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    This is an (almost finished) Cavan & Leitrim platform shelter/store using Slater's sheet. I have also used Ambis corrugated sheet.
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    Jasus sake Noel, I took them out of their boxes, you want me to run them as well? I did add the shims to the new coach but it is safely tucked away now.
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    Well, The winners is now announced. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/131477-british-model-railway-awards-2017-–-the-winners/ IRM came 7th.
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    Just to give you an idea of the stenciling, this is an example of the current alphabet - It should allow for more daylight between characters and more definition in the printing process. Off the shelf fonts just don't come close to the "unique" nature of irish wagon markings !
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    Just to add to Richie's reply, if you zoom in as far as possible on a photo of the orange bubbles, you can actually make out the stencil marks. Considering the small distance between the parts of the stencil letters on the protype, as Richie mentioned, that's impressive. Almost invisible to the naked eye on the model, but still there all the same, allowing for the tolerances of the tampo printing.
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    Yes. As to the stenciling, the BULK CEMENT on the Pack B was hand drawn as I had a perfect side on shot from Lmk Jct. and its a really well spaced out bit of text on the proto. But on the orange ones, the scale width between the characters is 6 - 12mm in prototype or about 0.07 - 0.14mm in model terms , and the characters are all really compacted Combined with the tampo process (and I think our chaps are top of the class in it) even a few microns of ink one way or the other may give the illusion that it's not a stencil. (If you ever hear of me getting a hiding whilst in China, it might be the Tampo man, such are the demands we ask of him at times ) But on a related topic, we now have a full alphabet/font of wonky CIE text to use, all hand drawn, based on the prototype samples, for all test codes and so on. Basically we've replicated the process of a person putting a mask on a wagon, stamping it with a sponge full of paint, having a rough edged finish when complete, and scaling it down to 1.31%. WooHoo!!! R
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    Jaysus lads, 5 new models to be announced in addition to the Tara, and all to be released in 2018. Really is the golden age for Irish railway modelling. Now all I need is a very sympathetic bank manager to payroll all of these new releases.
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    Well everyone, you told us that you would like to find out the 2018 IRM range in advance, so make sure you join us on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 in Ryan's Bar, Store Street where we will announce the models coming in 2018 as well answer your questions and host a social event for Irish railway modellers. Ryan's is a special place for IRM, as it's where we held our very first meeting way back in 2015, so it seems only right we have our launch there. We kick off at 4pm and food will be provided. If you want to come along, it is essential you RSVP by 6pm on Wednesday, Feb 28th to info@irishrailwaymodels.com as we need to know for catering requirements. All are welcome and we hope to see you there on the day! Now, feel free to speculate what we may announce!
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    Trackwork for the station area is now complete. With the space available I've tried to put an essence of Ballymena in to it although unless you know the track work for the area it probably means nothing to anyone else It has been tested with a number of different locos and having rectified a few issues, everything appears to be operating as it should. It'll be some time before I turn my attention to ballasting so plenty of time to iron out any other problems that may arise. In the meantime, I've turned my attention to the more fictitious end of the layout - the branch line. Space here is so limited I will have to add a small extension to the front of the board to accommodate the track. I've said this is fictitious but I am contemplating building a replica of Cullybackey Station to replace the Wills one sitting in the photo. I have an itch to scratch build something and this just might be the cure I need. Paul
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    I would love to go to the gathering,unfortunately I have something on the day to go to.I can' wait to hear what' in the pipeline.
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    He actually has a supply of special unboxing gloves.
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    Dave. Have you managed to acquire a Marks Models resin 201 Class kit? As far as I recall the kits were cast from a master produced by an MRSI member who produced a fleet of plasticard 201s that ran on lengthened Athearn SD45 chassis during the mid-late 1990s. The scratchbuilt 201s were built and finished to a high standard and close to the standard of rtr diesel locos available at the time. John
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    Have to echo the above myself. 5 and the Taras, that's a busy year indeed and just for the Irish market I take it? That's all my holidays cancelled, time to start adding to the secret slush fund herself lets me have Thankfully for me I think I'm starting to get her into this hobby somehow
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    Thanks for the detailed reply, Richie. I assumed that you guys had researched the wagons as much as was humanly possible. To think that you even know about the different widths of the stencils used is impressive to say the least. As to the full alphabet of CIE wonky text, what can I say except you guys take this modelling game to a whole new level. Like I said in an earlier post, this really is the golden age of Irish railway modelling.
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    The air vent is actually in the correct position on 1509, 1508's should be in the same position. A pic of 1508 shows the position it should be. Rich,
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    Couple of corrugated buildings on my layout Scaledale R9803 & R9810
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    3 Steps - Lima BR mk1 brake second conversion to CIE GSV BSK 3185
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    GSV slowly but surely nearing completion. Awaiting decals, a few bits of detailing and weathering, but should be finished early next week. Keen systems LMS suspended sprung gangways added, replica B5 bogies and somebodies sprung buffers I can't even remember! The last item I have to source is a model of Noel Enright waving out the window
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