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    I've been promising to show some progress photo's on this for a while, so better late than never.
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    I was talking to an elderly gent today from Wexford St. He told me to show nobody, but you know me, A few minor issues have arisen which may knock delivery back by 4 -6 weeks but we should have them by mid summer at the latest Enjoy.
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    Some info from Wexford St: 12 models, 5 liveries. 2*CIE grey,(121 & 135) 2*CIE black, 2*CIE supertrain, 3*IR and 3*IE (inc.124 & 134) Price tba. As with the other GM locos, dedicated DCC and DCC sound chips,(567 &645) At this point in time I'm looking at mid-summer delivery. As ever with China, nothing is cast in stone! All wheel pick-up and all wheel drive.
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    About 3 weeks away, folks. They’re almost done! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!
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    Signals installed and working on barrow street
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    These beauties arrived this morning - soon to grace the tracks of Dugort Harbour.... I even loaded the images the right way up, at first attempt. There’s s first time for everything. Since the layout is 1957-64 period, green and black’n’tan will rub shoulders, as steam will with diesel.
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    Spoil-er alert! One of the many parts of the colossal project 42 currently in tooling; the modern spoil train. Expect to see these in stock late this year, with liners, ferts and kegs ahead in the queue before that. Cheers! Fran
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    J15 101 oo works upgrade. I have made a few modifications to the oo works J15 model. Weathered with black paint dry brushed on about 3 times. I added a new coal load and water filler lid. Some other bits were drilling the chimney hole down a bit lower, new front hook screw link from Hornby and a front brake pipe. I made a little clip to connect the power from loco to tender which pulls off and this is better when trying to separate the two. The main work was done in the driving area to add more detail with copper wire and brass wheels from Wizard Models. bachmann loco crew repainted and arms moved down. The first picture shows the cab side not weathered to show the difference to the rest of the loco.
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    Thanks for all the comments, folks. Would love to visit the area eventually. In the past, have managed to get to Burtonport, Clifden, Achill, Westport and Sligo, so really need to make the effort to go back to the far north west. Have often wondered if the intention of a railway to Blacksod Bay would have gone down the peninsula to Blacksod itself - from the pictures on Google, it looks stunning. Am going to stick with the Belmullet concept, because it works with the way the layout is orientated, but could yet include Belmullet for Blacksod Bay as the station sign - though in bilingual form it would need a pretty large space! In the last few days have managed to do most of the destructive work on the layout, culminating with the one bit of track lifting required - removing the point to the goods siding, so it can eventually be replaced by the single slip. The point came up really well, a tribute to its robust construction by Marcway, but it immediately set me thinking that I could actually still use it. So, it has been moved a couple of feet up the goods siding and now forms the turnout to an end loading dock beside what has become the bay platform. The very end of the bay now has a platform both sides, which will work as a dock for a horse box, giving an extra bit of shunting, if required. Meanwhile, the 'Railway Bar' fits very nicely in the front right corner, opposite the station building. The end back scene, behind this will need to be re-done in order to capture that aspect of Bellmullet town leading to the short canal between Broadhaven and Blacksod Bay. As far as I can tell, the land from the station parallel to the Bay consisted of narrow fields. Have also included a couple of pictures of my new 101, in the the bay platform with a GSWR brake van made by Richard Chown and a SLNCR horse box [ex WLW], which is the limit of my1900s livery stock at the moment! The 101 is still not completely finished, but is starting to look the part.
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    My money is on Murphy
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    On saturday I acquired some 250 Irish original slides and there are a fair number of 121's from the early days, 4 samples below. I havn't done much research yet into the unknown locations as I also have several hours of 4K video from the Keighley & Worth Valley and Severn Valley Gala's to edit. I quite like B121 with the TPO "ancient and modern" for the era. All will be going on flickr in due course! B126 Athlone 7 jun61, B130 Ballaghaderreen 8Jun61 B134 I think is Sligo ERnie
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    Ariana Town re-imagined Seven years after construction began, with four and a half years on the road and 39 shows, Arigna Town is now being reconfigured as a new project. What is being done is that the layout is being reversed, so the side that was the back scene will become the front and vice versa. Over the weekend have removed all the buildings, apart from the signal box and station at what was the rear of the layout, then got the jigsaw out and reduced the back scene pretty much to track level. Drastic, but once I removed the first building [the trees will all go as well], my feelings have been largely neutral. Yes it has been a good layout to operate and likewise nice to look at, but I can now look forward to developing it as a new project. The plan is basically as follows, though liable to change as things progress: The baseboards are still solid, being 6mm birch ply The track plan largely stays the same, although the turnout that lead to the goods siding will be replaced by a single slip. The extra track from this will go in front of the signal box, exiting to the fiddle yard as a branch to the harbour. In addition, two new tracks will lead off the turntable to a loco shed, which will now be at the back of the layout Turning the layout round, now means the wire in tube controls are at the front. Useful at home, but when the layout goes out again, it will be front operated, but with point motors and/or servos for remote control. A new turntable will be fitted & this will also be electrically powered. The new track layout means the will need to be a two doll starter signal at the platform end. Where the cattle dock has been until now, will be the site for the goods shed [a 'drive through' type], with the Leitrim Co-op building moving there too. The corrugated roofed barn and the signalman's cottage will be moved to the rear edge of the layout The new back scene will be profiled to the outline of distant hills, with either a separate, hard sky scene behind or a one piece, roller blind sky scene instead. There will be a new, single road, loco shed, with the second track in front for also storing locos. The water tower will be moved past the turntable. Where the white, Georgian house would have hidden the hole in the sky to the fiddle yard, this will be replaced with something like a warehouse or maybe something which suggests a distillery. In addition of course, I have already hinted that I am backdating my modelling to include locos and stock of the very early 1900s, so at least a couple of new locos [I already have Shannon & the 101], plus several new coaches and wagons to suit. The fiddle yard remains the same, but I am planning on making a second, seven track, train table, so I can continue exhibiting my SLNCR/CIE 1950s stock too. So, plenty to do! Blacksod Bay? Blame Jonathan Beaumont, of this parish, for his splendid book 'Rails to Achill', which sowed the seeds in my mind of an interesting 'might have been'. Have brooded long and hard on this, so the scenario is as follows: There were several proposals to build a railway to Bellmullet in Co Mayo. From the south a line was to run up from Mallarany on the Achill branch. From the west, there were essentially two separate proposals, one which hugged the coast from Killalla, the other a direct route from Ballina, through Crossmollina. All of these would have been in MGW territory had they been built. Bellmullet is a small town at the head of Blacksod Bay, a large, deepwater harbour, protected by the Blacksod peninsula from the ravages of the Atlantic. For a while, it was seen as a transatlantic port for Canadian Pacific steamers, in the days when mails and passengers could complete the journey quicker, by rail and ferry, than staying on the ship. Thus far, I have yet to see where on Blacksod Bay this port would have been, but that is fine by me, because it gives me a bit of a blank canvas to 'imagineer' my new project. The idea is as follows. The first line was built along the direct route from near Ballina to Bellmullet, not by the MGW, but by the Waterford, Limerick & Western, in conjunction with the SLNCR. A connecting line from Foxford to Longford enables direct running to Collooney, Sligo, Enniskillen, etc. This line terminates at Blacksod Bay in a setting not entirely unlike that at Burtonport [another favourite]. The MGW then gets in on the act by building its own line to Blacksod Bay from Mallarany on the Achill line. Implausible? Absolutely! However, given the way my collection of Irish locos and stock has developed during the Arigna Town project, the scenario above enables my SLNCR, MGW, WLW & GSWR stock to all rub shoulders, as indeed actually happened in Sligo. So, there you are. Arigna into Blacksod Bay. The station becomes an island platform, so there will be room to park the mails, while it will also be the headhunt for the harbour branch, worked [depending on period] by either 0-4-2T Lark or the G class diesel. An opportunity for all sorts of additional traffic which can't be accommodated in the station itself. The SLNCR is expected to work livestock and maybe turf traffic, along with a mixed train. The MGW [in the early 1900s anyway] will be responsible for the mails, for which I hope to built Achill Bogie 'Wolf Dog'. The WLW will do general freight using Shannon and the GSWR train will be a mixed, using the 101. That's the current plan anyway, but things could change, not least because I'm probably looking at around two years to complete the project, then hopefully, it will be exhibited again. In the meantime, watch this space & to either whet your appetite, or maybe make you shed a tear, below a few pictures of what has been done to Arigna. The buildings and trees that don't get reused are promised to the Chatham club's 0 gauge layout, by the way.
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    Well back to the laminate build! All soldering and gluing is now complete, a little painting prep now being done- I'm using Lidl W5 Limescale Remover to clean up the brass, it does a neat job removing oxidisation and flux. The first few panels of the roof have been brushed over with W5 with a paint brush and washed down with water- sparkly! After a scrub with washing soda, next were painting........... Eoin
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    island villa ready for installation on barrow street
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    045 arrives in Glen More with a short beet special. The two H vans at the head or the train are carrying beet pulp, a byproduct of the sugar refining process which was sold as animal feed to beet farmers. In the background behind the signal cabin is a mock up of what will be Glen More coop/creamery who's products will be shipped in insulated containers which will be loaded on to flat wagons using the gantry crane in the yard.
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    Horizontal and vertical detailing now added. As always, time is the enemy. But things are beginning to take shape nicely.
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    Update of buildings on barrow street.
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    Thanks for the supportive comments lads, its much apprechiated. The photo's are an accumulation of work on the layout over the past 2 or 3 years, mainly in the winter months as other hobbies take over when the sun is out. I've been trying different modelling techniques over this time. Originally I was using printed imagery on card, which is a very nice and quick way of working but a family of Silverfish (all 1000 of them) took up residence in the attic and love anything starchy like photo's or printed material. This drove me nearly mad and nearly away from the layout altogether as every time I went to work on it huge area's would be eaten away. I'm now relying more on das clay and plastic as my preferred medium's using card as the substructure. But Silverfish will eat anything including the pva for ballast, static grass you name it!! (You got to love them though! they've been on this planet alot longer than us and probably will be still here long after we've vacated. In terms of my overall progress, I always viewed this as a long term project to be built over many years (20 plus or so). In order to tackle this and out of necessity to the space I'm working in I've split the layout into 3 main sections. (1) 'The Yard' I've nearly completed this part. (2) 'The Main Station' the next and most exciting part. (3) 'The Tunnel' which will connect both area's. I break each section down into separate diorama's that feed into each other, for instance the current section has about 5 dioramas that I'm working on. The Shed area links to the lower Glanmire Rd/bridge area which links to the Beales Hill/footbridge area. Most of the area's can be easily disassembled for working on down stairs but is not suitable for exhibition traveling. They've been times when I loose a little interest in the hobby and I have to walk away from it for a while but I always keep tabs on the great work that's been shown on this website and come back with renewed vigour. Thanks again.
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    What I hope will be the penultimate update on this project. The tender now has coal and the buffer beam has its number, while the boiler bands have been improved and additional, inner, red lines put in on the tender and cab. All that remains now is to wire up the tender pick ups to the loco, then give the model a coat of satin varnish. For comparison, have included a couple of pictures with Richard's own first broad gauge loco - WLWR Shannon, scratch built in the early 1970s. Hopefully, 101 number 241 sits well alongside it. This has not been a project to outdo the maestro, but to build what was his own unstarted kit as something that sits well alongside Shannon as I attempt to move my modelling back to the early 1900s. After so many years doing everything in plain black [with errors easily covered by weathering], the learning curve has been, and remains, steep.
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    Lurking here for a while so thought I’d better post! Here’s my first ever loco build - almost done. It’s a 7mm scale Alphagraphix etched kit of an MGWR tank as built in 1851 and rebuilt by Atock. My proposed line will be Co Sligo c1956 - I’ve imagined that this little loco escaped the fate of her real sister (scrapped c 1906) and lingered on in the remote west. I think that the similar loco on the Waterford:Tramore line would almost certainly have lasted till the 50s but for her fatal derailment in the 30s, so it’s not an impossible scenario! She’s finished in CIE black. Essentially built as per instructions but she has a few additional parts -sprung buffers and brass whistle/smokebox dart to replace the white metal ones supplied. Coupling hooks and vacuum pipes will be added once she’s finally bolted to the chassis. I do apologise for her appearance - I know she should be emerald green. It could have been worse - I was tempted to add a big yellow number. 804 perhaps?! Cognoscenti of this forum will probably guess at the gauge she’s running on..she was originally 32mm gauge but midway through building I started an email exchange with Mr Holman from Arigna and Belmullet - and that was that! He’s given a lot of helpful advice - and I even cribbed from his blog to build this short length of 5’3” track ! As you can see, Sligo shed rather fuss over her. And why not? That ‘Hazlewood’ that runs in from Enniskillen on the 7:20 mixed is only a youngster by comparison!
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    Hi everyone, Here is a look at the CIE plough. We got in a sample previously, but we were not happy with it in several areas, so we had to reject the sample and make tweaks. Thankfully this sample is much more like it. It caused part of the Plough delay, but we felt it best that we get it right. is will be a one off run, so don't miss out on them! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/ballast-plough/products/cie-ir-ballast-plough-van-cie-era Cheers! Fran
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    forgive the quality of the photos as i am only using a ancient fuji camera
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    I realise that I am "IRM" currently, but many of you will recall I used to be just plain ol' Glenderg, missing delivery deadlines and such, but at the same time I produced a kit for the weedspray MK1 and sold quite a 4 of them, along with weathered and pristine "Ready To Run versions". Having spend many many hours researching and designing a kit, and then to hear that you, Noel, think the Silverfox version is perfectly acceptable....yet you say "I call a spade a spade, my models are toys, and in our house everybody calls them Dad's toy train set." "I play by making and driving my toy trains, and happy as a bunny when doing so, call it modelling, or play I care not. " It's the contradictory nature of this regular narrative, like a bowel movement, that prevents me from sharing my experiences, thoughts, findings from elsewhere, as a modeller on this forum any more. R
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    Had a very pleasant surprise just now as this kind card from fellow WMRC members arrived delivered by the hand of a good friend and fellow member Dave. Thank you guys. All good here after successful procedure. Should be back on my feet track laying soon.thank you Wexford MRC friends. Looking forward to Easter exhibition. A little birdie told me there are FORTY exhibition layouts booked to attend the Easter exhibition. Noel
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    We're getting there Gareth, but without a real one it proved to be the stumbling block in the whole 42 ft project and held it up somewhat. But, finally, we have all the data we need so it should be not too far after the liners. Cheers! Fran
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    Many congratulations to MRSI prize winners at the Model Rail Scotland Glasgow Exhibition 2019 with their O gauge Irish outline lay-out "Ardmore". Well done lads! A few pics of the winning lay-out: Finally, members from Wexford MRC and South Dublin MRC were on-hand to celebrate:
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    shame on ttc0169 U posted an amazing drone pic of timber wagons in topic/7198-drones-and-civil-aviation/ in an outta the way post. WHY cant we have more of drone pics! especially steam engines :) i have only seen this one pic of a train from a drone, shame shame shame, i shall go search for more shame on all ye modellers for not noticing this pic, and liking it, and sharing it,,, this is the way to go, ....wow i think one of the best pics i have seen about trains,, it will put an end to that often used comment, "the base board has to be at a certain height to be realistic", now even models on the floormat will be acceptable, its a whole new perspective on modelling
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    Glory days of manually handled goods traffic 1957 two axle goods traffic handling .
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    The final details have been added and Diesel Depot is now complete and ready for exhibiting! I will post pictures of the layout in CIE, IR and IE mode over time.
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    With the increase in passenger numbers of late on Tara junction, It was decided to reinstate a Mk3 push pull set to traffic, Here we see a few photos of 221 hauling control car/DVT 6104 back from an internal refit and a repaint to the MPD where it was lifted off its bogies, While stopped at the station the opportunity was taken to test the push pull equipment between 221 and 6104. The CME keeps an eye his team as the fitters inspect the underneath of the control car, When the operation was complete the bogies were transported by road to be overhauled at the works bogie shop.
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    It's not the first time a comment of that nature has been posted by a certain individual on here, and it certainly won't be the last. But I'll say no more, I don't want to be accused of bullying again. As for the Mk1 GSV, I have two from Silverfox. They're ok, but as already mentioned above the difference in quality stands out a mile when sitting beside an MM Craven. I'd easily retire both of mine if a quality RTR version became available, and I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one. At the end of the day IRM is a business, if the numbers stack up I'm sure anything is possible, as the plough vans proved. If not I'll make do with what I have. In my opinion some people are never happy, I'll leave it at that.
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    A rare locomotive to be allocated to work the empty timber train is NIR locomotive 112 which is seen here arriving light engine from the MPD,after coupling to the train it worked it forward to the Lakeview freight yard where it is seen shortly after arrival.
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    I have a separate thread regarding the development of the Diesel Depot layout (see: The layout is almost complete apart from some trees at the backscene. This new thread is to demonstrate the layout in its UK British Rail "blue" incarnation. A few photos of the layout with BR stock caught by some Spring sunshine this pm (including large logo Class 37 and a Class 08 on oil wagon shunting duties):
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    Don't fence me in! Diesel Depot gets a modern fence fitted with some more greenery (need to keep those grafitti artists out):
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    In preparation for the forthcoming RPSI 071 double headed West awake rail tour on the 13th April 2019,the CME at Tara junction MPD selected six 071 class locomotives to undertake some multiple working trials, The locomotives selected were 076+078, 072+080, and 077+083 with all locomotive's fitted with a blue multiple working jumper cable. So on Saturday morning the trials commenced with the exception of 071+073 which were not used because these were successfully tested a few years ago. Here are a few photos from an enjoyable operating day...….
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    Another paint spraying jig. A 'two axis rotational jig with interchangeable parts cradles';- And turn it this way..... And that way...... And the cradle dismounted for the next part to be loaded! I've made four cradles of this type and a few more variations are on the drawing board yet to be cut out. Eoin
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    Getting there, at last Much of the last week has been spent on fettling the lining. In the end, I went back to enamels and persevered until I got a suitable 'double cream' thickness, as recommended in Ian Rathbone's book. My cheap [£12] bowpen can do reasonably fine lines with practice, but the key to success is the tidying up technique in the book. Essentially, one waits a couple of hours, then use a fine brush, dipped in thinners to ease away any imperfections in the drawn lines. Tedious, but effective & surprisingly therapeutic once you get into it. The trouble is that, every time you stop for a few minutes, when you look again, you see ever more imperfections. However, the lining is now looking better than it was and is probably at the limit of my current pen. I put in the white line first, then after letting it harden for 24 hours, did the red line inside it. There should be a further red line a millimetre or so inside the first one, but have chickened out of that for now. Corners were done freehand with a fine brush and tidied up as before. Other work has included: Painting the buffer beams red - though I now fear the tender one should be black Adding the vacuum and steam heating hoses [Slaters] Brush painting the smokebox/chimney a very dark grey Tidying up the cab. Things like scraping paint off the copper pipework and brass gauges, then adding the cab roof Fixing the outside brake rodding Fitting the tender springs above the footplate Making & fitting the two number plates Adding balance weights to the wheels lining the boiler bands The last mentioned was a bit of a faff - as first I had to draw a thin red line down the centre of some white lining transfer strips, then [with much cussing and swearing], persuade the strip to go round the boiler & inside all the pipework, splashers etc. There are still a few things to do, not least fix the crew and put some coal in the tender. Made a fall plate this afternoon, which still needs painting & fitting, while the loco number needs to go on the buffer beam. My best guess is that this should be in shaded gold or yellow. Having never thrown away a transfer sheet, you'd think I'd have something suitable. But no. Some Midland Railway coach lettering is about right, but there are only 1s and 3s, which is a bit of a bummer. Given the cost of a lettering sheet will exceed £10, I may well do the letters by hand. So, there we are - getting there, but even as I tick one more thing off the list, I notice something else: like this afternoon that there is no link between the tender brake standard and the operating rods below the footplate. In practice, a short piece of 1mm wire, but it will still need blackening & painting, so there's another half required. Life is complicated, which is why it's fun, as they say.
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    The Sperry train had a first today when Belmond liveried locomotive 216 hauled the train from Cobh back to Cork after 083 had hauled it to Cobh and Midleton earlier, Here we see the train being hauled by 083 through Tara Jctn and later on hauled back by 216.
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    I like to think I've made some progress over the past 50-odd years. My first Irish 3-foot model was this version of Tralee and Dingle no. 4 built as a 15 year old from the photo in Fayle's book. It has a plastic card superstructure with balsa wood boiler top and white metal fittings on a well hidden Tri-ang TT 0-6-0 chassis. It did run - honest! This is my current project - the CB&P 2-4-2T. It has an etched nickel silver body and the chassis will be sprung. Boiler fittings are 3D printed and balanced on for this photo. Hopefully it will run too! Phil
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    Pals at WMRC gently hinted that a change of back scene might look better when photographing models off the workbench or out of the paintshop so here are one or two updates. Thank you WMRC pals for the present of a roll of back scene.
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    Just easing myself back into doing something after many weeks 'out of the shed'. This is the Goods Yard store in Omagh. I have taken several pictures that I took back in 1987 when it was still standing and imported them into AutoCad. I then scaled it using several reference points and produced cad drawings. This is built in 6mm birch ply with some redwood to give it strength and durability. I have to form openings in several walls for locos and goods to enter, which is why it is taped together for now. Its footprint is 900mm long, at its longest point. Progress today, at last.
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    Here are a couple more B132 at Ballaghaderreen on the same day, 8 June 1961 but on different film stock. Note the subtle colour difference either at the time or on the film changing over the 58 years. Ernie
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    More progress with scenic base cement and base-coat painting:
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    Hi lads, I enjoyed that program especilly as it covered Railways and Plastic kits. However I notice a quote above 'Hornby is no longer relevant to the model railway hobby' IMHO Thats a bit Daft to say that. A quick check on my layout reveals loco wise a Q1, Black 5, 2 Schools Class, Merchant Navy, Oringial condition West Country and an H Class Push Pull set. From Baccy a Brighton Atlantic, Standard 4 tank,Class 20, 4-CEP and 24, From Kernow and 02 and Bulleid Diesel so from my Point of view Hornby are producing quality stuff not to mind the other locos and stock they are producing which is up there with the best. A Lord Nelson to replace my Bachmann ones is my next purchase along with Oringal condition Merchant Navy.Coaching stock and Wagons are more of less on an even footing. Having worked in Marks for 2 years or so Hornby were the go to for people starting off into this hobby so Hornby were and are still reveleny but obviously not to the Irish scene. nomatter how much you pointed at Bachman it did not cut the mustard in their eyes. Have a look at the 2019 range and the New stuf coming out. some fab stuff indeend. The only problem I have is how to fund all these flipping Models. https://www.hornby.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2019/new-for-2019-steam-locomotives.html cheers George.
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    I engage in a hobby called model railways , the key is in the name , I try ( and often fail ) to represent railways in model form . Toy trains are entirely different , things like giraffes popping their heads at bridges etc. to suggest that a beautiful hard crafted model , or an exquisite hand built track layout is a “ toy “ is completely wrong and would most likely annoy the builder significantly this is different to say RC Model aircraft , which , while there is a “ scale” section of that hobby , most RC units are merely crude approximations to any actual aircraft , the purpose of RC being to get something to fly rather then an exact replica , as a result many RC” models” are very crude in comparison to the detail on a model railway model the model railway hobby is entirely separate from toy trains , which were largely marketed to children , and because of computers ( of one form or another ) that market has disappeared . Rovex ( ? ) I beleive pivoted Hornby away from frank Hornbys products aimed largely at adults to the then emerging cheap injection mounded “ toys “ the truth is model railways is largely an aging adult hobby , children arnt a component of that hobby and the hobby has gone from strength to strength despite alarm calls as far back as the 70s about the disappearance of kids from the hobby ( given it never was a kids hobby in the first place ) to this day Hornby has failed to accept or grasp , that the toy train market is dead , despite a temporary reprieve on the back of “ Thomas” had Hornby retained its IP material . Went up market ( and slimmed down ) perhaps entered the O gauge market as well , it would have faired better . It’s always suffered by being , just too big , for the market it should be in My own view is that Hornby is no longer relevant to the model railway hobby , and hasn’t been for some time , should it address that market, some part of it might survive, otherwise it will vanish , cause it can’t keep burning money forever ( even if it tried repeatedly ) I for one wouldn’t miss it , even though like many kids at the time (1968 ) my first train was a Hornby , but once I started subscribing to “ the constructor “ , I realized , I was interested in model railways not toy trains and by 12 , I was building white metal GWR kits ( appalling badly at first ) To me the core of the hobby , it’s the myriad of small suppliers doing kits , white metal , brass etchs etc because these enable some beautiful models to be made and I don’t mean locos and rolling stock. To me the gamut of “ model railways “ includes track , signals , buildings and lineside structures and to cap it all good scenery , whereas , for example, poorly modeled track or wacky track configurations are just as bad to me , as a poor model of a loco or wagon . Really good railway modelling , a standard aspire to , and most of the time fail to meet , should recreate a feeling of transporting you to the period being represented Dave
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    Seeing the Cad drawings of Paddy's beautiful cad drawings of 121 class I had a look at my scratchbuilt unfinished items box and came across the following in O gauge. Some day!
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    Joint project between MM & IRM for April 1st, pic smuggled from Inchicore
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    Obviously some of you guys have never made it plain to the partners in your lives just where they stood in the pecking order. Before I got married, I took The Boss on a Portrush Flyer, then didn't sit with her so that I could get a milepost seat. The honeymoon was two weeks behind the Iron Curtain bashing very obscure steam, followed by a week in Vienna so that she could visit her many friends there (and I could bash Austrian steam while she was with them). It wasn't my fault if she hadn't got the message by then? Getting back to paying for the locos and the stuff I'm producing this year (just a hint, you realise!). The Church had a solution - join the Total Abstinence guys (The Pioneers?) or become a Methodist! Either way, NOT drinking 3/4 pints a week will pay for everything that comes out this year! Just remembered, Lent's starting - give up booze for Lent and that'd pay for an A Class, at least. Get your partner to give up chocolate for Lent and you can have a rake of Ferts as well? No charge for the advice!
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    Some work over the weekend. Progress on the wagons. Finishing off with springs, axle boxes, brakes, and coupling system. I have been holding off on the coupling system, which I really shouldn't have, as some integration into the kits may have eased the installation. Not withstanding that, the installation was quite straightforward with adjustment based on buffer length. The coupling system of choice is the Spratt & Winkle system from Model Signal Engineering as it's unobtrusive but effective and allows remote uncoupling. It involves the fixing of a coupling paddle / hook to the underside of the frames, while adding a simple wire loop / hoop stops the hook from pivoting too high. On the other end of the wagon another hoop provides connection for the hook of the adjoining wagon. Remote uncoupling is by means of three links of soft iron wire connected to the hook (not done yet) which is drawn down by magnets buried under the track. The three links and very slim appearance of the coupling system provide a closer to prototypical look. S&W coupling hook / pivot. Connection between wagons Wagons are virtually complete and can now head for the paint shop. GSWR open wagon (Studo Scale Models) , with SL&NC Vehicle Wagon (Scratchbuilt). MGWR Fishvan (JM Design) and GSWR (?) 7 Plank Wagon (SSM) with Class 423 (Scratchbuilt) in the background. More soon. Ken
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    A brace of Murphy GMs aged and weathered. To conclude this particular weathering workbench a few pics taken of 088 and 182 in afternoon sunlight. Personally I've found I prefer painting and working on models in natural daylight compared to artificial light - perhaps that's ageing eyesight, but its just easier to see shapes, shadows and depth of colour. I am fortunate to have vellux window right over the workbench area. I really enjoyed working on these two and learned a lot. 182 is my personal favourite because she is less heavily guncked! (or is that because she was my first ever MM) The MM Detailing kits added to one cab end of both of these models. Once again thank you MM for these beauties especially the Baby GMs which are so ubiqutous and diminutive yet convey a sense of motive power.
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