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    Mir cement bogie approaching the end of its build, built mostly out of the box but changed the bogies and added a few extra details. Used the Phoenix paint for the main body and the rest is humbrol acrylics.
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    Some progress. Platforms
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    Hi Patrick, here are 3 pic's i took a few years ago of GNRI works model Dundalk.
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    My recollection is black, but they were dirty. The chassis of the ammonia tanks themselves was in a very dark green like UTA green - maybe slightly darker, so it's possible they were painted in that. Old black paintwork can fade to just about anything, depending on the undercoat below it (and Inchicore used a lot of undercoat in various greenish shades); and the compounds within the particular brand of paint. I have seen badly faded maroon paint which looks brown, other examples pink, or a salmony colour. I have seen badly faded green paint looking bluish, or brown, or even a nondescript yellowy colour. Thus, photos of green-looking barrier wagons could be just black faded to that. I will delve a little more and try to find a definitive answer. The bogie wagons the containers were carried on were standard CIE brown, heavily weathered in brake dust.
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    I understand that ECM Trains are planning a RTR 141. Since the 141s were for years the mainstay of many lines, in some cases almost to the exclusion of all else, a layout populated by half a dozen of these beasts would do well. My understanding is that it won't come cheap, but will be of exceptionally high standard, as per all from the ECM stable.
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    Well, it was Stafford today (and yesterday). I didn't see any baseboard purveyors and I did overhear two people who were looking for components - dowels, clips, etc. There were three halls - not the best photos below, but they might give some idea of the scale. Mr MegaPoints was there, he may be prepared to give you a trader's-eye resumé from his viewpoint.
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    Sharp, neat, clean as always! Must remember the lamp casting trick in future.
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    Found these today in some old mags, from 1998 These came with the resin 201 kit: I have the kit somewhere, I will post a few pics later
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    Popeye, you're welcome! I just hadn't the time, I did the other with Photoshop but just posted the last two straight from the scan of the slide. When I started taking photographs seriously in the mid 1980s, I used two Rolleiflex cameras for all my B&W work and a Nikon FM2 for colour slides.
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    Not bad for an Architect
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    Just for you Fran, a little break from your Accurascale, non Irish! gig 1976 Lima catalogue, no Irish content However it shows HO scale Class 33's with OO gauge couplings They are catalogued as OO, but they only have 4 digit catalogue numbers, 00 gauge have 6 So now I am wondering which came first, the HO IR 33 with HO or OO couplings?
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    Despite the fact I spend quite a bit of money with Hornby magazine I still can't get into that show. They are fully booked. But I have said if I can't get in this year I won't be advertising with them anymore. I like the idea of Stafford and I have emailed them. I'm not worried about my UK competitors, I can beat their prices and find they are slow to deal with enquires which gives me an edge. Since the new year I have taken in nearly 10k in orders just from the UK alone!
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    Brilliant as always Dave, I get more misty eyed over these old Lima catalogues and sets than anything else. I assume that Lexie Tynan is no longer with us? He would be a great man to talk to for an insight into those days.
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    Many thanks for kind comments every one. JHB-I found the Gaelic script by searching Google and found a site for Microsoft with a script called Bunchlo GC . Purely by guesswork I selected this as it looked correct for Bantry-it then appeared in my Excel spreadsheet list of fonts-how I achieved this I do not know as I am not that clever with modern technology! Have attached a couple more pics as I have now weathered the snack bar.hope I have not overdone it.
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    The medium, as you describe it, demands a level of precision and accuracy to design that is on par with anything I've entertained with my Asian counterparts. In fact, you can attain a higher level of fidelity with brass than you can with plastic, due to the tolerances of injection moulding gates and so on. Try any brass kit, any at all, and I guarantee that the person who authored it went through several iterations of design, etch, build & discard, to finally get to a finished item, for the market. The brass kit makers lot is one of pilgrimage, that involves the bending of metal to perfectly mesh on the fold, to be soldered and line up absolutely true. Anyone who has tackled a Kearney/SSM, John Mayne, or even a UK brass kit will know that if you know what bit sticks to what other bit, it's impossible to have it warp or bend. To say that "I was not criticising any particular kit, but rather the results the medium itself yields in the hands of 'some' average builders. And photos from layouts bear this up" is tantamount to a fella saying "the sky is mostly blue, but on the odd occasion it's green, but I've no photos to back this up". Complete Balderdash. This is an appallingly incorrect message to propagate on this, or any of the other fora you post on, that brass kits are inordinately difficult and are the preserve of a select few, and you should withdraw those comments. It's the same as a dapol kit - stick A to B, then to C. It's just heat, solder and flux as opposed to glue and pray. Resin and Whitemetal kits will bend and warp like Pat Hickey at an OCI inquiry, but not brass. Lastly, I have yet to see a warped brass finished kit on either here, or RMweb in all my years of perusing both. I'd be enlightened if such photos actually existed and would encourage you to post them in a new thread, so I can ally any "brass fears" you may have , in an appropriate place. To keep this "on topic" here's a cracking offer, if anyone's in the mood. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/322741898367?ul_noapp=true Rich.
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    Bit of a sweeping statement to make Noel.There's plenty of brass kits running on layouts that suffer from none of the above mentioned.I've also seen many brass kits on here which have been built to exceptionally high standards.
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    The BRASS 42' flat is so well designed that you'd have to go out of your way to make it warped or twisted. The mind boggles at that statement. R
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    The only thing I'd put them under is a passing bus...
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    Hi lads, Does anybody know where I can get my hands on a cement silo similar to the prototypical examples in either Cork or Tullamore? Thanks, Seán.
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