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    JB, I got catering tin foil, sprayed spray mount glue on it, and folded four sheets over to give it some density. I got some corrugated plastic and cut two pieces to size to make a simple hand press. Cut the tin foil into long strips and used a little roller from the kitchen drawer to get even compression and glued it to the cardboard base of the roof. Plenty wobble in it to look prototypically wonky! Takes ages to make that amount below, mind. R.
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    Hi jhb Corrugated sheeting can be easily home spun- with a little practice;- Here's one I prepared earlier Tinfoil, cardboard or styrene base, pva glue and a long spring- cut the card to the size required, then spread the pva glue on it nice and thick, then lay the tinfoil on top, then roll the spring over the laminate with light pressure. The glue squeezes out where the spring wire makes contact leaving a nice corrugation look, a little practice to perfect the technique and you could sheet your whole kitchen.... then all that is needed is painting & decoration! Eoin
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    I came across my planning notes from around four years ago, it looks like I considered a multi level end to end layout and a layout with an island in the center of the room before deciding on a single level U shaped scheme. I tested the center island concept by dividing the with of the room into 1m units based on a 900mm minimum radius & 100mm min distance from the edge of the square, I later prepared a scheme using 1136mm squares based on a minimum radius of 1000 for 21mm gauge, with a minimum aisle width of 500mm. I abandoned the center island concept as my workbench occupies the centre of the room. The main station in the initial plan was based on Kiltimagh, the second a typical of smaller stations on the Limerick-Sligo line with a goods loop and single siding, though the diamond crossing crossover arrangement is similar to Ferbane on the Banagher branch, at this stage I still seem to have had fantasies about an upper level. Kiltimagh did not work visually in the space available with most of the yard hemed in between the two level crossing gates. I eventually looked at Tubbercurry which appeared to be a better fit for the available space & the bonus of a loco shed and turntable, Ballingarne Junction seems to have slipped into the plan though I don't remember if this was intended to be part of a multi level or island set up. Hopefully I will find time during the next week to draw out the block plan for the folded 8 scheme to scale to see if the concept can be made to work in an Irish context., I may need to widen the baseboard to fit a hidden line into the area behind the main station.
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    Progress on the backscene in the station area. some heavy card about 2mm thick painted neutral grey. and then added some very low relief buildings made up from card kit downloads.
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    Very impressive progress so far. Will follow with interest. Pic below I took back in 2006
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    One of our dear brethren over on the FaceBook site asked how to get the bogies off an RPSI craven in order to fit the clever Murphy Models shim fixes for the wobbley RPSI cravens. My answer below. (tongue in check you understand and which sub-forum this post was made in). Get a decent vice grips out of the tractor toolbox, clamp the coach body firmly in a bench vice, then clamp the vice grips on the bogie, place a 1" chisel between the bogie and under frame, then give the chisel a belt with a block hammer and the bogie should fly off, but recommend tying some bailing twine to it beforehand so you don't lose it when it flies off! Just kidding Seriously the bogies just pull off by hand. The are plastic snap fittings. See real pic below.
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    The DCC plug on the loco PCB will be missing one pin (i.e. have 21 instead of 22), and the DCC socket on the decoder chip will have one of the pin sockets blocked off (i.e. so a pin cannot go through it and only 21 holes open). It should look like orientation in the photo below. This is to prevent folk plugging the chip in the wrong way around See the missing pin below on the lower left side of the DCC plug on the loco PCB. Here's another angle of a 21pin lenz decoder installed
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    Where do you get these shim washers?Could somebody put up a photo of them.Cheers.
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    Some more useless Jouef HDI info Light coloured pics on the box gables are Made in France Darker colour are Made in Ireland Made in France Mk 3 on the left Made in Ireland one on the right, the Made in France has just been blocked
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    Only 3 071s the the black and silver now. 074, 75 and 86. Glad to see the back of that livery tbh. Wonder how much longer the Mk1 weedspray will hang in there, word was that is was to be scrapped end of 2016 and one of the 2 Mk3s converted, suppose that would mean air braking the rest of the train too.
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    Very old video clip taken with long lens from the sea, hence the motion and camera shake, but gives an interesting perspective on the Bray head rail line as a three set DMU passes by. Hope its of some use to TinTin. Actually I think there was a Dart and a DMU in the mix of pics and video.
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    Thought it might be useful for TinTin. It was taken early one summers morning after a long sail up from Cork with the tide. Just got lucky when a DMU (2x00) appeared snaking through the tunnels. Have a video clip somewhere.
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    I have used the Wills corrugated sheets for buildings on various layouts, including a loco shed, Wills also do a thin translucent sheeting which is useful for roofs where you dont want a thick edge showing https://www.modelrailwaysdirect.co.uk/Wills-Kits-SSMP216-Corrugated-Iron-4-sheets-(75x133mm)-per-pack/ ii you want something more realisitic Ambis Engineering EIW Corrugated sheeting http://www.ambisengineering.co.uk/Products/Products_Index.htm. The main advantage of the Wills sheets over the EIW sheeting, is that there is no need for a supporting structure.
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    Lovely photograph, Noel. Nice shot of Bray Hill.
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    Hi everyone here is a few more shots . Things have moved on a little . Any feed back welcome . Still trying to get the stones right , but working on it . Have track down on hill . Not sure if I lam happy with it yet but we will see. Hope to get more done over the next week . working long hours and very little time for model . Thanks A
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    Holy Moley Noel What am I going to do? - I don't have a gate code! for that matter I don't even have a gate Eoin
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    VIDEO from early 1990s of Irish Rail A Class 055 shunting RPSI carriages at Dundalk .https://gordyhawkinstransportpics.smugmug.com/Railway-Videos/Railway-Videos/i-8TvvLcw
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    Rails of Sheffield announced 18th June 2018 release of this model on their Facebook page
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    That's a very grave comment !
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    Not for Me, I have only 2 LMS in the Stud, a Streamlined Duchess and a G2. Not too much of an LMS fan TBH.
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    Also Pre-orderable at Rails of Sheffield: https://railsofsheffield.com/br-4-6-2-sir-william-a-stanier-f-r-s-princess-coronation-class-modified-late-br-red-JJJA32294 Hattons: http://www.hattons.co.uk/244019/Hornby_R3555_Class_8P_Princess_Coronation_4_6_2_46256_Sir_William_Stanier_F_R_S_in_BR_maroon/StockDetail.aspx
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    Pre-ordered mine from Model Railways Direct just in the nick of time last year. Given the fact that this was Hornby's first attempt at making a model of one of two Stanier Duchess Pacifics build to an modified Ivatt design, and being previously available in kit form by DJH, i can see why it was so popular. Hope they will do 46257 'City of Salford' someday.
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