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    +1 Luas most definitely has its place as part of the public transport solution for Dublin. The fact issues persist that were supposed to be alleviated by other schemes which haven't been implemented (yet) should not be blamed on it. The streets are being clogged by the continuing high usage of cars for access to the city centre, not by the Luas. I'll let the following emoticon embody my reaction to this comment:
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    Very sad to read these two posts. Personally, I think LUAS is super (a bit full, mind you - the perils of popularity?) and can't wait to have a ride on the former MGWR main line after the Broadstone stop. Underground railways are all very well, but you see B-all. That's why I often opt for the bus in London and enjoy looking at the brilliant buildings. Dublin, likewise, isn't exactly short of them either.
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    Some scans I found recently From what I recall they are from a MRSI 3 Day Show catalogue but not sure of the date And my favourite, I have never seen an ad for "Irish" Jouef. Waller-Borden Ltd, Boghall Road. Bray, anyone ever hear of them? Enjoy.
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    Dublin is built on a great big lump of granite. Not easy to core through. Cork is sandy, so too expensive to underpin. Limerick is the only place suited for an underground, but then you'd miss out on the most preserved, and at times beautiful, georgian city in Ireland... (slightly biased, I know :p) If anyone had to travel on the 77a, like something outta Blazing Saddles, to Tallaght before it was introduced, they'd get on bended knee for the luas. Looks, aesthetics, punctuality, has it all, and plenty options for northsiders to go southbound and fill the reader's letters section of the Oirish Toimes. No downside at all! 😆
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    Photo with better focus. Doodling with this little project has been quite enjoyable. Masking on this was a little tricky this time because there were so many raised relief items on the body sides close to the edge of the masking tape. It was not possible to do my usual air sealing of the tape using the wooden toothpick around some of these relief items, so instead of the usual airbrush distance and angle, I turned up the paint flow and sprayed exactly perpendicularly from a greater distance so no air pressure to blow paint under the bits of masking tape that were not flush with the sides. Vallejo paint seemed to make this easier, Tamiya may have started to dry a bit between the nozzle and hitting the sides of the coach due the longer distance the paint had to travel through air.
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    Just be sure not to start mixing nozzle and needle sizes, just yet. You can have an 0.5mm nozzle and an 0.2mm needle, and a slip of a finger is a blunderbuss to the model. The last time I looked I went for an 0.5 nozzle and 0.3mm needle so you can go from sensitive to scuther coat with the one airbrush, but it's cavalier behaviour, and you should keep the same needle to nozzle ratio.
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    Ah well, only one more year of 'shovel belting' will help keep me fit
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