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    You're never alone with a clone... Hay fever season in these parts, so despite the nice weather, it is easier for me to lurk in the workshop. Back at Expo Narrow Gauge at the end of October, I bought a second Clogher Valley Sharp Stewart 0-4-2T kit from Ragstone Models. Unusually for me, it has been malingering on a shelf for the last eight months, so it seemed time to get it built, especially as I'd bought the additional bits and pieces from the Branchlines stand at the Chatham exhibition three weeks ago. There is not much point in re-iterating how I built it, for the kit is pretty painless and goes together really well. The etches are very accurate [little filler needed], with good quality castings and sensible instructions. It has got this far in just a week. Hence a clone of Blackwater, the first model. This one will be 'Erne' and as per the colour plate on Dr Patterson's book, is going to be green. As can be seen, it has already been given a witness coat of primer. The chassis rolled beautifully first time the rods were added and, unlike last time, I am not going to faff around with trying to make Joy valve gear as the motion is all hidden under the skirts. The only differences to Blackwater lie under the surface, as I somehow ended up with a 30:1 gearbox, instead of 40:1. Hence Blackwater will not be challenging it to a race.
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    They are serving their apprenticeship Paul, if I am satisfied with the painting I may allow them to do some ballasting Hard to get good help ( Both "apprentices" are in their 70's)
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    Everything removed from the sheet, all the tabs removed by filing, holes broached up to size, and ready to assemble, on the left top is the steam valve rod guides, next to the right is crosshead stuff, next wheelweights, back down left are the crosshead bracket support to the chassis!.... you'll see in a while... Break shoes were .5mm slotted to fit with .5mm pin onto the hangers Break roding bars, the brass cross bars are filed a little on the edges to fit the bottom hole in the hangers, .6mm NS rods will be used for the lateral rods Complete, and will be attached to the chassis next time.... This is the valve gear kit that was supplied with the model, it's very close to the 800 stuff and with a little tweaking should be quite acceptable?? Eoin
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    Glen More's new signal cabin which is adapted from a Dapol kit. I was inspired by signal cabins at Dungarvin, Tralee and Ballygeary and is intended as a place holder until something better comes along.
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    Glad to see I’m not the only one painting the rails with a paintbrush.🤯 Paul
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    Just finished a Provincial wagons side opening container.I used a Dapol Prestwin kit for the chassis,along with extra detail from Dart castings which include buffers and draw hooks.The Prestwin chassis is a bit short in length,but I am happy enough with it.
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    Some work done on the model over the last couple of weeks Model of Signal box built by Dave Mirolo, lovely bit of modelling
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    Seven ages of CIE coaches I've collected over the years starting back in 1972 with a hand repaint of a Hornby LMS maroon coach I was so frustrated there were no Irish trainsets available back then. Then some early Lima and Hornby stuff that was rather crude before Bachmann and Murphy Models came to the rescue in the more recent past. I seemed to have missed the entire Lima mk2 and mk3 coach era. I still vividly remember the excitement back in 1972 mixing humbrol paints in an effort to brush on a shade of CIE tan/orange. I was determined as a youngster to have at least one Irish looking toy train.
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