2-2T is not straightforward to build to 36.75 gauge as it uses a rather odd single driving wheel. Slaters (the O gauge wheel people) don’t make that special tapered single driving axle in 36.75 gauge (which they can supply for ordinary standard driving axles). You’d have to turn up a new axle yourself or get an engineer to (that’s what I did). I’d pick one of Roger’s small tank locos as a first build instead, if I was starting again in 36.75 - the axles are much easier to get hold of!
  12. Bus wire is thicker because electricity flows through it to/from lots of droppers. So dropper wire can be thinner and cheaper than bus wire but it doesn't have to be.
  13. Like the 36.75mm gauge (hope it is the right gauge)
  14. I will probally get the 2-2-2 as a g2 would need mods where do you get track for o gauge
  15. Just discovered this gem of a photo from the 'Britain from Above' website, showing the layout of the narrow gauge lines at the paper mill in Ballyclare, County Antrim. The photo dates from 1929 but the paper mill trains continued until 1950 and were in fact the reason this fragment of the Ballymena & Larne line survived until then. https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/XPW028723
  16. 087 accelerates away from a signal check hauling the heavy laden fertiliser train through Tara junction station-a lucky catch while I was waiting for my train home
  17. That looks better Phil
  18. After a long day the mock up is finished.It does not look the best on the sides as I was using parts from a card kit hope you all like
  19. It’s a nice little kit - are more pics on my thread of my build. As JHB says, they were a very early MGWR type and all the 2-2-2Ts had finally gone by 1905 - but had long been sidelined to minor work and only lasted as stationary boilers by the end. I cheated and pretended that mine lasted until the 50s and got a smart coat of black! Also included a pic of a sample one on Roger’s stand - in proper green! And a pic of what they looked like when delivered - this is one left in Brazil....
  20. The 2.2.2s were VERY early on. They were green. carriages in those days were little 4-wheelers with small windows. You're looking at when the line from Dublin to Athlone first opened, and on into the 1850s.
  21. I am going to write a letter to tryconnel models and get a g2 or a 2-2-2 what were the 2-2-2 liverys and whwre did they work.
  22. This is how i would do two track control. But then I have three tracks.....so it's getting a bit messy.
  23. Yes, she was the last! I think she got her first coat of grey paint in the mid-1930s. I have the date somewhere - Bob Clements gave it to me years ago.
  24. Real pity I have a pic of j18 Luna but I cannot seem to find it.It show the engine in ots original livery and flyaway cab must make one of them as well as a B and H class.
  25. I'm not necessarily making anything permanent atm, I'm mainly just building the station along with locomotives and rolling stock. Once I have everything built then I will start to put it together
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