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    Could be a long time before I get around to painting, toying with the idea of GSR crimson or purple lake as a change from CIE green, just need to organise some decals. I missed doing a section on the roof, SSM use a captive nut and bolt system for securing carriage roofs, which allows the roof and body to be separated for adding detail and painting. Coach body and roof, transoms with 10BA captive bolts slot into top flange of body, wing shaped profiles with 10BA nuts soldered to roof. Basically the transoms and roof profiles are 1st bolted together and the nuts soldered in place. small drop of gear oil on the bolt thread prevents soldering the nut and bolt solid! Roof secured temporarily in place with masking tape or fine wire until the profiles are soldered to the roof. On most coaches the roof can be removed (using a long screwdriver from below) without separating the body from the underframe, the 6w Bk3rd is an exception as the body and underframe have to be separated before removing the roof if you want to keep the area below the luggage compartment skylight clear.
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    Adding Wills Scenic red brick detailing to the Goods Store arches
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    Thats them Broithe , my ones have a rectangular head like an axe rather than round Eoin
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    Difficult to give an answer for OO gauge as my coach is set up for 21mm gauge. These coaches should be able to go round relatively sharp curves in OO on account of the 1½ bogie arrangement and the increased sideplay between wheelsets and underframe as a result of using the narrower gauge. John
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    Double glazing contractors fitting new windows to greenore court
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    I am very much looking forward to the plough vans.I remember seeing these vans on a Ballast at Enniscorthy Station,must have been 1978.It had a 001 class at the head of affairs.That time you could walk up to the loading area and watch the ballast wagons been loaded.My late father would normally end up chatting to the driver for ages while I watched the action.
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    Well done, both of you. Especially getting Charleville - when did it cease to be Rath Luirc?
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    And Downpatrick & Co Down Railway.
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    Charleville, Limerick City, Moyasta (West Clare), Greenisland and nowadays Belfast GVS. Ernie
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    Bundoran Junction
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    Downpatrick? Does Kilkenny count, too? PS: welcome aboard, Gabhal!
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    Is that crossroads still operating? No Denis, t ceased to be used in 1960, after the closure of the "Irish North Western" line from Dundalk to Enniskillen and Omagh. The crossing gave access directly from the "Irish North" line to the DNGR and Greenore. Once both lines were closed, it had no further use. However, the residual part of the Dundalk Newry and Greenore line at Barrack Street, Dundalk, was accessible from a junction with the GNR main line at Dundalk South until as late as 1995. So, TODAY, Limerick Junction is the only the only crossroads, but it was not always so! Now, the other thing which The Junction boats is a TRIANGLE of lines - very useful for turning RPSI locos! Question for readers - where else was there a triangular junction in Ireland? (John Beaumont is barred from this puzzle!).
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