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    We saw the lovely 'Carrowbeg' at the recent Perth show which along with 'Old Blarney' was flying the flag for Irish outline modelling. We managed to get this shot of our bubbles, featuring some beautiful weathering, in action on the layout. The owner saw our stand and decided to add to his rake too! If you are thinking of doing the same and want to add ivory liveried bubbles to your rake, we suggest you do it soon, as we are down to our last few packs. Order now to avoid disappointment as it will be likely the last white bubbles we do for a long, long time. We have a few pack D left, and that's it, with A, B and C all sold out. https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cement-bubbles
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    Finally made the move and made a total restart in the shed, below you can see that I am now using all four walls of the shed and want to see those GNRi locomotives moving with lots of goods on board. Ultimately I want two lines to allow continuous movement around the shed with sidings at various locations. So I’m back at the design stage, again but much happier with the baseboards now. The board at the shed door lifts in and out easily.
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    I know a few of you dont like Facebook, but for those of you that do, we're running a competition! We're getting closer to the 1,000 'likes' mark on our page. We really want to get past that figure, so we are going to give away a pack of our HUOs to one lucky person. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is simply like our page. We will then pick the winner at random from everyone who 'likes' our page, so if you have already liked it, then you are in with a chance of winning too! The sooner we get there, the sooner you can win, so make sure you tell all your buddies in your local club, in your local shop, share in relevant groups and on forums or even tell the spotters at the platform end of your nearest station. https://www.facebook.../AccurascaleUK/ Good luck!
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    Eric and Erne Second Sharp, Stewart 0-4-2T Erne has now joined Eric [aka Blackwater] in the fleet. However, as neither of them have any crew yet, their cab roofs are not fixed. What I can now do is [sort of] recreate the Vic Welch painting on the cover of the original book by Dr Patterson. Erne was spray painted in Ford Laurel Green [using a Halford's spray can] and hand lettered with a fine nibbed dipping pen - initially in white acrylic ink & then gone over with a dark yellow fine marker pen. After, a small amount of shading was put in with a 0.3mm black drawing pen. This method has also enabled me to do the overlapping 'CV' logo on both tanks' sides.
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