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    Mr Soundguy supplies a wide range of UK outline sound projects while also specialising in Irish prototypes. A recent soundchip acquired from him for the new Dapol streamlined GWR Railcar produces some impressive results. See attached video kindly prepared by Enniscorthyman:
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    John, a friend of mine had a similar problem a couple of years ago. I spoke to the Glasgow exhibition manager, Ian Porteous, on his behalf, and was given an email address for direct contact. The layout, 'Bleach Green', subsequently appeared at Glasgow the following year. If you have not already tried it, the address is ExhibitionManager@modelrail-scotland.co.uk
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    Thank you. We'll have a cup of tae and a Sambo to celebrate... I just realised I've not actually seen the orange production versions...medical misadventures...
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