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  2. Imagine if Jim Davidson joined the group, he'd be over the moon and think he was back in the eighties. Rich,
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  4. Imagine the fuss if someone decided to name a locomotive 'Sambo' in this p.c. day and age! They would probably be blacklisted! 🤣
  5. Perhaps it was meant to be a Celtic train?
  6. Sambo didn't always have split doors Jim.....
  7. Jaysus Dive I thought Boutros Boutros Ghali had come back to life. You live in the states don't you. We should nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize you could be added to the list of recent winners, Obama, Gore, and Jimmy Carter.😁 I still can't see how a Deltic is included in that list seeing that it is aimed at modelling the Irish scene. Rich,
  8. I'd never noticed the split smokebox door before.
  9. A 400 would be amazing! Anything passenger-carrying, 6-wheeled and RTR would have my vote.
  10. I know it costs money to keep rolling stock but the Austrians obviously think it"s worth it. Most major cities have a rake or two of 30 year old coaches for rush hour commuter traffic. They are hauled by any loco. Likewise the Mark 3s.
  11. Nice little shot of Sambo, Ernie. Thank you for having such a fantastic collection out there and posting some of it as necessary to embellish the threads on here. A couple of members really need to freaking grow up and quit the sniping. I am sooooo tired of it and it just lowers the tone so if you haven't something decent to say, please, some forbearance (or a lot) would go a long way (and having suppressed that request for months, I shall now also do the same again). Although Richie and I seem to share an interest in interest in oddball/rarer stuff, I think that silent majority must be geographically confined, and if anyone were to produce a steamie, I'd much prefer to see a 400 class for the mainline, GSWR/MGWR derived 4-4-0/ 0-6-0 to master running characteristics or whatever to get that ball rolling. There might be a silent following for Pat on the Cork coaling gantry too (just sayin', like!). And much as I'd love to see an 800 class, if that didn't fit with a reasonable numbers of modelers layouts, like I said, I'd be very happy with one of the aforementioned others.... tuppence
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  13. chris

    Class 121

    In reality though mayner you need to be unlucky to get pinged for GST in NZ. None of my railway purchases have ever been stopped by customs to add the tax, and most were well over the $400 Mark. The declaration on the box usually gives a lower value regardless of what store has supplied it. It's easy to get around.
  14. Agree Jason the 26 and 2700's served a purpose and they served it well. Rich,
  15. For many reasons, the Mark 3's should never have been scrapped!
  16. I had a similar opinion of the 2600's when they were first introduced on the Connolly - Maynooth service back in the mid 90's. I despised the sight of them in the beginning, but they grew on me over time. What I'd give to see them work the line now.
  17. Yes the squandering of the mk3 coaches because mr NWSE thought DMUs could run the world was almost criminally negligent. Sweat your assets. BR were able to operate their mk3s for an extra 15 years, ours got chopped up for scrap.
  18. Even though the 2700's replaced the Cravens on the Waterford Limerick route (which at the time was hard to take) I did get to kind of like them. The MK111's were the most comfortable coaches I have ever travelled on and I do miss them especially running behind an 071. Rich,
  19. MOGUL

    Class 121

    All customs duty is calculated on what is called the landed value of the goods I.e the total costs up to the point the arrive into the country.. so normally the value of the goods, plus goods in transit insurance and freight.. VAT is payable on the lander value plus the duty.. Luckily, railway models are zero rated so vat would be the only consideration post brexit
  20. Ernie, Copyright Late JW Armstrong/ARPT
  21. I've developed a bit of a soft spot for the little 26's in Cork - the only trains left in which you can open the windows and get fresh air, thus the only trains in Ireland that aren't fixed at sweat-boiling temperatures inside! And the noise of them going up the tunnel..... I liked the 27s for that reason too.
  22. Thanks for taking the time. It will be interesting to see what the results are. OK, just not sure what a 'Great Sambo' Saddle tank is, but assume it might be an 0-4-0. As for 'little mention' of steam era traction apologies if I appear to have got the balance wrong, however there are 5 steam era coach types, four steam era wagons types and four steam loco classes listed (ie along with the 7 diesels). Thank you to the many who have already completed this brief wishlist survey. It will be open until sunday.
  23. 7601

    Class 121

    Speaker will be included........ Axle Hubs will rotate..........
  24. Though it might be useful to draw up some examples based on traditional mechanical signalling practice in Ireland and the UK. Power signal operation is a totally different kettle of fish and is based on totally different principals, though multi aspect automatic signalling is probably the way to go to squeeze in a lot of train on a layout. Typical semaphore signalling on a small double line station with a small yard and crossovers for running round a train or shunting. The first example was typical of smaller stations on the Dublin-Belfast Line and South Eastern suburban before the end of goods services to small stations. Movements from the main line to the siding were controlled by hand signal from signal man to train crew, if it was necessary to pass the Limit of Shunt board the signal man would have to get clearance form the box in advance. The second example is a larger/busier station intermediate terminus where the running lines were likely to be blocked for prolonged periods while shunting was taking place. Additional signals are provided to allow a train to approach the signal interlocking (station or yard area controlled by signal box) while a train is stopped or shunting on the running line between the arrival (home) and departure (starting) signals. The distance between the caution (distant) and stop (home) signals are based on maximum line speed or upwards of 1/2 mile during steam operation, a challenging proposition for a modeler with restricted space. A terminal is probably a more manageable proposition than a through station for a manager with a restricted space and more interesting from an operating perspective. The suburban terminus is a kind of cross between Bangor, Cobh and Harcourt Street (though the latter had only one platform & was modernised with power signalling in the 1930s. To save space and to be difficult platform 3 is signaled for departures only, though a lot of shunting would have taken place when these lines were operated by steam traction & trains arrived and departed from separate platforms. I chose Ballinrobe as an example of how large a country branch terminus could be and how little signalling was required compared to a city terminus or a through station, apart from the crossover from the main line to the loop and main line to goods shed road all points were controlled by hand, two discs and two signal arms controlled all movements in and out of the station. I will draw up a couple of examples of single track main line stations, mainly to capture the changes in signalling practice that arose when the railways introduced bi directional running at crossing loops on single lines and went over to Liner Train operation in the 1970s
  25. Enjoyed filling out the survey. Hope my wish(list) comes through.
  26. Edo

    Class 121

    Looks fantastic - cant wait.
  27. Bloody amazing! I imagine the speaker will be housed somewhere under the front grill? Is it coming pre fitted with a speaker?
  28. It's old news. Those 41 coaches are options for intermediates to bring more 3ICR sets up to 4ICRs. They are still not approved for purchase and they have been talking bout them for years now. A big EMU and or combination DMU bimode order is being looked at too. The 2600s in Cork will need replacing soon along with the LHB DART units.
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