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    John Got it in one i will probably do a mixture under construction. The front will be fully glazed only leaving the side and canal end exposed under construction. regards warb
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    RPSI: Sea Breeze. Sunday 8th July 2018 The RPSI Dublin Operations operated another of their Sea Breeze tours from Dublin to Wexford and Rosslare Strand on Sunday 8th July. Originally planned to feature No. 85 "Merlin" the RPSI later decided due to the extraordinarily hot weather, and in particular the lack of rain or any forecast for significant rainfall, they took the decision to operate the Sea Breeze excursion using a diesel locomotive. IE 071 Class No. 072 recently released from a body overhaul was rostered for the tour. Despite about 100 cancellations due to the use of a diesel locomotive, the train was still well loaded and everybody enjoyed their day out to the Sunny South East, which certainly lived up to its name on Sunday. Click https://goo.gl/SHJnXz to view.
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    Rare Marklin 4998 dance car with music digital (Motorola decoder). Production date 1990-1991.
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    Delivery from postman - Rare Marklin 4999 Panorama Dome car with functions. Production for two years (date 1988-1989).
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    Arrive to add my Collection last week - Marklin Eurotrain BR218 Betty Boom Full sound.
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