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    Mir cement bogie approaching the end of its build, built mostly out of the box but changed the bogies and added a few extra details. Used the Phoenix paint for the main body and the rest is humbrol acrylics.
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    I think the answer is essentially it's a bit of a minefield, JB. There are indeed quite a few folk out there who will build stuff for a fee, but from what I hear, price and quality are highly variable, with the former not always a guarantee of the latter. In addition, where locos and coaches are concerned, the paint job can be a further added extra. Perusing the small ads in the model press may help and from there you could make contact and ask for references. A while ago, a general guide for building a loco kit was around 2-3 times the original price, so a £100 kit would end up as a £3-400 model. While that might seem a lot, £200 to built a kit which may take 50-100 hours is a long way short of minimum wage! I well remember the look I got when doing a buildings demo at a show a few years ago. The man asked if I did commissions. No was the reply, but when I commented that the locoshed on display represented over 100 hours work, you could see the cogs going round as he worked out it was potentially a £1000 model, even though the materials probably came to less than £20.
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    Hi all Well still waiting for the bogie parts, but in the mean time I got the second bonnet up and running and also started on some of the small detail bits Exhaust pipe components- aluminium tube with soldered brass mounting brackets A bit of moulding done to create the bonnet headlamp bodies- the trusty Model T van was used, a nice set of lamps on the front, did not want to wreck the part so I did a mould around the lights still on the radiator grill! it worked two lamp bodies drilled to take little LEDs Ladders, other exhaust n brackets, the horns, and the side bonnet radiator water filler caps- all brass I'm thinking of making up my own motor chassis for this project, but unfortunately I cannot show a sketch, today my workshop PC decided to melt one of its drives and the walker directory was in that sector, fortunately I could back up most of the drive and thankfully I had done a system backup last month, unfortunately the edit to the drawing with the chassis design was only last week and it did not get saved in that backup, and again- fortunately Windows has a secret directory that backups get saved, even incremental! I got almost all the data back from here and it needs a few hours drawing and I'm back to last weeks version...... Backups guys, is very important anyway, brass etched bogie with Mashima motor on top n pulley drive all hung off a PCB chassis plate, I've setup a drawing of the bogie frames to make a mould, this includes connection rods & crank counter weights to be etched in brass- i'll make contact again on supply of these parts and then make a decision..... Eoin
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    I was going through my slides last night and came across a visit to Derry by Slieve Gullion on 12th April 1992 which was described as a 'running in after an overhaul'. I have included a few shots, a very grey day I might add. I managed to get a shot of the NIR local train arriving the same morning. Among the same batch of slides was this Brake Van. Obviously taken in Belfast and all I remember about that period was visiting Adelaide yard to take some pictures as being asked to leave as I had two young sons with me and they were concerned about their safety. Can anyone confirm if it is Adelaide, you can see H&W crane in background.
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    Track in stock, check. Loco for testing, check. Track plan, check. There's no stopping you now. Paul
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    I have put a bit of light & colour into the first picture of 171, it looked a bit dark. hope you don't mind.
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    Not at all. Probably the best way would be to use a bell crank at the point.
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    I am sure I am not the only one who watches the extremely high standards of modelling of the likes of Mayner, ECM Eoin, Messrs Holman and many others here. As others have said, much of what the better modellers here do is not so much modelling as fine engineering. Unfortunately, not all of us are anywhere near that league - I'm certainly not. Thus, like many, I outsource the more complicated things. One such item has been with the maker-up now for several years..... The completion date keeps getting put back and back and back and back. And it's not a cheap thing either, and I've paid for it. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. I'll elaborate on that in the future should it be something to warn others of. So, the question: is there a good list somewhere of who can take on commissions? And, of what type? Some prefer to work with plastic, some brass, some both. And I accept that time doesn't exactly grow on trees when model-makers often have day jobs too, though at the least a realistic timescale should be given on commencement. Indeed, if anybody is available and in a position to deal with several matters for me, might I ask you to PM me? No harm in asking.....!
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    Correct, Noel...it was 1970s (1971 specifically, as mentioned) so the 1960s were indeed all about four wheelers. And naturally, a black'n'tan loco could be seen on later container trains until the very last ones got Supertrain livery, which wasn't until about 1979.
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    Here are a few photos showing the layout in its setting to accompany the track plan. There was orignally a work bench under Keilys Cross which I moved to the garage to give a clear uncluttered area.
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    I think the other vans are Fordson E83W / Thames vans, easily available as 00 models. Both VW and the Ford were favoured van types for the ESB Rural Electrification.
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    My preference is a handwritten message on a €200 note.
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    Nice pictures, have you any more. Love the brakevan.
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    Here is the link: http://www.electrarailwaygraphics.co.uk Look under their "international->Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland" link. They seem to have some good info on RTR locos that can be paired up with Shapeways 3D body shells which exist for every class of Irish loco.
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    Fits in with our corporate branding Wrenneire!!!
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