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    Double glazing contractors fitting new windows to greenore court
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    John, I actually used the Metcalfe Semi-cut stone sheets on the Goods Yard store and I am really impressed with it. I applied it with 1-1 diluted woodworking glue and turned the sheets inwards around the arch openings. I then applied stonework to the rear sides also that are open and visible. I thought it saved all the hassle. I just need to find a similar product for the corrugated roof and roof lights - may need to kit bash to get it right. Heres an example of the progress so far, now these sections are free standing, nothing is fixed together yet.
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    203 on its way for a bit of a clean- been working hard! Also requires a bit of a engine tune up- it's been belching out a lot of black stuff! Eoin
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    Here are 6 commandeered BR 7 plank wagons converted & weathered to Irish I bought these some time back before I found out about Irish stuff available but decided to use them anyway as a test for weathering, their not fully complete yet but very close- going to do a few replacement planks on some and fit loads of.....something! Eoin
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    A few photos of my T trak layout from the !st Bangor show in May 2018. Some new features are the Strand Hotel module, a new back scene to the Girder Bridge module and 2 new locomotives a C class, based on a BR Class 22 and a WT class based on a Fairbarin , my other WT class is based on BR 4MT. They have been numbered 56 and 57 respectively. MikeO
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    All 3 kits are built now.I need to buy some primer tomorrow so I can get cracking on the painting.
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    Another day, another survey! Richie and I are out and about to measure-up something which will be the first stage of a real game-changer for IRM. We’ll reveal more on this one closer to the release date of the model in question.
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    Sounds even more plausible.. All I dug up here was some Stafford-Uttoxeter rail, a chair-screw, a pick from a pneumatic drill and the entire back axle (with wheels) from a Bedford CF. Previous owner had dug a pit in the front garden to work on his camper van, then buried the bits that came off...
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    Hi Broithe Yes, two weirs which still exist, and I was told by a chap that there was a settlement pool in front of my garage but a house stands there now. I had noticed old iron bits and cut granite stones (very like the granite in the kiln) in the garden of the house but the owner could not say where they came from- he sold the property recently and unfortunately the new owner remodelled the garden and discarded them- shes not into old stuff.... Eoin
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    Living across from the old Salt Works in Stafford, I do pick up the odd salt wagon.. What is the odd sculpture/totem pole affair in the background here, and on the 203 pictures?
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    I am very much looking forward to the plough vans.I remember seeing these vans on a Ballast at Enniscorthy Station,must have been 1978.It had a 001 class at the head of affairs.That time you could walk up to the loading area and watch the ballast wagons been loaded.My late father would normally end up chatting to the driver for ages while I watched the action.
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    Very nice conversion and weathering from originals such as these I presume. They look great in CIE grey
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    Deliciously subtle weathering job. Top class.
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    Great news if the 650 can be released in 2018. These are time consuming projects and your efforts in time and the quality of the kit are appreciated. Kind regards
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    We've all done that after one too many...
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    Interior partitions and floor are in plasticard with moulded plastic seats. I generally build coach interiors as a sub assembly that can be painted and finished separately from the coach. This arrangement is not feasible with the SSM GSWR coaches (with the top and bottom flange) unless you assemble the coach with one or both of the ends removable. The partitions locate between slots in the top and bottom flanges. I used a NWSL duplicutter to cut the partitions to a uniform height and width then cut the tabs with a craft knife. I am planning to paint and fix the partitions, floor and seats as separate components and add the odd passenger once I have painted the coach body. Partitions were sometimes matchboarded, which could be done using Evergreen embossed styrene though I am not sure if this would be noticable on a completed coach on a layout. The partitions break up the open look of the coach interior
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    The last 12-18 months has been extremely busy with work and other commitments that I had very little time available for model railways including releasing the kit for the 650 Class and a number of other projects. I have been able to re-balance this year with more time available for model railways and other interests. I expect to release the 650 Class at some stage in 2018, the final version of the artwork for the loco (with inside valve gear (non working)) is currently with the engravers and I am currently looking at a number of options for wheels gears and motors. At this stage I have not made a decision on developing or producing further kits.
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    The final Ballina-Waterford DFDS liner operated on Tuesday 5 June. The train was composed of 12 fully laden CPWs, hauled by 079. The photos below show it at Hybla bridge (OBC 96) between Monasterevan and Cherryville Junction and at Athy, where it was to cross the 14:50 Waterford-Heuston passenger.
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    Very tidy job Eamonn. Looking good. Hope there is some Blu-Tack under to stop them falling off the hand rail.
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    Seems like it has been a long time since I posted anything on Fintonagh, but actually only a couple of weeks. However, that time did involve organising the club exhibition, so no wonder it seemed ages. In spare moments, have been working on the fiddle yard. The baseboard had been built at the start, along with the other two, so it has been about track laying, bolts and wiring. Usual flat bottomed code 83 rail, soldered to copper clad sleepers, though the latter more spaced out as it is not a scenic area. Unlike Arigna Town, this is just a turntable [not sliding/rotating], so have had to be careful with the geometry & the two outer tracks are quite tightly curved [about 60cm in places]. Home made bolts, using brass rod, tube and plate cater with alignment & these are just screwed into the MDF turntable. The latter sits on a large steel washer to help make rotation smoother. Electrical connection is also via the bolts, as can be seen from the short wires on the surface. The only other bit of electrickery is a simple SPST switch to isolate the from siding, which just about sums up my wiring ability... First indications are that stock runs ok, but fancy a bit of fine tuning will be needed, once I get the whole layout set up.
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    For the eighteenth 071 on Tara junction I chose to model the recently refurbished locomotive 0117072, The loco was originally in black and silver livery-so a repaint was necessary, and transfers were purchased from the Railtec range, I also purchased a sound chip from Mr Soundguy which has the excellent Real drive feature and is a real pleasure to operate-Thanks to Keith and Eamonn for the test drive of his loco on his layout at the Wexford exhibition last Easter,.. Here are a few photos of the loco being examined before entering traffic at the MPD and in the company of 071,073,080,082,083,077,229,215,220 and visiting NIR 112. After the loco underwent some static testing the shed foreman is seen signing the release to traffic form and handing it to the locomotive fleet controller.
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    I have 4 MIR kits to build and got one finished.So I got going on the final 3 kits.I can' seem to upload all the photos,here is what I got to upload.
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    While we receive the first shipment of bubbles this weekend, the factory in China is working hard to get the rest of them ready. No better modellers in my opinion!
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