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  2. over 20 years from the GFA - you would think they would have got around this..................mental Here is the link for "Norn Iron"......... Its actually very good - with more choice on maps than we have on OSI................stuff from the 30s to 60S aswell I wonder do the OSI have maps from the 30's,40's and 50's that they just haven't got around to digitalising yet - looking for those missing pieces like the South Wexford line , Waterford - New Ross and the Castlecomer and Wolfhill lines..........
  3. The National Archives have stuff from all 32 counties. I suspect the IRRS goes too. The IRRS is very easy to deal with regarding historical material (though certainly NOT photographs!). I have viewed many old maps in there. Contact Anthony, Norman or Herbie.
  4. The Republic that is not the North. Most annoying! Ernie
  5. My recollections of those cranes are few, but yellow seemed to be standard. Not because yellow was the standard “safety” colour, as nowadays, but because (like JCB) it was the manufacturer’s own livery. I saw a red one regularly when l was a child but it wasn’t railway owned. I’m pretty sure that CIE or the UTA never painted them in their own colours, though a logo might have been possible.
  6. Link to http://map.geohive.ie/mapviewer.html Type the Search Address, Heuston Station, Saint John's Road and selected it from the dropdown options From the menu on the left select Base Information and Mapping. Scroll down to select Historic Map 25 inch (1888-1913). The map will change to an earlier view of Kingsbridge Terminus and you can use the Transparency horz. scroll bar below to change from historical to current. Works a dream for all locations in Ireland. The Map Library at Trinity College Dublin will photocopy sections of these old maps for you - https://www.tcd.ie/library/map-library/ The National Library of Ireland might also have originals.
  7. I have an album on flickr covering Claremorris specifically in 2003 & 2005. https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/albums/72157626841836014 At the beginning of the album there are 9 videos each approx 9minutes long covering operations at the station In may & June 2003. The 7 18th/19th june ones were very interesting as the line was being relaid west of the station and at one time 5 locos on various trains were there. Shunting of the Guinness traffic is also covered. Flickr was offline undergoing a massive software migration yesterday and is being a bit of a pain at the moment but should settle down once the backlog of selfies etc has been uploaded by the er younger generation! Ernie
  8. https://signalbox.org/overseas/ireland/claremorris.htm This interesting article has a signal box diagram of Claremorris ca 2000. Ernie
  9. Wadebridge! First saw it 20 odd years ago and it is still going strong.
  10. I have a giant plot of huestons' track plan, happy to post it over if you PM me your address
  11. They would definitely be more interesting than a 1970s Mark 2 set. Those always seemed boringly BR to me and the Hunslets looked so much like a BR 'Western' too (though the photo of the blue Hunslet with white/blue stripe Mark 2s at Derry is giving me nostalgia now). My home ground would have been BR blue, urban, high/low level, electrified - I even heard someone being electrocuted - so I found the whole NIR experience fascinating.
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  13. Well, I see the law as too harsh on some, but too lenient on many more. Overall, it could do with tweaks, but not major change. It is the application of the law by judges, and the mealy-mouthed tales that the little fella had a hard childhood and he visits his grandmother every Friday that annoy me - REALLY annoy me. If I was to type here what I would like to do to people like this in general, in addition to being banned I would probably face litigation for hate speech. And I haven't even mentioned my thoughts on instant death penalties (as per Singapore) for anyone and everyone involved with drugs. It is heartening to see such a great response to an appeal for the model railway club, and it must be hoped that they gain encouragement and a new life in modelling from the donations they have received. Let us hope, too, that the parasitic, immoral money-grubbing insurance industry doesn't see this as an excuse to hike premiums.
  14. Correct. The last of the steam-era stock was, I think, withdrawn in 1974. The line in the NIR all-maroon livery was three inches wide, and was the same light grey as upper panels on railcars in the maroon & grey livery. They also carried the then standard NIR monogram in gold, lined white. Numerals were transfers in the same UTA style. Ends were black, and roofs mid grey.
  15. Same question about Heuston Station- what would be the best source for track plans?
  16. Downloadable version of catalogue 2019 Catalogue.pdf
  17. Yes I agree, but not the "Duty Solictor" he got at the police station, sounds more like a "civil litigation" expert/"PR consultant". You would be amazed how quickly these people appear out of the woodwork in a high media interest story like this. The Rod Stewart angle makes it just so compelling for them. If the four offenders have no previous criminal matters recorded against them, they will be eligible for a "Police Caution" (as per Home Office guidelines and the CPS "Code for Prosecutors"). They will earn a dis-closeable criminal record, but little else. Even though we all understand the full impact their actions had on the victims, the criminal justice system aims to seek what is best outcome to improve the behaviour of the youth offender. To put them into court will achieve little as the magistrates' hands are tied in respect of previous conduct. The Daily Mail did not publish their images (why?), to have done so would have put the paper in breach of legislation protecting the identity of ALL young people. Come on, half of Stamford must know who they are. Unfortunately for them, currently, their actions (unlike the Daily Mails' print copy) are unlikely yet to be consigned to "yesterday's fish and chip paper".
  18. Thanks Edo, much appreciated.
  19. Yep Claremorris from 1955 is - just checked.....Sligo? You could use the OSI's Geohive map layers - particular the 1888 - 1913 map - i find it pretty good for stations layout which in many cases were unchanged from then until the 60s and 70s when CIE started to destroy them all...
  20. Im pretty sure that both plans were in the back of JHB's " Rails thru the West" pictorial on the limerick to Sligo rail line.......Claremorris definitely....
  21. Thanks Noel, that's a good start!
  22. The first NIR "excursion" set was put together in 1971 (I think) with a mix of ex-NCC former steam hauled carriages. The set was painted up in NIR maroon with a silver/white waistband stripe and was hauled by a spare '101' class loco. It was replaced circa 1975 by an 8-car set of de-engined BUT power cars which lasted in this role until circa 1979/80. I am not 100% sure, but I think a former Brake/Second BUT trailer was also retained to act as the Brake vehicle for this latter set. Livery was the same as the initial set. Some photo's at the time show vehicles from this set operating in smaller sets of only 2 or 3 cars.
  23. Sounds like mother was briefed by a solicitor before making that statement!
  24. Hi. Does anyone know of a readily available source of Irish station track plans? I'm particularly interested in Claremorris and Sligo as they were in the 70s & 80s, not their current streamlined form! I've looked online but haven't turned up much. Thanks.
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