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    Hi lads, Our second British outline model is the iconic Cemflo wagon. Wont bore you with details but if you want more info check out the Accurascale site https://accurascale.co.uk/new-annoucement-cemflo-by-accurascale/ And here's some sexy Richie CAD!
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    Stunning and beautiful. I love this picture.
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    I was asked on a kadee coupling Q&A thread over on RMweb what glue I was using to fix the couplings to the underside of wagons and coaches rather than screws, in situations where NEM pockets were not available or unsuitable. So far "Deluxe Materials Rocket" super glue has worked well with a great variety of plastics from the soft shiny stuff Hornby used in the 1970s, ancient Lima plastics, to recent production Bachmann wagons, and indeed IRM ballast and cement wagons. I usually rub down the surfaces and the side of the kadee shanks or topside of draft gearboxes before gluing with a micro file or fine sand paper. So far I have found it more efficient and faster than drilling and screwing. Nothing has fallen off so far after converting about 60% of my stock and extensive running. I'd nothing to lose by trying glue, having screws as a fall back alternative had the glue not been effective. Below, Bachmann Y25 bogies converted to Kadee couplings.
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    Yes, you can understand a certain amount of reserved caution from some consumers about a new player in the UK market when the HUOs were first launched, especially after years of small vendors entering the market with specialist products accompanied by 'announcements about announcements', unfortunately sometimes with poor or late delivery, so once the staggeringly good HUOs were seen in the flesh I assume confidence was instantly established. I'd guess some UK consumers due to initial caution pre-ordered small quantities will now be re-ordering more wagons now that they know AS/IRM will deliver the goods on time and to an exceptional standard beyond their expectations. I know it is just commercial business, but as a retired business person one cannot but feel proud of this Irish team of four who had a dream, followed it all the way through to delivering the goods, and establishing a successful new business venture with ground breaking products, entering the highly demanding and sceptical UK market, but scoring a home run on their first outing in the UK market.
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    13.5.18. Former NIR 80 Class Driving Trailer 8749 now Preserved by the Downpatrick & County Down Railway , this collection shows photos of the road move from Northern Ireland Railway York Road Depot Belfast to the Downpatrick & County Down Railway.
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    Oh lads, they are just the dogs dangly bits. That bar seems to get pushed that little bit higher with each release.
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    Got a DVD recently that featured the loading and unloading process of the wagons. Very fascinating to watch, the unloading process is painful though with the amount of shunting required with the limited space at Alexandra Road facility. Must be awful tedious on the drivers. Also due to the axle loading gauge limit on Irish Rail the wagons are all basically only half filled, otherwise the laden wagons would well exceed the per axle tonnage of a 201 loco.
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    Fantastic looking wagon-well done again lads-the detail alone on the bogies is superb...😀
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    Decorated Tara pics! We have just received a decorated sample of the highly anticipated Tara Mines wagons! This is pack B. Don't they look superb? We will have them in the cabinet at Stillorgan this Sunday, so pop in for a look if you can. :
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    They arrived - I am sure many other IRM members know the feeling that I experienced today when these beauties arrived from OO Works. The GNRi U Class 4-4-0 and the all black UG Class 0-6-0. Well worth waiting for.
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    13.5.18. Former NIR 80 Class Powercar 8069 now Preserved by the Downpatrick & County Down Railway . this collection shows photos of the road move from Northern Ireland Railway York Road Depot Belfast to the Downpatrick & County Down Railway.
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    Hornby all the way for me, pure class
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    The best of luck with this one, not that you will need it. Looks great with lots of detail.
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    A great choice men. Definitely going to be a winner. Rich,
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    Well yes indeed. I was thinking the entry of AS into the UK market might, a) put sufficient fright into the likes of Hornby and Bachmann to think about the need to raise their game, especially Hornby (refinanced today btw), and b) trigger a rise in product standards from other small manufacturers. In time if AS become established as the premier UK brand for hyper detailed models, they could possibly even produce popular prototypes already covered by Bachmann and Hornby but to such a high standard enough folks would buy the AS product instead of the other two 'normal' spec offerings. Irish enterprises are now world class leaders in so many areas of technology, bioscience, agri-food, pharma, etc, it is great to see an Irish startup excel in a traditional market that is highly competitive and historically demanding. German and continental manufacturers have deservedly enjoyed a reputation for the best precision and finest detail models, but AS/IRM seem to be aiming higher than that, but at competitive UK pricing levels. A new playing field is being established before our eyes. The business model of selling direct seems to facilitate higher quality and affordable pricing. Its the 21st century, the 4th generation era of eCommerce, who needs middle men between consumers and creators.
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    Imagine looking at this from the other end of the telescope - imagine being an established manufacturer seeing "four yokels from the back of beyond" produce market-leading quality products almost instantly. It must be quite alarming! It will drive others in the industry in the right direction, in the way that Toyota and Honda did in the 1970s, when they decided to make quality cars.
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    Seems like it has been a long time since I posted anything on Fintonagh, but actually only a couple of weeks. However, that time did involve organising the club exhibition, so no wonder it seemed ages. In spare moments, have been working on the fiddle yard. The baseboard had been built at the start, along with the other two, so it has been about track laying, bolts and wiring. Usual flat bottomed code 83 rail, soldered to copper clad sleepers, though the latter more spaced out as it is not a scenic area. Unlike Arigna Town, this is just a turntable [not sliding/rotating], so have had to be careful with the geometry & the two outer tracks are quite tightly curved [about 60cm in places]. Home made bolts, using brass rod, tube and plate cater with alignment & these are just screwed into the MDF turntable. The latter sits on a large steel washer to help make rotation smoother. Electrical connection is also via the bolts, as can be seen from the short wires on the surface. The only other bit of electrickery is a simple SPST switch to isolate the from siding, which just about sums up my wiring ability... First indications are that stock runs ok, but fancy a bit of fine tuning will be needed, once I get the whole layout set up.
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    Congrats Tony on the acquisitions - I guess like me, most would have received their U & UG a year apart, so you've probably experienced double the exhilaration!!! The UG looks well in the unlined black too. Looking forward to seeing the locos in action and to seeing the layout develop.
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    They're getting a very positive response over on RMweb right now. More so than the HUO launch. Going to be very popular from the looks of it, and think they will break the UK market with these for sure.
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    I was told that the UG was actually assembled from parts they had in stock which is why it was unlined and available in black only. Something of a rarity.
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    ooooh. Very sharp intake of breath there. The UG class is a fine looking little model. Well wear sir.
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    Lengthy!! Try ICK92 Review on utube of the Rails Dynamometer Coach. 19 Minutes before the coach even gets out of the box.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNm_8BgDn1I
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    Thanks for posting Railer. A very positive review if a bit lengthy. Wagons look superb. IRM/AS may have us all using glass baseboards so we can see the incredible detail underneath passing trains.
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    I thought your fleet of locos was impressive Noel ! You must have twice the amount of buses if not more
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    For the eighteenth 071 on Tara junction I chose to model the recently refurbished locomotive 0117072, The loco was originally in black and silver livery-so a repaint was necessary, and transfers were purchased from the Railtec range, I also purchased a sound chip from Mr Soundguy which has the excellent Real drive feature and is a real pleasure to operate-Thanks to Keith and Eamonn for the test drive of his loco on his layout at the Wexford exhibition last Easter,.. Here are a few photos of the loco being examined before entering traffic at the MPD and in the company of 071,073,080,082,083,077,229,215,220 and visiting NIR 112. After the loco underwent some static testing the shed foreman is seen signing the release to traffic form and handing it to the locomotive fleet controller.
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    Soldering/hot work nearly completed, fitted compartment drop lights (leaving some part open) and detail castings. Forgot to add the rainstrips to the roof! Gas cylinders and buffers added. I st pre-tinned the brass in the area the whitemetal casting is fitted with 145° solder, then soldered the casting in place with 100° solder using a temperature controlled iron/soldering station set at a lower temperature. Low temperature solders traditionally used for soldering whitemetal such as Carrs 70° solder (highly toxic) did not form a reliable bond with sheetmetal. Pre-tinning with 100° solder was more of an insurance policy although the characteristics of the solder appear to be quite different. The roofs of GSWR (&BCDR) coaches were quite distinctive from railways that used electric lighting like the GNR and MGWR bogie stock, with prominent ventilators and light fittings. The GSWR used coal gas for coach lighting, with gas lit stock remaining in service up to the early 60s. The gas was manufactured in Inchacore and distributed around the railway system in twin tank wagons. Gas and oil lit coaches usually had steps and grabrails at each end for maintaining the lamps, though the MGWR used ladders for accessing the roofs on oil lit coaches. The GSR/CIE downgraded a lot of GSWR 1st and 2nd Class 6 wheel coaches to 3rds and converted many of the 3rds to carry turf during the Emergency, the brake 3rd is to be joined by a downgraded 4 compartment 1st which should provide more legroom and comfort for passengers compared to the GSWR 6 compartment 3rds with wooden seating
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    Slowly getting there.........
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    I like it men, all of the subtleties of the prototype captured excellently. It really has the wow factor when you see a decorated model. All the research all the graft all the late nights working and giving everything to make sure that the end product is not a top model but the top model. All the hard work is as always hugely appreciated men. Rich,.
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    Looking superb as is now expected. A rake of eight should fit nicely on Kingsbridge. It is bizarre that this extremely high standard of model is becoming considered the norm or almost routine - it is not normal, it is exceptional.
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    Oh yes 👍 Can't wait see them Sunday in the plastic so to speak.
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    I had something of a disaster about 2 weeks ago when a large scale brass 2-8-0 fell about 3' from the "High Line" that links the garden railway to the storage tracks/fiddle yard in the garden shed. 348 basically landed on her nose bending the pilot beam up about 90° calling for quite significant repairs, fortunately she did not land on the smokebox or funnel. I used the wreck as an opportunity to carry out a some cosmetic repairs to the loco. 348 after her wreck, pilot beam in the blacksmiths shop for repair. Track panels on left and turnouts on right are for a relaying job disrupted by a months rain! Repaired pilot beam with pilot attached. I basically had to dismantle the beam down to its component parts, straighten and re-solder, some of the soldered joints had sheared off on impact. Everything bolts together with m2 hex headed nuts and bolts. Pilot painted and ready to be re-attached to loco, The whole sub assembly was given a coat of semi-gloss clear before bolting to loco. Pilot attached to loco. I masked the smokebox and stainless steel fittings, before giving the completed assembly a light coat of satin black and 2 coats of sealer to complete. I bought the loco second hand about two years ago, the air receiver pipework was missing on one side of the tender, the pipework fabricated from KS brass, fixing cleats from brass strip. Pipework is still incomplete I am waiting for some valves to arrive from the States. I blackened the brasswork with Carrs Metal Black before painting to reduce the risk of paint flaking off. 1st a dip in Metal Surface Conditioner followed by a rinse in hot water to help form a key. Combination of dipping in Metal Black and application by rubbing with a cotton bud, followed by rinsing in hot water and allowing to dry. These chemicals are relatively toxic avoid contact with skin. The brown residue in the container appears to be a result of the reaction between the metal and blackening agent. Brackets coupling lift bar touched up/blackened with a cotton bud. Brown stains are from the surface conditioner. Pipework & cleats pre-painted then fitted. I then masked out the tender body/re-railer and trucks and gave the tender solebar and one of the grab rails a quick coat of black and clear sealer. Did not notice the chipped paint on the air receiver will need to touch up. Engine and tender back together, tested ok
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    0117072 is next up to be released to traffic after its body work overhaul and repaint.
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    I have 4 MIR kits to build and got one finished.So I got going on the final 3 kits.I can' seem to upload all the photos,here is what I got to upload.
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    The local architecture is still interesting. I did wonder if the turkey in my roll had been machined by a baseboard manufacturer?
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    We've now surpassed the 40% presold mark on these. We should have a revised tooling sample in the coming days. Once that is signed off, we can push the production button!
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    Seven ages of CIE coaches I've collected over the years starting back in 1972 with a hand repaint of a Hornby LMS maroon coach I was so frustrated there were no Irish trainsets available back then. Then some early Lima and Hornby stuff that was rather crude before Bachmann and Murphy Models came to the rescue in the more recent past. I seemed to have missed the entire Lima mk2 and mk3 coach era. I still vividly remember the excitement back in 1972 mixing humbrol paints in an effort to brush on a shade of CIE tan/orange. I was determined as a youngster to have at least one Irish looking toy train.
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    It really doesn't seem like that long ago since our first rake of ivory cement bubbles arrived. In fact, while the pack A variant arrived at the South Dublin Model Railway Club show in Blackrock, most of the packs B, C and D didnt arrive until mid November. Since then they've sold like hot cakes. So much so, that we've sold out of pack A, B and now we're running very low on packs C and D. So, if you want some, act now before they all go! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cement-bubbles
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    Looking forward to seeing these in the flesh at the Wexford Model Railway Exhibition!
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