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    Black'n'Tan heaven. @jhb171achill might like this. The mail train arrives with CIE Brake Parcel Van 2542, TPO 2974, and GSV 3185 to keep the post office team nice and warm. Loose coupled goods train on platform 2 is waiting to be passed by the Limerick/Claremorris passenger working on the up loop. These three coaches came out of the workbench workshops over the past year. Left to right, conversion of Bachmann LMS parcel van, IFM bogie TPO kit, LIMA BR mk1 BSK conversion.
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    That came from yours truly!!! 😊
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    Do what you like, in general. Your station is in your world.
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    I'll probably hold on to 3 or 4 with the logo Popeye. I have seen photos where the later IRISH CEMENT logo can be partially seen. To be honest I don't think I could bring myself to deface them all
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    Another little project I've being itching to get started on is adding some much needed weathering to my IRM Cement Bubbles. I was a little reluctant at first about attempting this but a Bubble just doesn't look right if its not manky so they've made it to the bench to be dirtied up. I'm beginning by removing the logos. I know this might seem a little drastic, but it was rare they were seen on the real thing in their later years and by doing this it cuts out any chance of them showing through the weathering when its eventually applied. I've just finished the first two from 18, only 16 to go
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    Beeston, Nottingham - yesterday. "Get yer knee down and twist the throttle, you stand a good chance..." I hope it was empty.
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    The GNR(I), GSWR, MGWR & DSER appear to have had broadly similar trains of ballast hopper and plough vans by the 1925 Amalgamation. Apparently the GNR, MGWR & GSWR started to modernise their p.w. departments in the early 1900s using cut stone ballast from a central quarry on each system and ballast trains with steel hopper wagons and plough vans. The MGWR p.w. dept went through a further re-organisation with the introduction of the Bretland Track Re-laying Machine in the 1920s and sold a surplus ballast train to the DSER. The ballast wagons and plough vans were bought from suppliers in the UK, the GNR & GSWR hoppers were similar in appearance, the MGWR were more low sided and fitted with hungry boards by CIE/GSR to increase capacity.
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    This is a 'good' example...
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    Sorry to report that this little loco is delayed by the supplier of wheels! Otherwise the job's complete. I had hoped to show mine at Raheny, but that now seems unlikely. He plans to deliver the grey ones first. Then the black. Folks, just be aware that while Roderick MIGHT one day do a Z-boilered version, it won't be for a few years, he tells me. So, if you want a J15 for your layout, now's the time to buy.
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    Nice autoballasters, Robert. Both old and new Irish Rail logos fit perfectly against the yellow livery.
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    Quick open-top conversion in Bradford today - handy in this weather. No injuries.
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