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    A few pics of the first pre production 121’s on their way to Ireland for testing enjoy
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    We're delighted to announce that we will open the order book for the Tara Mines wagons this weekend at our range launch! The first run of models will see five packs of two wagons in the current red oxide scheme, giving you an authentic ten wagon train. The wagons promise to have a level of detail yet to be seen in 4mm, including rotating axle caps, kinematic couplings and a wealth of separately applied detail. We will be able to take orders at the event on Saturday and online. Prices will be €79.95 per pack. Excited? We are!
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    Final version of the footbridge installed
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    No work done on these since late July, so I made a long overdue return to the barrier wagons during the week. Nearly there now , just the decals to be applied to the tanks and the flats still need a couple of coats of paint. Once that's sorted its on to the Ammonias.
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    Studio scale models 42 FT Flat wagon. I had a go at building the 42 FT brass flat wagon and i soldered it to give it more strength. There were a few modification made but just small things. I put in plastic blocks for the bogie screws to go into so no nut would be needed. It is pained in a new condition but it will be lightly weathered. So here are a few pictures to look at.
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    A bit more progress. All the ground now has some paintwork done . Foliage now started but I have discovered that I don't seem to have any 'turf' flocking. I am off to the Welsh Highland Gala tomorrow so hopefully will be able to pick some up then. Ernie
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    Cheers everyone, things are taking shape! Our IRM cabinet is a reminder to us how much we’ve achieved since we began nearly 4 years ago!
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    On saturday I acquired some 250 Irish original slides and there are a fair number of 121's from the early days, 4 samples below. I havn't done much research yet into the unknown locations as I also have several hours of 4K video from the Keighley & Worth Valley and Severn Valley Gala's to edit. I quite like B121 with the TPO "ancient and modern" for the era. All will be going on flickr in due course! B126 Athlone 7 jun61, B130 Ballaghaderreen 8Jun61 B134 I think is Sligo ERnie
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    Thanks for all the comments, folks. Would love to visit the area eventually. In the past, have managed to get to Burtonport, Clifden, Achill, Westport and Sligo, so really need to make the effort to go back to the far north west. Have often wondered if the intention of a railway to Blacksod Bay would have gone down the peninsula to Blacksod itself - from the pictures on Google, it looks stunning. Am going to stick with the Belmullet concept, because it works with the way the layout is orientated, but could yet include Belmullet for Blacksod Bay as the station sign - though in bilingual form it would need a pretty large space! In the last few days have managed to do most of the destructive work on the layout, culminating with the one bit of track lifting required - removing the point to the goods siding, so it can eventually be replaced by the single slip. The point came up really well, a tribute to its robust construction by Marcway, but it immediately set me thinking that I could actually still use it. So, it has been moved a couple of feet up the goods siding and now forms the turnout to an end loading dock beside what has become the bay platform. The very end of the bay now has a platform both sides, which will work as a dock for a horse box, giving an extra bit of shunting, if required. Meanwhile, the 'Railway Bar' fits very nicely in the front right corner, opposite the station building. The end back scene, behind this will need to be re-done in order to capture that aspect of Bellmullet town leading to the short canal between Broadhaven and Blacksod Bay. As far as I can tell, the land from the station parallel to the Bay consisted of narrow fields. Have also included a couple of pictures of my new 101, in the the bay platform with a GSWR brake van made by Richard Chown and a SLNCR horse box [ex WLW], which is the limit of my1900s livery stock at the moment! The 101 is still not completely finished, but is starting to look the part.
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    Next up is the iconic Tara mines bogie wagon, After developing a brake problem which caused wheel flats the Tara wagon was worked at slow speed to the wheel lathe shop for attention ....
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    New addition are working train destination signs for barrow street
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    Latest building finished and in situ on the layout
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    Well back to the laminate build! All soldering and gluing is now complete, a little painting prep now being done- I'm using Lidl W5 Limescale Remover to clean up the brass, it does a neat job removing oxidisation and flux. The first few panels of the roof have been brushed over with W5 with a paint brush and washed down with water- sparkly! After a scrub with washing soda, next were painting........... Eoin
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    My money is on Murphy
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    045 arrives in Glen More with a short beet special. The two H vans at the head or the train are carrying beet pulp, a byproduct of the sugar refining process which was sold as animal feed to beet farmers. In the background behind the signal cabin is a mock up of what will be Glen More coop/creamery who's products will be shipped in insulated containers which will be loaded on to flat wagons using the gantry crane in the yard.
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    Horizontal and vertical detailing now added. As always, time is the enemy. But things are beginning to take shape nicely.
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    The moulds for the seats n tables are complete and today I spent the morning plastic casting. I made two sets of moulds to speed things up and I will make a big mould from today's casting of 20 seats for the next coach. First castings. The lot cast. A little bit of a clean up on the edges is required, but wont be stuck down until the floor is painted, also as said above I'll use these 20 seats to make a bigger mould first. Eoin
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    Hi guys, We have just received an update on the Tara Wagons and their progress. Sadly it has been slower than initially promised, and naturally we are upset about it. We're getting a timely reminder about why we usually use airfreight, but mother nature has slowed progress down, coupled with the time of year and the sheer volume of traffic leaving China. We will have the Tara's in stock by November 30th, with packages being shipped the next day after we burn the midnight oil and conduct our own QC checks. The will be arriving with all customers who have placed orders so far by the end of the first week of December. We would like to apologise about this delay once again, and we have had too many missed deadlines on these wagons. We thank you all sincerely for your patience and understanding, and we are making sure these these missed deadlines become a thing of the past with our new projects going forward. Cheers, Fran
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    minor works completed including backscene and front pelmet raised due to google buildings and template made for bridge access between buildings
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    Hello All, Decided to start a new layout & also dabble in the dark art of P4 21mm. Quite a bit of work, but not a daunting as I thought it would be; building points is quite rewarding and there are plenty of resources out there to help you. The bit of info which is a little more difficult to sort out are the stretchers and tie-bars. Finally settled on using strips of copper clad PCB (on order at the moment) as the other attempts were not really working for me. In the interim, I decided to get started on some buildings. The idea is a fictitious Irish Port terminal – goods mainly but some passenger traffic from a small station. The plan is get some experience in building track and re-gauging locomotives & rolling stock. A little bit of scenery will help to set the track in its environs. Humble beginnings: Simple track-work with two sets of points & hopefully two wagon turntables at the end to pick up the track running at 90 deg to the mainline. Small engine shed - much more work needed! Factory / Warehouse to close out the ends of the track in a slightly more interesting way (?) . Plan would be to have the doors closed. I'm thinking only one wagon turntable would be active, as there would be a huge amount of work would be replicated for no real benefit. Long way to go, but this is to give a general feel as to where it is going - hopefully!! Enjoy, Ken
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    Hi Guys While waiting for the revised body test prints to come back I set about completing the bogie design and started into prototyping it on the CNC machine. The design is more or less as the above sketch in the previous post, I decided to run the axles in the brass sides without wheel bearings to aid assembly, if using bearings the drive gears on the axles and wheels have to removed to assemble and disassemble. So .4mm brass was chosen to provide a wide running surface for the axles with a brass keeper plate screwed on under to keep the axles in place. The pulley drive system makes it difficult to install a standard coupler socket, so I've come up with an out-up-around the pulley affair off the bottom front of the bogie frame with a PB spring to retain the coupler that hopefully will allow the required coupler movement- assembly will tell if this works! Drawing exported as a CNC script and away it goes;- 1mm end mill does a nice job on cutting out the outline of the parts, unfortunately I got my settings wrong for drilling the holes and broke the end mill drilling the first hole. The above is the motor bogie complete, halfcut lines, tabs and open sockets for folding up on assembly Above are the completed parts, the motor bogie and keeper plate came out fine, but the motor-less one suffered from incorrect cut depth on the holes. The red 3M glue used to stick the brass to the MDF backing really did its job, very hard to get the parts out! A slight offset happened on the holes and the halfcut lines- stupidly I removed the spindle from the machine to replace the broken end mill! I do know never to do this but being annoyed at getting the script wrong I just didn't think about it..... I'll have to do it again as these parts wont go together square. 34 minutes total cutting time, but this can be speeded up. I reckon milling is faster than etching- in the drawing work and the cutting, no cusp to remove except a little burr to remove on the edges , just milling- your limited to size of the tool and internal corners are round. Very happy with these results, I'm going to stick with milling and see how assembly goes. Eoin
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    Well, here is Michael's latest work of art, the CIE standard cattle wagon from the late 1940s, early 1950s. There were hundreds of these, built with slight variations. This is the "1950" design, but the "1949" design can be easily made from our kit, just add a few bits of Plasticard in the right places! The Fitted version which survived (although I wonder with how much work?) into the 1970s. Now you can run Fairs specials hauled by your 00 Works J15, or with the Lads' A Class. The second photo shows the planked roof - and in case the photo didn't do Michael's work justice, I launched my drone and took a photo straight down on her! I should add that Michael quite literally got out of his hospital bed and got started on the Master for this wagon. I'm happy to say that he is fully on the mend and certainly hasn't lost his touch! Order book opens in September, but feel free to send an e-mail to the link on my website.
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    Got mine a few years ago, wont be going with the IRM ones
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    Needed a bit of light relief from the 101, so with the AW tractor nearing completion, decided it was time I finished it off. Mostly it was painting. Started with a couple of coats of Halford's grey primer, then once that was dry, could paint the interior fittings black and the buffer beams red [both acrylic]. Glazing came next, then a single crewman, after which it was time to fit the roof. Lettering is my preferred method of dipping pen with white ink. The assumption is that the CVR did buy the loco, after further testing, so it became No 8 on the loco fleet. Talking to folk, there is feeling that the CVR crews might have scuppered the original deal, as the tractor was intended for one person operation - thereby doing a fireman out of a job. The unusual firebox [the door was in the floor of the cab], may have caused problems too. The photo in Patterson's book shows it to be a fairly grubby condition, so I've tried to replicate this with weathering powders. A word of warning here. Humbrol black weathering powder is pretty strong stuff and if anything, sticks rather too well - creating unwanted streaks when I tried dusting it on. Extensive cleaning up was required to get rid of these, using cotton buds dipped in meths & wiping off the streaks with a vertical motion, to simulate the effect of rain running down the sides. The Humbrol powder is ok on the chassis and mixes well with other tints, but will not be using it on bodywork again - indeed the roof will probably need repainting.
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    I stuck one of your flyers up on my bedroom wall. The wife is not happy.
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    Deco samples of the C Rail containers. Tweaks required but you get the idea. See them on our stand this weekend.
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    The layout or 8ft x 2ft test track cum display was dismantled many years ago as other projects and growing children needed the space. Here is another view; the locos as previously mentioned have all moved on. Ernie
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    Just Finished the last two Provincial wagon side containers.
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    Eric and Erne Second Sharp, Stewart 0-4-2T Erne has now joined Eric [aka Blackwater] in the fleet. However, as neither of them have any crew yet, their cab roofs are not fixed. What I can now do is [sort of] recreate the Vic Welch painting on the cover of the original book by Dr Patterson. Erne was spray painted in Ford Laurel Green [using a Halford's spray can] and hand lettered with a fine nibbed dipping pen - initially in white acrylic ink & then gone over with a dark yellow fine marker pen. After, a small amount of shading was put in with a 0.3mm black drawing pen. This method has also enabled me to do the overlapping 'CV' logo on both tanks' sides.
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    The 'Bubbles' after I had set them down in Thurles shortly before the cement was stopped by rail forever. Loved working the Cement jobs as they were grand & relaxing...except when they shunted you out of the way for a passenger train which was nowhere near ya Prefered working these babies though!!
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    Push pull suburban service to drogheda heading into pearse
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    Hi Wexford Model Railway Club Thanks to all who organised a very enjoyable weekend and thanks to all who came over to say hello, chat and comment on the DART models. I love @enniscorthyman's layout, I was opposite him at the show and enjoyed two days of it. Enda's layout is great to, he has great family stories attached to it, I've seen photos on fb but it's better in the flesh. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully my layout will be complete by then!! Thanks Eoin
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    Hi everyone, Here is my very quick guide on how to open, chip and add detail parts to our new plough vans. Hope it covers everything. If I can do it, anyone can! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/blogs/announcements/how-to-fit-a-dcc-chip-to-your-plough-van Cheers! Fran
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    Platforms under construction. It's easier to lay tracks against existing structures for clearances, etc, than size structures to fit track afterwards.
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    Greetings all Never mind the problems with things being impounded after Brexit - the impounding mechanisms of the Dept.of Domestic Financial Matters, at jhb171 Towers, can impound like no other. But the day has come, and the Authorities have handed over two very nice little grey beasties from 00 Works, and a green "C", so now I can at last ogle them. Here we see the lot. When I got a model of 800 "Maedb" a few years ago, I was busy with narrow gauge 009, so I never intended to have an operational Irish 00 layout. Thus, 800's exploits would be confined to a test track, a layout owned by a friend in Clondalkin, and a glass case. I thought that a good contrast might be to display it in a little diorama or something, with as a contrast beside it, an absolutely filthy, tired looking old reliable J15 workhorse. No. 134, shown here, is the result. Both it and Maedb were SSM kits, and the level of detail and accuracy in both is a great credit to Des of Studio Scale Models. It was put together for me by Dave, who finished it as I wanted it - so grubby looking you'd feel you needed to wash your hands after touching it; indeed, the actual level of muck on it was copied from a photo of the real thing in its last days working. It's perhaps a shade too black, though really dirty CIE locos could look almost black if left neglected. As a contrast, I have the two very nice 00 Works models. Lined up together, all three really look the business. The sight of the dirty one with the clean ones recalls a story that Senior told me of seeing some sort of works shunter in the 1930s hauling a newly painted loco out of the paint shop at Inchicore - the contrast was exactly as above. On the 00 ones, which I was happy to open today, I am very satisfied with them to look at - in terms of performance, they'll get a run in a day or two on my friend's line. I will report on their running then, but anecdotal evidence suggests it will be good. The little matter of the tender springs is easy to fix, and the wheels need a good coat of grey and then grime. I don't intend to weather them as much as 134 (sighs of relief from Roderick!) but they will need to look quite grubby, as the layout will be set in the 1955-65 period. The "C" was another nice little item I picked up a while back - it will match the black one I have within the same period. Both, of course, are Silverfox. This pair of "C"s have acquitted themselves very well operationally, being good at slow speed and of a solid heavy weight. Hopefully the attached photos will give an idea of the external appearance of both the SSM and 00 ones. Naturally, the plant pot behind them is in entirely the wrong livery....... So, all round, a good Christmas!
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    Hi everyone, As the big Dublin show is only a few days away, I thought it would be good to put together some details about what you can expect from IRM this weekend. We are delighted to be able to sponsor the show, our first show to do so as we look to support our local clubs and their shows every year which take great planning, dedication and hard work. We will have a slightly scaled down version of our new exhibition stand at the show, in the main hall towards the back. On it we will be on hand to sell cement bubbles, show you samples of plough vans and Taras, some items for our forthcoming project 42 range as well as Accurascale stock and samples on sale and view. On top of that, we will be taking pre-orders on Taras, Ploughs and our forthcoming container liners, which will be in limited numbers. You can read about that via the link below: And finally, we will have TWO all new model announcements at the show at 11am on Saturday. One item will have a pre-production sample on hand, the other will be CAD only, but will give you a view of what we have coming after the 42ft flat project. So, make sure you drop by, say hi, and see what we have coming your way. We look forward to seeing you there! Cheers, Fran
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    re arranged barrow street end full weekend of works where does it go
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    The beet special arrives at Keilys Cross.
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    Hi Lads, Hard to get out to the shed with this flipping cold snap but did a wee bit more on the few buses. I have ordered some more transfers from Sunrise in the UK to finish the KC2 off. Hopefully they will come sooner that later. The Dart feeder would be a nice little Additional to Eoins Darts. Maybe a train pack and and bus at some stage!! The Van Holl is nearly complete with just the window frame to do and the bottom floor to Cement in place.
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    Going postal....my first ever scratch built coach. I should really have gone for something simple. But no - it had to be a TPO for some reason. In fairness, the drawing did look simple. But then I saw a pic in Des Coakham’s book - and my prototype still had all the TPO bag and bracket gubbins which would have to be cobbled together .....😫Almost done now - just lower footboards to fabricate from brass, and I can prime her. Built from Alphagraphix drawing using David Jenkinson’s principles from ‘carriage building made easy’. More pics when the painting’s done....
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    A busy day in Omagh......
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    Here's one I done earlier...…..😋
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    Retro 073 is seen being refuelled at the MPD by the refueller with the shed foreman supervising proceedings.
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    A rare move took place earlier on Tara junction when the Enterprise was delayed at platform 2 with door trouble ,the following Mk4 service which was hauled by Belmond liveried locomotive 216 was routed around the Enterprise to serve platform 3,it then operated in advance of the Enterprise which in turn followed five minutes later.
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    Latest Loco alluded to above, is the GSR 670 Class 0-6-2T These locomotives 670 - 674 were built by the GSR for the ex DSER line to handle commuter traffic between Greystones and Dublin. From all accounts they were complex machines with inclined valves and limited access for maintenance and repairs. Photo courtesy of the "Good Book" (Clements & Mc Mahon) Constructed in 1933 with Z-type boilers and mainly of welded construction resulting in smoother lines. Drawing was developed again from sketches generously provided by IIRS and developed into a cut drawing for the CNC Mill. Parts cut out and construction commenced on the cab area first as this is of great interest due to all the curves. The split level footplate led to a different approach - rather than a single footplate with a hole cut out, profiled tabs were cut which were then fixed to the frames. This allowed both the split levels, but also to retain the distinctive high frames at the smokebox area. Compensated chassis again with fixed rear axle for motor and gearbox, with middle and front axles in high level hornblocks. Compensated beam between font and middle axle. Trailing bogey is carried in a pony truck cut on the mill and bent into shape. Chassis and footplate constructed to get to here: Add the body shown before and we get: What is nice about these locos is the smoke box; large with a curved front plate dropping down between the high frames. Smoke box formers were created, curved, drilled and fixed. Boiler barrel is 18mm pipe with a captive bolt to thread into the smoke box. This brings us to here: Belpaire section of the boiler was formed and soldered to the cab - still need to fix boiler barrel to belpaire section, however that may be a simple tapered slip connection which will facilitate dismantling for painting and maintenance. Put it all together & we get: What is interesting is the relative size of locomotives. Not having actual prototypes available to compare we are left with comparing statistic in books, however, you can read as many books as you like, but when you see locos on the track you start to get an idea. What is noticeable is how big the 670 locos really were - they really fill out all available space on the footplate. Compare 670 class vs the 458 class: More as time permits! Ken
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    Not yet, but the kadee no 18 NEM couplings couple up pretty close Close coupled with kadee no 18s plugged straight into NEM pockets work really well pushing or pulling and enable pretty close coupling. Uncoupling magnets worked well with the Tara's
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    Absolutely fantastic news lads. What's been achieved to date has been incredible, but this is on another level. Plus there's the added bonus that this might finally stop Noel dropping A Class hints every 3 or 4 posts
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    Well here is my first attempt at a layout, I'm still a rookie so be gentle on me 😊
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    The Isle Of Ireland Peace Parc Tower @ Messines Belgium: http://www.visitflanders.com/en/things-to-do/attractions/top/island-of-ireland-peace-park.jsp http://www.greatwar.co.uk/ypres-salient/memorial-island-of-ireland-peace-park.htm Do cum gloire de Agus Onora na heireann 1914-1918
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    That track was not going to fix itself, so I took my brave pills, put on the man pants and went at it! The copper clad PCB does make the tie rods etc easier to do, especially when you trim away some of the copper at the ends of the tie rod, so it runs under the rails without catching. One point is still giving some trouble with the switch rail not sitting against the stock rail properly - works fine in trailing direction, but de-rails in facing direction. Just needs a little fettling. The ash pit in front of the engine shed, needed longitudinal sleepers with plastic chairs added to the rail to fix and hold the rails. Looks better than the rivet construction, so I can see long days of cutting chairs to fit over the rivet and solder.... Lots of drop cables under the rails for power, however the wagon turntables are going to need a little thought to ensure I get power in both directions without shorts - not sure on that one yet; the gaps between rails may need to be generous to ensure I don't get a short across the tyre when crossing at 90 deg. Something else to fuss about later. It's really starting to come together though! The gauge and sleeper distances really looks well. BTW, the rust on the rails is real. The flux used to solder the rail to the rivet seems to remove any protection and rust starts to develop quickly - it will give an authentic look, except it will be necessary to keep the top of the rail clean for electrical conductivity purposes. Point motors and wiring to be done before I can set the base in more permanently. Regards, Ken
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