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    My first attempt at scratch building. This is based very roughly on the Chieftain style spoil wagons that sit on bogie flats. If this turns out ok I will try a set of three but more accurately reflecting the design of NIR's units. The holes in the base are to fit a Hornby "Frieghtliner" wagon.
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    Congrats. Stunning achievement for a new and foreign entrant to the vast UK market to effectively get 10% of the vote, especially when the cement wagons only became visible to that market in the latter part of the year. Well done Stephen, Richie, Patrick and Fran.
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    The Sideways Mafia That's a change for you jhb Eoin
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    A friend gave me this yesterday. He got it from the yard by east wall. Nice little piece to display in the house.
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    It could have been Ardercall..?
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    I see that you have teamed up with Rails and NRM to produce a special pack.
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    Very well done. You beat DJ Models, Realtrak, Peco and Heljan in Manufacurer of the Year which is great for a new name on the scene.
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    Thanks. Just moved to Shropshire 2 years ago so it seems strange not having every other town starting with Bally!!!😁
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    I can't believe that I've just noticed the sneaky Hiberno-Salopian name...
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    Hi jhb Here is another corrugated roof I've been working on, it's scale 1:1 and has taken about 300 years to get the weathering correct! but you must agree it does look very authentic...... ....and yes Borithe ''I hear the rain'' Eoin
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    Great result, well done guys Eoin
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    It's truly remarkable for what is, essentially, an external market product.
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    Delighted for IRM Stephen I know how much effort and dedication goes into the company and this group. Great news Rich
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    Jaysus lads, 5 new models to be announced in addition to the Tara, and all to be released in 2018. Really is the golden age for Irish railway modelling. Now all I need is a very sympathetic bank manager to payroll all of these new releases.
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    There have been a few pilot tech log entries with a suitably wry response from the maintenance chaps, and the instance above reminds me of this "(Pilot) - Mouse in cockpit.(Engineer) - Cat installed." Full list if anyone's interested - http://www.b737.org.uk/techlogentries.htm
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    080 on the bubbles, 192 on the ballast and 075 awaits its next duty in Ballyercall (better name plywood central!!!)
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