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    Ah Jasus, hear we go again 😡😡
  3. Several hopefully, couple of PM's already looking for some
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  5. If you have one for sale at the next Bray event?
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    Saw models of ICRs on sale last year at one of the toy fares in Stillorgan. The box looked impressive but inside was a Bachmann class 170 commuter DMU resprayed into IR Silver/Green livery. Wasn't impressed despite the excellent respray job. They just didn't look like Irish Rail's Rotem ICRs, doors totally wrong making them look odd, front not quite right either. ICRs are not my personal cup of tea anyway as they are operationally very boring for a model layout, just back'n'forth, no loco, no soul, you wouldn't want DCC sound because outside they sound so lame. Inside the prototype you end up with a headache after the first two hours Killarney-Dublin such is the engine noise under the floor, vibration and firm seats. No proper catering either. In recent years on some routes they have become like sardin cans due to overcrowding. As a regular intercity rail traveller my heart will drop if the loco hauled mk4 CAF sets are ever replaced with these hideous boring yo-yos. If I got a model of an ICR as a present I'd give it away to a child who'd appreciate it better and enjoy watching it race around the top of a kitchen table in frantic circles.
  7. My thoughts exactly, wasn't sure what to do with them
  8. Mayner

    Nostalgia Gold

    I think the C Class in the double headed goods, may have been worked to Dungarvan in order to shunt the yard and return with a goods train to Waterford rather than as a result of a failure. Goods traffic was heaviest between Waterford and Dungarvan with an afternoon Waterford-Dungarvan-Waterford goods in addition to the daily Waterford-Mallow goods trains. The train may have been double headed with a driver in each loco or been hauled dead in the train, the Sulzers & C Class could not operate in multiple. The train 32 wagons including vans appears heavy for a single C Class on a steeply graded road and is substantially longer than other goods trains in the video and photos of goods trains. Its possible that the C Class is being worked to Dungarvan on a Waterford-Mallow goods rather than by working a separate Waterford-Dungarvan goods either as a result of a delay to the through goods or it was possible to work the Dungarvan traffic on the earlier train. The luggage van is likely to be carrying parcel traffic marshaled beside the guards van for convenience in dropping off and picking up traffic and minimise damage during shunting The 1960 working timetable had a daily 07:00 Mallow-Waterford goods with a corresponding 09:40 Waterford-Mallow goods both trains were scheduled to cross at Cappaquin with 8-9 hr running time over the 76 miles of the line. 12:10 Waterford-Dungarvan Goods with 3 hr running time and 5:00 pm Dungarvan-Waterford with 2:25 scheduled running time. 12:10 The Waterford-Dungarvan had a scheduled 57 minute stop at Kilmacthomas to shunt the yard and cross the Mallow-Waterford Goods. Goods traffic appears to have been very light between Dungarvan & Fermoy with short goods trains in photos and videos of the line in its final years.
  9. Butcher an old MIR one, keep your IRM ones in good fettle
  10. I suppose you'd only have to do the one door .......and chop off the rest (at least on one side) as they would have been fully recessed for loading!
  11. Yesterday
  12. I have seen this video may time and its a great one. Some of the most interesting rolling stock although sadly at the time it was shot I was not. More the pity. I do remember this rolling stock a little later on school trips etc. The C Class is nearest the train and would have been the loco in need of a heart transplant which happened to all A and C class in the very late 60s/early 70s if it is not being doubled headed. The Sulzer would have been the stronger and more reliable locomotive at that time. I don't believe that those two could work in multiple however? It's odd that I seem to associate that luggage/parcel van (probably a 2549, or earlier series) with passenger stock. Was it there for parcels or additional bake capacity on such a heavy freight?
  13. Ha, I did promise to look at that. pivoting on 0.3 steel wire possible at a push but the sliding back into the void might be fun. Robert
  14. Bits of railcar would look good with a C class on push pull look a like. Robert
  15. Wait, what? The doors don't open on the models?
  16. Make sure the undies are clean the last thing you want is the wind blowing up your skirt and the jocks looking like Brands Hatch 😀 Rich,
  17. Well the lads did show me a drawing of a forklift at the Blackrock show, heard nothing since though
  18. The bar coupling that comes with the Ferts. Nice and close but the kinematic couplings allow too much movement
  19. Correct, Wexford MRC use the equivalent in O for fixed rakes of coaches but use 3-link or screw-link couplings to the locomotives with a magnetic rod or fine tweezers to lift the links onto/off the hooks. Goods wagons in O tend to use 3-link couplings in the same way allowing hand assisted shunting.
  20. A couple of years I bought quite a lot of OO Gauge models from the widow of a deceased friend with a view to setting up a OO Gauge layout. However, due to space restrictions, I haven't progressed a layout, and I've decided I'd prefer to work on an N-gauge layout. With this in mind, I would like to sell the OO gauge models so that someone else may enjoy them, and to fund the N-gauge layout. There's quite a bit to sort through, so this is just the first batch. Hopefully I'll get some more listed over the weekend, but it will take a couple of weeks to get through everything. Bachmann/Murphy Models CIE Class 141 - Black livery, "B141" - Tested - €150 Bachmann/Murphy Models CIE Class 141 - Orange/black livery, "161SA" - Tested - €150 Silver Fox Models, CIE Class 2600 AEC/Park Royal DMU - 2 car set. For some reason there's the motor coach and an intermediate trailer, but no driving trailer - Tested - €150 Murphy models MM1544 IE Craven 1544 Standard x 4 - €40 each Murphy models MM1149 CIE Craven 1149 1 Class - €40 Murphy models MM1533 IE Craven 1533 Standard - €40 Murphy models MM1508 IE Craven 1508 Snack 2 Cl - €40 Hornby R409 BR Ex LNER Composite Coach (Blood & Custard) - Used - €10 Palitoy Mainline 37-111 BR Corridor Coach (Blood & Custard) x2 - Used - €15 each Dapol - MAR1001 - CIE 1950s Coach - €40 Bachmann Branch Line 74700 - HO Passengar Cars, Irish Railways, Third Class - €40 Bachmann Silver 74701 - HO Passengar Cars, Irish Railways, Third Class x 2 - €40 each If any of the prices I've listed sound off, let me know, or make an offer. If you'd like more photos of something, let me know. I live in Drogheda, but work in Dublin, and happy to arrange collection. If further afield, buyer pays postage at cost. Hope these will bring someone pleasure. James
  21. Those loads look fantastic. All you need now is a fork lift truck. Wonder if I would be brave enough to model an open door on one of those lovely wagons for a yard scene such as this.
  22. Those two nice pics above are welcome respite from images of souless 22k trams 👍 073 still looks magnificent in that retro livery.
  23. I've seem them on O gauge coaching stock. Many of the RTR O gauge coaches in WMRC have magnetic couplings. The idea doesn't blow my skirt up as I cannot see how they would work with a shunting layout, but good alternative perhaps to Roco close couplers and Kadees
  24. I make me own for the toy DARTs 😀
  25. Afternoon all, The latest updates to the February gallery have been uploaded to the website. Tuesday 18th February 2020: Pictures today come from Portlaoise and Limerick. Thursday 20th February 2020: The stub of the former Coolnamona branch in Portlaoise is being extended for approx 1/4 mile to allow the installation of a test track for the PWD Yard. I visited the overbridge just over the former line to view the progress made so far. Plus I photographed the 1655 Limerick - Ballybrophy outside Nenagh. Friday 21st February 2020: There was a splash of colour on an otherwise very dull day in Co. Tipperary when 073 hauled the Sperry Train from Limerick to Ballybrophy via Nenagh. On arrival at Ballybrophy the train went to Lisduff to run around before heading back to Portlaoise PWD to stable until Sunday. Click https://bit.ly/2SNBu84 to view all the images.
  26. Not commercially. But I've seen homebrew versions like this.
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