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    I was thinking of that line, Fran, but you poached it. Now I can't decide whether all this wordplay is frying my brain or scrambling it. Oh well, better keep the sunny side up.
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    If it brings them out of their shells, it's got to be worth trying.
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    An offer this keen may trigger an eggsistential crisis in modellers who don't model the right era for the bubbles...
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    You really shouldn't turn such a serious matter into a yolk.
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    Nice opportunity for anyone who wishes to egg-stend their rake of bubbles......
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    We all remember those dark days when we would use the contents of a well known chocolate egg as the body for homemade cement bubbles. Thankfully, those days are gone, and to celebrate we are doing a very special sale this weekend on all 5 packs of remaining bubbles, both online and at the Wexford Model Railway Club Easter Exhibition. 2 packs: €225 discount code: 2easter2018 (save €25!) 3 packs: €340 discount code: 3easter2018 (save €35!) 4 packs: €450 discount code: 4easter2018 (save €50!) 5 packs: €550 discount code: 5easter2018 (save €75!) You must include the correct discount code for the amount of packs you are buying. Simply put it in at the checkout to receive the discount. We will be selling bubbles at the Wexford show at this price and can accept cash and all major credit cards at the show. This can be made up of any permutations of bubble packs B, C, D, E and F you wish to do. This egg-cellent deal begins at 9am on Good Friday and finishes midinight Easter Monday. Don't miss out on this great bargain! www.irishrailwaymodels.com/shop
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    What kind of yolk will they come up with? Will we have to shell out a lot to pay for them?
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    Spotted on ‘Prime Time’ on RTÉ 1 just now...
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    Ok back to the mk2 air cons for a while. Successfully changed the tension lock couplings to kadee's tonight using advice from other threads on couplings and @BosKonay's suggestion of gluing the kadee's to the underside of the NEM362 pocket rather than plugging them in so that they would be the correct height as per the kadee coupling gauge (see below). I fitted a kadee no 20 at one end of each coach and no 19 at the other end, and then couple coaches so that the no 20 end of one couples to the no 19 of the adjacent coach. Running trails so far have proven successful in forward and reverse around bends and over point work. I wanted to get any manhandling work done before weathering. I failed initially to remove the tension lock couplings so to avoid damaging to the coach I dismantled it in an effort to remove the bogies so I could remove the coupling plates and use force to push out the old couplings, but I could not get the blasted bogies off. So change of plan, I used a scalpel to trim off the nibbles at the end of the tension lock couplings and hey presto they easily slide out of the NEM pockets. So for the rest of the mk2 coaches I didn't bother disassembly, instead just a few seconds with the scalpel and the tension locks popped out and are reusable in future. Now that all the other steps are complete its time to lightly weather a rake of these orange roofed mk2 air cons.
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    I've posted a copy of this to my workbench also but for completeness of this thread I've add the photo here also. Found a way to easily get the tension lock couplings off Murphy Model mk2 aircon coaches without damaging them with force, and as per @BosKonay's recommendation glued a Kadee no 19 and no 20 under the NEM pocket of my mk2 coaches. Then I couple the no 20 end of one coach to the no 19 of the next, alternating each coach. So far has worked a treat in forward and reverse.
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    Omelettein' this slide, it could go on into Fry-day otherwise and I just won't whisk it. I'm beaten now.
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    I wonder what projects they'll be hatching next? I'm sure that they have plans laid.
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    Who knows..... With a model of this quality, they might be tempted to make an eggeption, and run them....
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    I had the opportunity to have a look round the premises there a few years ago - a very impressive set-up.
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    Took delivery of South Eastern Finecast Turntable Kit today, looks pretty good and the components are first class.
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    You'll find a Provincial Wagons stand at the Show but regrettably not me. Easter is a three-line whip in the family as I have to organise the Easter Egg Hunt (for my forty year kids!) in the garden of "Pettigo Fair" on Easter Sunday (after getting up for the 6.30am SONrise service, held on the banks of the Thames and then in a church that's mentioned in the Doomsday Book). Having seen the list of layouts - well done Wexford - I know where I'd prefer to be! Anthony McDonald will have a good selection of my kits with him, with an emphasis on CIE wagons. You'll have to wait for Raheny for my next new "CIE" wagon. Best wishes to everyone for an enjoyable and successful exhibition. Leslie
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    Indeed, we find ourselves in kinder times now. Oh, hang on....
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