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    Flying Scotsman Tender main chassis stuff complete;- So the springs needed a bit of cleaning up, the spru ran across the back of the axle box and out the sides to support the spring hangers- this had to be removed, I made a little jig out of styrene to hold the units while filing, I filed down the spru flush and then cut off what was left, the styrene protects the hangers from getting out of shape. The springs required some metal to be removed as they would not tuck in under chassis brackets under the floor plate. All ready to go soldering, note the pencil lead to stop the solder running everywhere- 70deg lead solder will do that! So the plan is to put 180deg solder to the brass, inside n out, and 70deg lead solder to the back of the springs, then sweat solder together using gentile persuasion with a stick! The heat is applied to the inside of the frames, with the frames fluxed again and 70deg solder on the iron. One side done and the pencil lead works a treat, virtually no solder to be cleaned off on the front Other side done, a good blob of 70deg solder used on the back, the iron is held there until one sees the solder flow through to the other side and around the axle box- nice shiny line! All the bits, and wheels back on for...... ....... Oooooh! lets put it together Looking like a tender Eoin
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    I remember when these bad boys sold out and could not be got ..and I was raging. I recall Fran saying he thought there might be one spare wagon (not a box!)....And like the man above with the loaves and fishes - A couple of boxes appear! I tell you friends 'tis a miracle
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    Hi Guys Here are a few photos of an OTA going to bogie'd Irish timber wagons for the Greystones Layout A mould is made to do the uprights in white metal, there will be seven of them with plastic additional beams, ladders n stuff Jig for making the batch of logs from silver birch twigs from the garden, held together with PVA and one will have ballast weight in it Y25 bogie with CNC cut (i can say that now) brass NEM 362 pocket soldered up and ready to epoxy to bogie Not finding much time to finish these, making 3 and getting there slowly..... Looking back at it, the OTA wagon is stripped down so much its nearly worth considering starting from scratch, we are using these because the 3 of them will fit in the station siding and not obstruct the main line- we started with them, we'll keep going..... Eoin
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    This was the fab photo from page 47 of 'Rails Though The West' that alerted me to these two axle timber wagons. A long rake of these might look better than fewer long 62ft wagons overhanging typical layout curves. They don't look too difficult to scratch build in plastic, and might fit on top of a Dapol RTR chassis body which costs €7ea inc wheels and couplings. Will investigate same over the next few months. They look fab running in railers youtube clip. Thanks to JB for photo permission - (C) Jonathan Beaumont and Barry Carse Interesting Youtube clip below of 2 axle timber wagons posted earlier above by @Railer.
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    I was looking in the vaults last night and I found these gems First is a Railway Modeller mag from 1980 featuring Adavoyle. There was some industrial action around the time this was to be published in May so the month does not appear on the cover. instead is is labelled as ""The Special Extra" Price 25p in pencil, UK price 20p It also has a "The Model Railway Shop" stamp on the cover, so a few unusual things about the cover. 8 pages of pics and info about the layout so loads there for anyone interested in this superb 21mm layout. I must say that this model of the GN Weedspray had me mesmerised for over half an hour when I first saw this layout some years ago, stunning. A cfew other bits that were also lurking in the vaults Looking for any info on the Sealink NIR logoed coaches, Lima did some back in the day but I never saw them with the NIR Logo on them
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    18 May1963 A38 Railtour Barrack St Ernie
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    Recent gantry made by absoulte aspects for barrow street layout approching pearse station regards w
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    I contacted the museum at Cultra searching for more information on Ballymena Station. I really have to say that the service the curators provided was second to none. An email was followed by a phone call with a number of contact points for me to persue things further. Whilst they couldn’t provide me any documentation on the station they did post me copies of track plans of Ballymena for three different time periods. They also provided a copy of the generic Signal box design favoured by Berkeley Dean Wise. Not only does it include dimensions for the box (to be altered according to the size of frame required inside) it also covers the type of brick to be used, the Bangor slates for the roof, the grade of timber for the window frames, the depth to which the brick should be laid and the furnishings and painting of the interior. Absolutely fascinating. Should anyone want a copy run off for their own perusal please pm me and I’ll sort it out for you. A big thumbs up to the staff at the Transport Museum. Paul
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    This isn't a GNR box; the GNR didn't serve Ballymena. The old Company was the Belfast & Northern Counties Railway which became the Midland Railway, Northern Counties Committee (NCC) after purchase by the English Midland Railway and then part of the LMS. This is the same style of Box at Derry, Waterside. This is more like the standard GNR box, the main difference being that the roof does not overhang as much and isn't shaped the same. Ernie
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    Eoin Thanks for the update and the links. Some of the photos are just the images I was looking for and confirms my suspicion that the Class 350 roofs are not Very similar to the DART roofs. On your second link there is a photo of no. 8629 showing yet another roof variation which may be much more simpler to make and produce a batter looking roof. I will go looking for the other photos using the criteria you suggest. My previous searches using just "DART roofs" turned up very little. MikeO
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    Yes one has to be careful of optical illusions when checking colours, so with that photo one has to compare the colour on the sides of the loco bodies away from reflection and adjacent strong colours (e.g. red panel on front 084 and yellow on 118). 084 has more red in the mix, 118 has more yellow. Oh for 1960s tan.
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    Wowww!!! (Just needs lined blue paint now, and a big "G N"!)
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    Pretty cool Dave. Adavoyle has to be the best Irish outline layout around, it's just stunning. The Lima Sealink coaches are of the BR Mark ones which ran excursion trains in the UK like below. NIR also painted their 70 class Thumper in the same livery. Bachmann recently did a twin coach pack in this livery too for their collectors club.
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    Barrack Street Goods Yard. The connecting line to the Dundalk Newry & Greenore Quay St Station & Dundalk Port at upper left line to the Square Crossing Clones, Enniskillen, Omagh and junction with the GNR (Dundalk South Junction) main line bottom right. The yard was closed in the early 90s and freight traffic transferred to a new yard on the old Irish North Western connection at Dundalk Junction. Site now occupied by Civic Centre/Council offices. Interesting the "Fitting Shop" beside the DNGR connecting line was this part of the old Irish North Western works
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    I was going to ask about the smoke box colour but that answers that.
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    Opportune time for a sickie, Robert!
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    I took some pictures a while back. Here are two that show the grey colour.
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    Looking good. Stephen
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    The one in the photo is British The wagon ends and side stanchions on the Irish wagons were removable and were simply transferred to the 62ft versions. 42 ft bogies flats were also considered. Again ends and sides were compatible with being transferred to the 62ft flats.
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    Only just found this and its very useful indeed. However, before anyone gets hung up on colours, remember, not only is everything very much in the eyes of the beholder, males of the species need to be aware that our perception of 'green' changes as we grow older. Unlike females, whose colour perception remains strong throughout like - which enables them to delight in telling us the faults in our dress sense! So, if you want to know if colours look right - ask a lady, especially if the colour is green.
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    Ral 2011 is the actual MK3 "tippex" orange. It, however, does not scale at all well on the Mk3 models, has a real "bloom" to it. The shade as picked by Murphy Models for the 141/181 is the standard that I work to. Next time I'm out in HQ, I'll get the RAL cards up against a 181. There's pages upon pages of stuff on the effects of UV light on early paint as on MK2 and 3, deterioration of top coats, the effect of daylight, colour scaling, the list is almost endless. There's a fair time period between those two produced models, both from two different manufacturers, and the trouble is the colour conversion system used in China (PCS?). RAL colours are interpreted into a native version, translated to models via airbrush, or sometimes coloured plastic pellets and the results can vary. A few weeks ago, Rapido Models, had to bin several thousand loco shells, because the other factory producing batch B, had interpreted a green slightly differently, and if you had a double headed train, there would have been a serious discrepancy. There is no "right" colour. It is a minefield that I cross, with what feels like a combine harvester at full pelt, at least once a month, and it's terrifying. Paddy's 181 - colour match that, you'll be fine. R.
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    I have found the codes for CIE's original darker green and also the lighter "eau de nil". Apparently, Vinny Byrnes of Santry and Ballyfermot can make it up. Dark body colour: BS 381C 226 Lighter shade for snails, numerals and lining: BS 381C 216
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    Bit of work in the MRSI this evening O Gauge A Class in plastic card before the brass version is started Will keep you posted as we progress (Royal we, I just take a few pics)
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    I paid a quick visit to Ballybeg a few nights ago and a got a bit of video of my own 187 with realdrive and Gerrys 088 with realdrive.The coasting feature can be seen near the end of the video.088 has a bass reflex speaker in her,and quite a blast especially from the horn sounds.
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    Hope this works better.
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    As I still dont have a proper layout,and I having to try and see about a proper man shed to hold any future layout,I was down today to see my 112 and 082 on Gerrys Ballybeg and include a video of today and a bit showing the Wexford show a few weeks back. And a bit of video-
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