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    Fixing the roof and handrails to both vans was a little trickier than I expected but I got there in the end. Next job is to sort the chassis' and make up the ploughs, once that's done its on to the painting.
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    Hello All, Decided to start a new layout & also dabble in the dark art of P4 21mm. Quite a bit of work, but not a daunting as I thought it would be; building points is quite rewarding and there are plenty of resources out there to help you. The bit of info which is a little more difficult to sort out are the stretchers and tie-bars. Finally settled on using strips of copper clad PCB (on order at the moment) as the other attempts were not really working for me. In the interim, I decided to get started on some buildings. The idea is a fictitious Irish Port terminal – goods mainly but some passenger traffic from a small station. The plan is get some experience in building track and re-gauging locomotives & rolling stock. A little bit of scenery will help to set the track in its environs. Humble beginnings: Simple track-work with two sets of points & hopefully two wagon turntables at the end to pick up the track running at 90 deg to the mainline. Small engine shed - much more work needed! Factory / Warehouse to close out the ends of the track in a slightly more interesting way (?) . Plan would be to have the doors closed. I'm thinking only one wagon turntable would be active, as there would be a huge amount of work would be replicated for no real benefit. Long way to go, but this is to give a general feel as to where it is going - hopefully!! Enjoy, Ken
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    While I'm here, a bit of prototype inspiration for you. 112 is one of the more popular releases from Paddy. Now you can have the perfect train for your model loco. NIR 112 nabij Duleek by Werner Bastiaanse, on Flickr
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    My attempt at producing a GSWR ballast brake van. Getting there but more work is needed to get the verandah size right.
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    039 18-05-94 by Ian Leech, on Flickr And one of my own, complete with the two converted shale wagons in the consist. 085 Malahide Laden Taras by franburke, on Flickr
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    0117077 is seen here in Lakeview freight yard with the DFDS CPW liner The driver has by propelled the liner back to allow ease of loading by the reach stacker, All this is taking place while under the watchful eyes of the yard supervisor.
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    Thanks for that info, I wasn't sure why 202 may have have acquired those style of numbers after delivery in 1994. I just checked the IRRS Journals and 202 is recorded as having a mishap first in Ballinasloe in 1997 and secondly with 182 in February 1998. Likewise I recall been told that 202's shaded numbers came about because of some of the 'old' Inchicore staff.
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    How would the public know when the trains were running without the circular?
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    Sorry Noel, I wasn’t trying to hijack hour workbench with the last post. Stephen
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    Aside from what is known of locomotive 001's own style and the A Class fleet, which I had specifically referred to in my post, yes some GMs received those deep shaded numerals, 190 being a well known one due to her stint on the last passenger operated days of the WRC in 1976, and thus crops up now and again in photos from that time. An odd one of the modern period was 201 Class engine 202 which had those exact same style numerals from the 1970s, making it easily identifiable in a way that locomotive 001 would have stood out amongst other similarly liveried A Class 'Supertrain' engines in the 1970s.
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    I plan to use my two MIR Tara mines wagons as a the basis of the shale conversions to put into the IRM based train. so good to see both in the same rake. Also lovely pics the shabby workaday A looks lovely and clearly a good basis for a weathered version - see mercig`s fine works Robert
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    Some retro charm. There really is a shed load on Flickr and elsewhere IÉ retro 071 Tara Mines-Alexandra Road ore train, Malahide by Ciarán Cooney, on Flickr
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    Hi everyone, Just a quick update, we've now sold 25% of the Tara's in its first week. We are hoping to have a sample from the factory within the next 10 days or so. Thank you to everyone who has placed a pre-order so far! Remember, if you are having any difficulties in placing your order, using a discount code etc, please email us at info@irishrailwaymodels.com Cheers, Fran
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    I think it was just done to see how well it would work. Only to come to terms there are not enough for 2x 18 wagon rakes plus maintenance and cripple spares.
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    As far as I know, minister, there was no specific sanction related to this. However, railway companies expected absolute obedience to the rules. Today, it's almost impossible to sack someone from the railway due to the agreements battered out over the decades between management and unions, whether anyone thinks that's a good or bad thing. But in the past, if an employee broke the rules, they could arbitrarily be "fined" a whole weeks' pay, be demoted, transferred to a different location*, or sacked with immediate effect. For giving a confidential circular like a weekly notice to somebody not authorised to see it, you'd expect to have maybe a quarter of your weekly wage deducted....... Discipline was considered the first requirement of railway employment. You were told what the rules were, and given a rule book which you had to know absolute chapter and verse of, in relation to your particular job. Break the rules and you're gone! (* A porter on the Achill line, who was not passed as a shunter, assisted a train crew in shunting a cattle special. He wasn't supposed to, and being not familiar with the way it was meant to be done, was blamed when a brake van became derailed, causing another member of staff to have a very narrow escape from serious injury. With no more than one or two days notice he was transferred to somewhere in Co Meath on the Kingscourt line! Appeal....go to your union...forget it!!)
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    That's because the first one is a 42 foot example. Rich,
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    Eiretrains I remember a wonderful picture in the IRRS journal from 1971 of B206 hauling the B&I liner up the Gullet with the Rowntree mackintosh factory in the background .
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    Hello Leslie / Joe, I am a member of Scalefour Society and it has been a big help in getting going - the point building tutorial from Keith (Grovenor Sidings - http://www.norgrove.me.uk/points.html ) was particularly helpful, however he did stop short of setting up the stretchers. I started by using the Turnout ground connection kit (locking/stretcher bars & rods) from the Scalefour Stores, however this was quite elaborate & I found it very difficult to get the electrical separation needed to use the electro frog solution for power. A much simpler solution appears to be the strip of copper clad with wire / brass connections to the switch rails. Joe, many thanks for the offer of the PCB (I'm in Wicklow Town BTW), however, I have a sheet on order which hopefully will delivered shortly. Once I get this sorted, I should be able to fix the points down and complete the rest of the track. Regards, Ken
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    I've always felt that the once ubiquitous Hino would find a place on a few layouts.
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    If only I could get away with that! Some 'creative accounting' is what's needed I think. 😂
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    I was two days into this when IRM announced that they plan to release the Plough Van as one of their future projects So more than likely these will eventually end up in a siding but as the saying goes I've started so I'll finish.Like anything I've previously tried from SSM, Des has made it as easy as he possibly can for anyone building one of his kits so it has gone together without any hassle so far. Before I tackle getting the roof on I've added some plasticard to the interior of the veranda just to bulk up the appearance of the uprights a little, and I've also added some bracing to the central section to help keep everything rigid.
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    Heavens John, I had to turn my Mac on its side to read this - do you think I don't get enough exercise? Personally, I used to get my weekly notices from UTA Headquarters by calling in with some cock and bull story or other. When I was about to take a runabout ticket in the sixties, I would always get one and then apply to travel on the empty carriage trains for the week, to maximise my steam mileage. By far my best coup was to persuade my parents to write to School to get me off for the last week of term before Christmas 1964, then get the UTA to issue me with a Runabout ticket out of season and several ECS Passes to get the most miles during the dying days of the Derry Road. An unrepeatable thousand miles or so of steam - almost every inch with 2-6-4Ts, apart from two short runs with No.207 and a final service run with a S Class - from Newry Edward Street to Newry Dublin Bridge - runs don't get much shorter! Happy Days! Little did I realise that fifty plus years later I'd STILL be timing tanks and a Glover Compund!
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    The Sideways Mafia That's a change for you jhb Eoin
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