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    There is an expression of interest in the van for possible preservation.
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    079 obviously had the kadee’s fitted, whilst the 20’ flat had an old dapol tension lock on it! 😛
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    Let's hope the new CTC building is to the right scale, and painted in the right livery....
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    Not Glengarriff, not much progress there at the moment because the heat in the loft is somewhat oppressive. Roll on the school holidays as in Haltwhistle they normally start the Halti Monsoon season which lasts for precisely the same time as the holidays! However today I was watching some of my old video's now on DVD when I came across a short extract of a layout my son and I started some 20 years ago based on a narrow gauge Sligo & Donegal junction railway in On30 scale I hadn't realised we had progressed so far with the layout until now. Here are some stills, I don't possess the technology or more likely the skills to upload the video! ERnie
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