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    Hi All I’m crap when it comes to posting up workbench photos and progress, mostly because I have about two dozen projects started and none complete! However, I now finally have a small layout nearly completed (separate posts to come over the summer) and it has given me the drive to get some rolling stock projects done and dusted. I make no secret of the fact that I’m a fan of all things yellow, and the new layout has some sidings for PWD trains. So when asked recently what I wanted for an up-coming birthday present I put in a request and low and behold this lovely parcel arrived on my workbench! So this is a Kleinspoor HO scale Plasser & Theurer RM80 kit, and even in 1/87 scale it looks pretty impressive! My hope is to make a reasonable representation of Irish Rail number 780, RM76. What is the difference? I don’t actually know! This is the most complex project I’ve undertaken so I’ll genuinely do my best to post regular updates on progress, and as always any tips and input is welcome an appreciated! Can’t wait to get this finished! (first picture copyright Charles Cross, ontrackplant.com)
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    CIE bogie TPO kit progress. Decals applied on top of coat of gloss varnish, finished later with a coat of matt varnish to seal and help the weathering effect. Just glazing and hand rails left to apply plus a few tiny little extra bits I want to add from photos. Oh yes and the under frames! Got kadee's fitted which worked really well on track trials due to the sprung Keen gangway. I added a little extra lead weight over each bogie and she is proving a very smooth and reliable runner. I've really enjoyed working on this kit. When finished will post up some pics of her running with CIE GSV 3185.
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    Hi Eoin This is it all laid out. Mostly resin, with lovely brass etches of the shaker screens and handrails. Also some whitemetal parts for buffers and underframe detail. To the right hand side you can see 2 clear plastic sheets with moulded windows, which is very clever!
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    After working on a few other things I'm back working o the layout. Started Railbus 2a
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    May I take the time so wish an ould stalwart a very Happy Birthday and I'm sure ye will all join with me in saying....
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    Say it with ploughs! Thanks for the order. Happy Birthday, Broithe!
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    Happy Birthday Broithe, your card is on the other thread! you can look now.... Eoin
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    The bogie fert section seems to be empty too... When is that going to be fixed.😉
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    Thanks, I did this soon after soldering the track. I was able to run locos in short sections but now much carry out the full wiring task to get all up and running
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    Evening all, The batch of photos from the RPSI Special from Tralee to Mallow return have now been uploaded to the railtour gallery at https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/RailtoursPreservedRailways/2018/RPSI-Cork-Kerry-Railtour/ Also the May 2018 has a small update with images from Killarney this evening. Click https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2018-Photos/May-2018/i-BS4Q3V3 to view. Enjoy!
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    Merlin also looked great in Limerick Junction as it waited for 085 to arrive with the rake of Cravens
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    Fab photo Herflick as was the previous photo by Wanderer of both steam locos, Merlin and No 4 respectively. It's an added bonus there were no 22k in either photos. Eight coach rake looks fabulous.
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    Looks like a well-built loco; the prototypes were elegant machines. Love the jacks stowed either side of the smokebox!
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